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At the sound of the falling tree, it's 9:30

OK, so if one more person in this office asks me whom I'm rooting for in the World Series I'm going go all Voldemort on their asses.


I mean how many times do I have to say it? I root for the Boston Red Sox, mmm-kay? For me the othah teams exist solely as foils for the home townies.


Yeah, well, what if that hot vegan chick in HR asks you?


Well, alright, you got me. If Megan the Vegan from the Human Hawt Resources Department asks me I'm going to say, "Until baseball playahs staht using pleathah gloves instead of being duplicitous in the senseless murdah of innocents for their hides, I spit in the general direction of all things baseball … Hey, wanna go grab a soy latte and a gluten free muffin and talk about PETA?"


'Atta boy.


So I'm checking out the Boston Globe sports online this morning and this is the front page teasah line to Bob Ryan's latest: "Never before in baseball history has a pennant been decided by anyone named Yadier."


Ooh, I hope I don't sprain my mouse clicky fingah as I rush to go read the entire column because I'm so enticed by the teasah. Not.


Wait a second, are you telling me that more and more people are unwilling to pay to get ink stained fingers and get verbally pissed on by guys like Dan Shaughnessy?


Ain't the free market a bitch?


So if a tree falls in the forest and gets turned into the Boston Globe which nobody reads, does it, the tree, make a sound?



Is that "tree falls in the woods" line yours, hb? Nice!

If I had to hear Joe Buck overhype that Chavez catch one more time I was going to goo all Voldemort on somebody. I think my actual reaction was to plug my ears and say "shutupshutupshutup".

I like to believe I thought of that tweaking of the classic "if a tree" line entirely on my own this morning, but, as evidently was the case with the A-Rod joke a few days back, maybe not.

That Endy catch would have become legend had the Mets won. Instead the Name Yadier will ring through the streets of NY with the same venom as Dent or Boone.

OK. So a little hyperbole ... not all NYers are Mets fans.

I'm just pissed that a team that won fewer games than the Red Sox are now going to the World Series.

I hope 2004 repeats itself with a fury and the Cardinals get the full fury of a team on a mission with something to prove.

Damn Cardinals and their white rag waving ...

Best Fans in Baseball™ ... yeah right.

I'm just pissed that a team that won fewer games than the Red Sox are now going to the World Series.

Do you get pissed that minor league teams go to their league championships while the Sox languish in 3rd place in the bigs? Come on. It's the NL we're talking about here. The only reason they're even represented at the Fall Classic anymore is because long ago the AL agreed to have it's champions play an exhibition series against a minor league team.

OK, this is the funniest thing I've seen in weeks. Really does it get any better than a totally drunk fan giving, er, mad props, to his team?

Speaking of the CHB, after the NLCS last night I'm randomly flipping channels and come in due course to NESN just in time to hear Dan the Man give two minutes worth on why we really SHOULD trade Manny for A-Rod, and how we'll all come to really appreciate Slappy's genius. (!?!?!?!?!) I immediately distracted myself from further listening by using my Dewey Evans baseball card to slit my wrists. I mean, WTF?

Looking forward to meeting Hawt Megan the Vegan, hb. Maybe Megan can convince Bill to bring Lisa on full time. Although it might take some time to stop thinking of her as Lisa the Temp and start thinking of her as Lisa the Co-worker.

The Endy catch reminded me of Dewey's catch in game 6 of the 75 WS. Hard to tell which was better. Camera work in 1975 was not exactly what it is today. The tradeoffs - Evans made the catch on Morgan in the 11th but I think the ball last night was really ripped and Morgan's hit was not moving quick that fast. Of course, I don't think Dewey had a glove quite the size of Endy's. Endy was probably wearing the equivalent of a full cow on his hand. Those Mets fans were sitting on the edge of their seats the entire game. Nice to see any NY fan go home disappointed. Tigers in 3, game 4 cancelled when Cardinals decide to forfeit.

The Bills Fan was pretty funny, but I liked the poster who offered up the comment that, "Tim Russert has really fallen on hard times after all the cutbacks at MSNBC."

A lot of funny people out there.

I am an HR Manager and, believe me, no hot vegan chicks work in HR...anywhere. The mailroom, however.......

The white flag waving has always been a mystery to me. I mean, why are they surrendering?

I broke down and watched the last two innings last night.

Nothing better than the sight of 45,000 New Yawkah$ with their collective mouths around the tailpipe waiting for the engine to turn over.



I almost used the mailroom for Megan the Vegan but I have a vague memory of once referencing the "hippie Wiccan chick" in the mailroom, so went with HR.

FWIW, I have seen some hot HR chicks, though.

HB is not qualified make jokes about the Boston Globe unless he has been to journalism school and the soxaholix has an ombudsman.

The Soxaholix has hundreds of ombudsman. Does the Globe encourage readers to debate the merits of it's work in real time, on their site?

Awesome strip, hb. I laughed out loud at Doug's glove speech and nodded my head at your final frame. Two of my clients are major newspapers of record; boy, are they in a world of hurt right now. What's truly troubling about these papers is that the fresh, exciting, transformative innovative ideas are there, but they just can't gain traction in an old-school-thinking, inert, clunky institution. (That sounds like modern politics, too). I'll be really intrigued to see what newspapers actually look like in 10 years--if they even exist.

