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A case of the fug

So the Sox hired a new pitching coach … You worried at all about his lack of big league coaching experience? I mean he's more of a front office kind of guy.


Fercrissakes it's only Octobah. I'll let you and your little buddies at SoSH seagull that broken clam, I've got more important shit to contemplate.


You mean like North Korea and the nukes?


Nuke shmoock. I'm talking about how ChipSix has gone from the being the sexiest woman in all of made-for-TV scifi evah to being at times downright scary in season 3.


Isn't she supposed to be scary? She's a Cylon, right?


I don't mean scary as in "Whoo, this cybernetic slut will crack my nuts with her ass muscles!" I mean scary as in she's caught a wicked case of the fug. Which, being that she is Cylon, shouldn't be happening. It's ruining the entire story arc fantasy for me.


But didn't I read that Six had got consciousness or something? Maybe with that comes human mortality?


Whatevah. If I wanted to sita and watch a bitch ravaged by time, I'd go to a Madonna concert, OK?



Can't say I've ever watched B.G., but that picture of #6 in the Wiki link suggests something closer to an 8 or 9.

I personally think she's an 11. But Doug calls it as he sees it.

ok, but she's about 6 months away from gravity getting the better of things.

Time, as they say, is a Bitch.


If sag becomes an issue, Six can just download into a new hot body, right?

COD I think you've stumbled on what Doug meant by the fantasy of the story arc falling apart. Yes, she should be able to download into a new body or otherwise remain exactly the same. But since ChipSix is played by the very real human Tricia Helfer who, despite being one of the Hollywood beautiful people, will age, so the reality is intruding on the fantasy.

This is always the problem with using live actors. Better to stick with clipart. :)

Still, though. She's nice and all, but she'll never take the place of Lt. Uhura or Yeoman Janice in my heart.

Plus, being a Fembot and all, sort of obviates the need for alligator clips, right? Just wonderin'...

BSG has deteriorated this year. And WTF...I tune in to Dr. Who and they have a 17 year old Hugh Grant as the Doctor? What happened to Major West? Well, just a few more months until Rome Season 2.

SPQR, my friends.

They'll move the show to NBC and ruin it long before Trisha needs to start worrying about extra support. I wouldn't say they've ruined the show, but it does need to get back into space. I thought the premier this season was very well done - with the turning of the suicide bomber tables and having the "good guys" be the ones using that tactic. Because in the real world, the good guys would never resort to that, right? Right?

So far, I think Ron Moore and friends have done a fine job of balancing issues with space opera storytelling. There is always the danger of the show getting preachy, but I don't think they've crossed that line yet.

Tomorrow the return of the Jesus stick :)

There are a lot of things working against her: she lives in Gaius's head, she's fairly insane, she's a Cylon. Still, she's super hot.

As a serious suggestion: Battlestar Galatica is the second-best show on TV right now. This Friday's episode promises to be wild ride. Catch it.

Last season's Dr. Who (Christopher Eccleston) quit the show because he didn't want to be type-cast as Dr. Who. The new guy is tolerable but not nearly as cool.

... and I'm apparently outing myself as a geek this morning.

Nothing to add re: BSG, but how fucking good was Heroes last night? It just gets better and better.

Anyone see the story on ESPN.com about Piniella going after A-Rod for the Cubs? This could be an interesting Hot Stove season....

I'd argue that BSG is the best show on TV right now. If I had to give up either Lost of BSG, I'd be saying bye bye to the castaways.

By the way hb, that "seagulling the broken clam" phrase is wonderful. You'll not mind if I use that at my next Steering Committee meeting, will you? I've only got about 987,123 opportunities to apply that apt language. Simply perfect.

(Kaz, there must be a way for you to work that into your dissertation, no?)

Agreed about the type casting-Tom Baker was never quite the same after his stint(although he did make one heck of a Marsh-wiggle)

Sagging robotic Maxim cover girls? Dr. Who?

I might as well just bust out my bong, Magic deck and post my Rolemaster and Paranoia character sheets.



Glad to hear you like the seagull line. As with the A-Rod joke a few days back, I like to think I thought of it myself, but chances are I read it or heard it somewhere and have internalized it.

In any case, one of the thinks I like best about doing this site is the mental challenge of trying to come up with surprising phrases for the characters. I'm convinced it's as important to try and excercise the brain in this way every day as much as it is with the body.

As for BSG and Doctor Who I ask: When the frack are they going to switch to HD broadcasts? Standard def of Who and BSG is painful. Indeed, I've already decided to forgo further episodes of DW and just wait for the DVD release. I'm pretty sure I'm going to do the same with BSG.

Yeah, BSG has a great story, but I watch TV, especially sci-fi, as much for the visual eye candy as anything.

In that regard BSG in SD isn't even in the same league with Lost in HD or Friday Night Lights in HD which to my eyes and ears at least is challenging Lost for the best production/cinematography on TV.

"I'm convinced it's as important to try and excercise the brain in this way every day as much as it is with the body. "

I've got a X-C sking device in my bedroom for physical exercise - it makes a great clothes hanger. Extending the metaphor, Soxaholix is becoming my mental exercise clothes hanger. Thanks for the workout, hb.

