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Can we clone Peter Gammons?

In these days of little good news, it's heartening to hear that Gammons is healthy enough to return to work.


And how cool is that after his brain rebooted baseball was the first thing on he thought about.


Yeah, and not just baseball but baseball trade minutia.


That's why he's 'The Commish' and everybody else isn't.


Absolutely. I mean can you imagine what the CHB's first words would be after waking up from aneurysm?


"Where's my wallet? Which one of you fanboys stole my friggin' wallet?"


Yeah, and in his first column back, there's no way Shaughnasty would be content with just a positive, life affirming list of all that he's grateful for without at least one potshot at the Red Sox.


Seriously CHB would be all, "And I want to thank the excellent doctors and medical staff, not a 'Manny being Manny' among that hardworking team for whom a day off is not in their vocabulary, thankfully."




Thanks for the "bonus post". Gammo rocks. I have ceased to pay attention to PHB, not to mention the RS. But please, could someone stop the Dodgers/Padres parallels to RS'04.

I ask for so little.

Thought this might brighten the day of RSN. I am a Mets fan ("the enemy of my enemy is my friend") and was lucky enough to be at the clinching game Monday night. After the game, my buddy and I were on a packed 7-train from Shea to Manhattan, and incredibly, a couple of Yankee fans were foolish enough to board the train. The 100+ Mets fans packed into the car immediately erupted in chants of "Off! The! Train!", which lasted several minutes until the doors closed, at which point we switched to "Yan!Kees! Suck!" This repeated itself each time the doors opened and closed at every stop. Two of the Yankee fans took it quietly, but one, a feisty little woman from the Bronx, actually fought back with "Let's Go Yankees!" which was drowned out by boos and more "Yankees suck" chants. Various other chants followed, the best of which was "Yan!Kee! Crack! Whores!" I was horrified by this, but the 2 women seemed to take it in good humor. And I have to admit that chanting "Yankee crack whores!" with a whole train full of Met fans was strangely cathartic after all these years...

There was another time when our Magic Number to go out was 1.


Let's go Sox!

At least get 2 wins today and tomorrow...I'm going to the game tomorrow and I'd rather watch some good baseball.

It's soooo nice to read Gammo again. He's the Oxycontin to CHB's ball-busting pain.

Too bad that NOT going out would require a mid-air plane crash between the private jets of at least 4 teams or at least some well-placed sniper action (okay, I am kidding, will Rummy and his Homeland Security idiots come and get me for saying crap like that?).

I am determined to enjoy the last Sox games of the season even as it feels a little like watching the LPGA (just not quite as good as real competition ;)

You can bet your bazoombas that I'm coming after you, Natalie. And not for the crap you're spouting.

I'm on the trail with my handcuffs, dark hoods, and a quick-trip-to-Syria ticket because you put Rummy in charge of my Homeland Security operation.

That guy runs enough already. No way I'm giving up my job to him too.

Oh gosh, Michael, is that really you? You're alive? And working? After your no-show during Katrina, I thought you were a simply a shadow puppet on the Homeland (In)Security team. I may not be the only who needs to be reminded of your existence... or convinced of your competence. :)

On a baseball note, it's a beautiful night for a game. Fingers crossed I have tix coming my way... Here's hoping we go out in style, or that at least Papi hits no. 50.

Yes, that asshole Chertoff and those guys at homeland security, they don't have a very hard job...It must be trivial trying to prevent attacks from suicidal madmen who have infiltrated a country where they use its unique innate freedoms to try to kill people.

With the way these THS guys act, you'd think that 3,000 people were murdered 5 years ago or something...

I'm thrilled that Gammons is back, he can get to work on a "contrarian" defense of Theo Epstein, pronto.

And FWIW re DHS failings during Katrina, the federal problems were brought on my "Brownee." Once Chertoff replaced him, things started to get on track rather quickly.

And, of course, the first 24-48 hrs after a storm (or any disaster) it's up to state and local officials to take care of business, which, as we saw, didn't happen.

Just as long as we're revisiting the timeline...

1) The Feds ignored the Army Corps of Engineers warnings.

2) FEMA was functioning just fine...until the Feds dissolved it and reconstituted it under Brown.

3) The levees broke two days after FEMA was authorized to mobilize for the region as states were already sounding the alarm and declaring emergencies on Saturday August 27 (landfall and the first broken levee reports were August 29) - Katrina Timeline

The state and city were not managed like a fine-oiled machine, but then again, I don't know that I'd count on Mumbles Menino to be able to empty Boston in 24 hours either (more of a Fed-sized job).

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