Props to hb and the Bill's fan link. Notthing like getting totally bombed in 10-degree weatha and making an arse of yourself with no shirt of course.

God I love tailgates.

1 in many ways the look on mets players faces last night looked an awfull lot like the faces of the 03 sox.. i kno i kno same look on the loosing team every year however like the sox of that year the team has talent.
2 the team that won less games than the sox is going to the world series / playoffs whatever. geez if not for the wild card that would be our bitch every year. "if only we were in the AL central /west ect. we would be in it every year like the yanks"
3 joe buck tim mcarver and tina selasko ect suck ass.
4 im with you on the ryan article i could see that as a snoozer from a mile away
5 has the fact that the globe is free online have anything to do with the purchase of it on print going down the toilet?
6 who the fuck is voldemort??
ok i feel much better now... have a great weekend kids

oh by the way loved the bills fan.

It's so funny how there is this repeatable point when drinking that you get so drunk you want to take your shirt off and yell crazy shit.

I've done it myself, I must admit. Fortunately this was before everyone carried a video cam and before YouTube.

I don't know how you can really improve on that video. I suppose if the Pats fans had some tomatoes on hand it might have helped, but they seemed to be doing pretty well with the various forms of debris they had. Or I suppose if the Bills fan vomited, or slipped on the ice, it might have been funnier. But probably not too much.

In a non-sequitor, here's something that you should all find pretty amusing. The string here on Lidle had some good ones in it. This one tops them all.


I don't know if anyone remembers the strip a while back where I applauded Fenway for one big factor: no stupid music/animation during innings for "rallying" fans' attention (unless there's a pitcher change/visit to the mound).

I'm really glad the Mets didn't make it to the World Series...if I had to hear "Everybody clap your hands" one more time, I woulda installed a Clappah between my TV and the outlet.

hb, your comment makes me think... what's that drunken repeatable point for women? Dancing on the bar?

"what's that drunken repeatable point for women?"

Same as men, Natalie. Off come the shirts. Just ask NOLAfan.

RE: "Everybody clap your hands" ... does anyone else say "everybody crap your pants" when they hear that song? My wife doesn't think that's funny.

Folks, we need to stop ragging on the poor Cards fans and cut the city of St. Louis some slack. After all, who has been a better foil to Boston in the world of professional sports than St Louis? I submit that the answer is "no one":

1) First Sox WS win in 86 years vs. the Cardinals
2) Pats 1st-ever Superbowl win vs. the Rams
3) Celtics first NBA title came against the St. Louis Hawks
4) Bruins 1970 Cup (first in 30-odd years) came against the St. Louis Blues

So instead of mocking our poor friends in the Rathole on the Mississippi, we should instead be offering them fervent thanks. Thank you, St. Louis, for being Boston's bitch!

"then you took me to St. Louis,
later on down the river,
a freighter said "she's been here,"
but she's gone, boy she's gone.

I found her trail in Memphis,
but she just walked up the bluff,
she raised a few eyebrows and
then she went on down alone....."

J. R. Cash, "Big River"

I said give me two pair
(cause) I need two pair
So I can get to stompin in my air force ones
(Big boys) stompin in my air force ones

-- St Louis native Nelly, "Air Force Ones"


"now won't you batter down by Baton Rouge,
River Queen, rollin' on
Take that woman on down to
New Orleans, New Orleans,

Go on, I've had enough,
dump my blues down in the Gulf,
she loves you, Big River, more than me.

Now I taught the weepin' willows how to cry,
And I showed the clouds how to cover
Up a clear blue sky,
And the tears that I cried for that woman,
are gonna flood you, Big River,
and I'm gonna sit right here until I die....

Folks, we need to stop ragging on the poor Cards fans and cut the city of St. Louis some slack. After all, who has been a better foil to Boston in the world of professional sports than St Louis?

Yeah, that Enos Slaughter, he sure coughed up the '46 series for the Sox!

Oh wait...

Er, Aaron, in addition to '46, somehow I think that the '67 Cardinals and Bob Gibson might disagree about the whole St. Louis-as-Boston-bitch thing, what with his 3-0 record in that series, and his 10 K, home run hitting, Game 7 CG win in Fenway.

At this rate, St. Louis will be the Atlanta of the Southeast US.

And what was '04 but karmic payback for '46 and '67? There were more demons to exorcise that year than just the Yankee ones, after all.

Natalie, I believe the catholic school girl equivalent of being as drunk as that guy is the making out/dry hump in public...preceeded by the dancing on the bar (always a good indicator for possible late-night scores).

As in h.b.'s case, I've been as polluted as that guy, but that was before video cameras and I was safely secured on Mt. St. James in Worcester...crawling distance to the dorm.

Two questions:

1. Is it Mee-gan the Vee-gan or Maygan the Vaygan.

2. Does she have hairy pits, because that is a huge turnoff. (Trust me- I went to college in Boulder).

It's long E's on Megan and Vegan in this case.

She's not one of the hairy pit and leg variety vegans. She like the Brazilian wax jobs, in fact, or so rumor has it.


Atlanta already is the Atlanta of the SE. I think St.. Louis is aiming to be the Atlanta of the Midwest.

Yah, COD, that was the sarcasm I was aiming for...

Respects to the family of Pedro's little buddy Nelson de la Rosa.

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