COD: I place BSG ahead of Lost by a good bit. In order, my top 5:

1. Veronica Mars (sorry, hb, still not in HD)
2. BSG
3. The Office (Jenna Fischer is reaching HOF sitcom character hotness levels)
4. The Simpsons
5. Lost

Once it's back on the air in January, 24 could crack my top 5. (I don't watch House.) Heroes and 30 Rock are the two best news shows this year, although I haven't watched Friday Night Lights.

Okay, I know I'm probably setting a PB for # of posts today, but I'm stuck waiting for the f-ing DB admin to fix the data warehouse, so have too much time on my hands. It's gonna be a late night if he doesn't get his shit together pretty soon...

Anywhoo. Ryan - I LOVE "24". Most anxiety-inducing drama on TV. I know rivet-counters shit all over it, but I really like the tension that mounts throughout the course of each episode. Well written and well acted. And I like that no matter how much the characters may be loved by the viewers, the writers aren't afraid to off them for purposes of creating a good show in the moment. Good Stuff, for sure.

I think it's from Rip Van Winkle...in describing Rip's wife, Irving writes "the tongue is the only tool that grows sharper with use." In this case, the tongue is the mind, is wit, and I think the adage applies. Use it or lose it! Unless, of course, you're BigBri.

One of my fave shows is "Weeds" on Showtime, but I don't run into too many people who've seen it. Showtime is a pretty limited audience.

Friday Night Lights is by far my fave of this season's new shows. Not fair to compare it with Lost, as the theme/setting between the two is so different. But I'm certainly hooked on it.

Other shows, including Heroes, I enjoy and think are top notch but, for whatever reason, they haven't hooked me in and I'm mostly ambivalent, i.e., I don't think about them until I see them in my recorded list on the DVR.

What generally happens is if these shows survive and don't get canceled then I'll get hooked when they repeat.

I've written this before, but my brain can only handle a finite number of shows a week. So even if there are 10 absolutely fantastic shows that "everyone is watching" I'll still only watch 3-4 as "must see" and 1-2 others as "hope to see."

Then I'll try to catch another 2 or so that I missed on DVD release (or 'on demand') during the repeat/lull season.

You know if A-Rod goes to the Cubs, it is just going to guarantee the Yankee$ will be a better team next year, due to the A-Rod curse and all...

Speaking of A-Rod, here's a guy that might actually give him some competition in the bung-holiness department. Pretty damn funny, to me at least...


About time BSG is getting the recognition it deserves, i.e. clipart characters talking about it. Tricia Helfer remains smoking hot, and I don't usually dig on blonds. Still, I'd slap stones to most of the females on the Galactica or New Caprica. D is my favoritest, because she's so damn cute, but Sharon, Starbuck, and even Madame President would not get kicked out of bed for eating frakking crackers.

BSG is my favorite show on TV right now. I make it an early night on Friday's to catch it. No. 6 is hot, but my personal favorite is Starbuck. But the thought of her "getting with" that cylon gives me the creeps.

They will be moving back into space, obviously. Loved the Iraq/occupied France/Soviet occupied Russian themes on Caprica. Great Sci-Fi/history mix.

And yes I can't watch DW now that they changed the Doctor on us. Very disappointed.

I remain largely unimpressed by the "hot new shows" on free tv these days. I mean come on, how many mysteries are there for agents from a special branch of a local or national authority to piece together? Personally, I'm waiting for the premiere of "Sarbanes-Oxley: Forensic Accounting"

I've seen Weeds, it's OK (Kevin Nealon is oddly funny as a scumbag, given his turn as buffoonish host of Weekend Update in the early 90s), but Showtime and HBO seem to be locked in this battle to see who can out-weird the other with a new series (has anyone seen 'Dexter' yet?).

I like Rome mainly because it's funadmentally a buddy show, because they don't over-romanticize the period, but they also don't present it as a dystopia either. They did a good job painting Caesar as obviously political and power hungry, but on a level he seemed to really buy into the shit he was slinging on the Senate floor.

Plus I can't believe Lucius Verus is the same guy who played Tommy in Trainspotting.

I'm guessing Weeds would seem pretty out there, but it's not especially weird. There's probably a grow house very much like that somewhere near you. And, of course, it ain't just the damn kids who are blazin' out, but, ssshhhh, that's the dirty little secret in the drug war, isn't it? Plenty of upstanding, middle class folks with good jobs, nice cars, nice homes, love the chronic.

Or so I've heard and read. :)

"Personally, I'm waiting for the premiere of "Sarbanes-Oxley: Forensic Accounting""...

ISODE - now THAT is hilarious! (And way, way too close to home for this cowboy...)

I'm curently starring in my own drama/sit-com entitled "CSI: Treasury Dept." Wish I was playing opposite Marge Helgenberger instead of Doris Grebeldinger...

I'm going to have to go with Heroes being my fave right now.

I don't know about "seagulling that broken clam" in my thesis...maybe in the public presentation.....

I am thinking about adding in something Soxaholix, the more I keep writing.

