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What ever happened to beating up on the bad teams?

Look, I'm not pushing the panic button, but the bullpen is giving me a case of the shits.


The early season conventional wisdom was that the team would be bettah this season by avoiding all the 2005 craptitude of Embree and Foulke. But in reality, er, not so much.


The stahting pitching isn't much to cheah eithah. Schilling's the only one you can count on every 5 games.


Christ, nothing quite like dropping 2 in a row to the Tampa Bay Suckaneers.


Hey, but you've got to smile at Tampa's ball busting with the Sweet Caroline over their PA system.


Yeah, poor fuckahs … When you play baseball in a mall that also has a ballpark in it and have never had a winning season you've got to get your jollies somehow.


Yeah, their new tagline should be "If our shirts can make a dipwad like Affleck look smaht, imagine what they can do for you?!"



Gone Baby Gone - per IMDB:

"Dorchester, one of the toughest neighborhoods in all of Boston, is no place for the weak or innocent. Its a territory defined by hard heads and even harder luck, its streets littered with broken families, hearts, dreams. When one of its own, a 4-year-old girl, goes missing, private investigators Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro don't want the case. But after pleas from the child's aunt, they open an investigation that will ultimately risk everything -- their relationship, their sanity, and even their lives -- to find a little girl-lost." Starring the modern day Laurence Olivier, Casey Affleck.

Maybe the detectives ought to look for the Sox missing pen instead...

Gone Baby Gone = Sox chances as soon as Tavarez or Seanez makes an appearance

I was getting razzed by a Yankees fan via email yesterday and I told him it was simple. If he saw Taverez or Seanez in the game the Sox had given up.

It's all your fault HB: in the last week I've watched the first 4 dvds of Lost Season 1. I've realized there's one scenario that might play out in an interesting way. But if I had watched on tv, I don't think I would have watched past the first episode or two, because UNTIL that scenario or one likes it comes into play, some of the show seems so clunky.

Like, why is the group's behavior towards James so unrealistic? They alternate between torturing him and joking with him. Why don't they explore the island? (And when they do, why doesn't Said say there's a cable going into the ocean and that Rousseau has electricity?) Etc. etc. etc.

I'm hoping they're going to work these things out in an interesting way. If not ...

(And btw, nobody ever name their kid "Ra'Uf.")

I was so psyched in March, when I snagged multiple tickets for all three games of the Sox' series here in Seattle on the weekend of the 25th. (I was out of town on vacation during the Olde Towne Team's visit here last month - mercifully so, as it turns out.) I anticipated a nice, relaxing weekend of blowouts by the good guys and whooping it up on the poor, sadsack Mariners fans.

After the past two weeks, I'm starting to wonder if the Sox will even still be in contention by the time they play out here. They had better right the ship quickly, because I'll be damned if I'm going to listen to razzing from the locals all winter.

Is it too late to get Josh Bard back? I know he's only hitting .327 but he probably wouldn't have to catch a knuckleball for awhile. I'm just sayin'

COD: I've been saying that exact same thing for months now. I think Francona had had enough by the 10th yesterday. But seriously, the bullpen, wtf? I'm channeling GSgt. Hartman when I ask them "what are you trying to do to my beloved Sox?"


Corky Miller Cor
ky Miller Corky Miller
Corky Miller sucks

I feel better now.


Bukner, my words exactly.

oops, Buckner.

Ugh. A 6-2 lead in the 7th, blown. MFYs win. I hate to say a game in early August against the D-Rays was a swing game, but ..... wait until next year is rapidly approaching. [Doesn't have quite the same ring to it that it did pre-2004].

Starting to get an idea how much the pitchers rely on Tek behind the plate.

WTF...is Tito braindead?! I'd rather he bring in Cora to pitch than Tavarez (or Seanez)! I'm nonplussed. There are other guys who can pitch.

I knew that the Navarro trade would help the Yankees...

All kidding aside, the Sox have an easier sched for the next 3 weeks or so, I don't see a big lead opening up either way.

I've been saying this everywhere, but Loretta threw a scoreless inning in 2001 with the Brewers. 2BB 2K.

Suit him up.


Yeah, because, you know, the Sox kick the crap out of the easy teams like Tampa Bay... oh, wait a second...:)

A worthy question, H.B. Some will say not to worry, it's only August, there are 52 games left to play. But that sparkling .500 record since the break isn't getting it done. We can all be assured that losing two of three to teams like Tampa and playing .500 the rest of the way won't either.

HB, you're right - the Sox don't exactly pound the drays (Chronic 2000!), but the last few years they've mopped the remaining lower-tier teams.

The injuries have been bad, but they'll be back after this stretch - so hold it together, and fuck it, it's time to start mopping.

Well, I'm happy for the folks at The Red Seat....

How's that for an attempt to look on the bright side?

Gee, I guess catchers still do make a big difference! C'mon gang, suddenly the young studs in the pen were having to work with Javy Lopez and Corky Miller behind the dish instead of two backstops who actually know the hitters. It's all uphill from here... Can't see it getting much worse than it already has. Right?

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