Isn't that what your advisors will be doing Kaz, "seagulling the broken clam"?

When you finish, maybe Lisa the Temp could type and proof you final draft for you.

Six never did much for me (too bottle-blonde plasticine), but the Cylons can keep pumping out Boomer clones at the rate of 11 a day. :)

Starbuck needs a haircut.

But mainly, I'm excited about BSG this season b/c Lucy Lawless is in 10 episodes. (The first thing you see when you step through my front door is the life-sized cardboard Xena cutout guarding the house. Yes, I know I have a problem.)

Can you hear that helicopter, HB? Can you?!

Actually, you'd hope that there was more locally grown stuff out there, a la Weeds. Sadly, I understand that the warm and fuzzy days of hippie-type growers and dealers are giving way to more meth-oriented, gang-related sources and distribution networks. A lot coming in via the biker scene from Canada, and plenty from south of the border. Now why'd they have to go and mix that harmless ganja up with the junk! Booo!

The elite market, i.e., that consumed by the same folks driving the Lexus, is predominately hydro and local.

And, no, the growers aren't hippie types but a lot more suburban and middle class ala Weeds.

That is not to dispute your comment about meth and all that seediness, but that's a whole other thing entirely.

Like the larger free market, there are those who only shop at Wal-Mart and there are those who only shop at Nieman Marcus.

Starbuck is entirely too butch for me, but your mileage may vary. As for ChipSix, I agree about the bottle-blond stuff, that's generally a turn off. For her, though, it's not so much the way she looks as the way she acts that is appealing in a "man eater" kind of way (to give a nod back to the Hall and Oates stuff from weeks back).

New pitching coach? With that fuckwad loser choke Wakefield on the team, Jesus couldn't drop that ERA to where it should be with a 130 mil payroll. BTW, best new show has to be "Ugly Betty" That little hispanic porker would look good on the end of my love sausage.

...HB, you're totally right on that that type of high-end work is often being done by many locals, perhaps the lion's share...but that market is definitely getting infiltrated, too. There's too much money there for the capitalists to stay away. Just like you can now buy some surprisingly nice stuff in the big-box store, your local Hell's Angel isn't only brick weed and crank anymore. He just might have that dank, too. Float it on down a river in Washington state... It might make for an interesting episode of Weeds, at that...a little seedier [character, not content of the goods] competition.

So, true, Sam's club sells organics like Stoneyfield yogurt now and Dom P champagne, so no doubt you're right.

Holy Jump The Shark, I admit having 'heard' of some of these shows, being an avid reader of Entertainment Weekly and all, but other than Lost and The Office, I have never seen a single one.

I just did finish, um, reading Woodward's new book on the clueless mindfuckers that run this country, so maybe I'll fire up a blunt or mix up some bah-say and watch the tube.


OMG Rob, that alesky guy is classic douchebag!! I love that he sent out a self promotional video with his resume. Total Asshat.

Try this:


someone order a pizza and pass the doritos, lou's gonna blaze him a forest

Jen in HI - The guy gives douchebags a bad name. Un-f'ing-believable, no? I wanted to laugh, I wanted to cry. Mostly, I just threw up in the back of my throat a little.

By the bye, how are things in the 50th state? You all doing okay?

Kaz, just don't ask Rob to proof "you final draft for you." Intentional typo there?

the best show on tv is the venture brothers on adult swim sunday nights 1030 anyone (gasp)old enough to remember johnny quest will enjoy the show

Rob- things are pretty much back to normal on Oahu (I live in HNL). There were a couple more small quakes this morning on the Big Island. My friends there report no problems, though there are lots of bare supermarket shelves (but where is the free meat?).
Well, whatever keeps the touristas happy, ya know.

Gotta admit to not watching BSG, but after looking at her pics... my vote still goes to Jeri Ryan in Star Trek Next Gen.

jen in HI, I'm representing Waikele, so I got my power back on mad early. Don't hate (unless you're from Pearl City, then I can hate on you).

Jen and da kine - very pleased to have you report all is well. You represent a beautiful area of the world. I hope to come and visit your neck of the world (someday). **sigh**

Let me know and we can grab a beeah. Not in Waikiki, though. I frakkin' hate Waikiki.

Shoots! I'll join you guys for a beer. Just say the word.(anyplace but waikiki)

Jen and da kine - As someone in the midst of enjoying a traditional New England Fall foliage season and staring down the barrels of a grey November, Waikiki sounds pretty good to me. Why anyplace but Waikiki? Too many tourists? Too commercial? I can't imagine it's because of the crappy beaches - you ever seen a CT beach? Yuck Fu!

I'd have to say the main reason is because of the tourist trappiness of the whole thing. Drinks are too expensive. Cheesiness is rampant. But that is coming from someone who has lived here for a long time. My parents (from RI, where I used to live) absolutely LOVE Waikiki. They think it is the shizz. I figure it's because it is SO different from what they see on a day to day. My mom loves the shirtless surfers and my step-dad loves the bikini-clad waitresses. Throw in a grass skirt, a sunburn and an ukulele- it's the perfect vacation.

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