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The lead is lost (for now)

The strip will return to normal on Monday, meanwhile …

Lisa the Temp:
Listen, people, do you have any idea what it's like to be a temp worker in Boston office when the Red Sox fall out of first place and trail the Yankees? Do you?


Lisa the Temp:
Lisa the Scapegoat. Bet your asses.



I think Lisa the Temp is becoming the Cassandra of the Sawx. Good look with the D-Rays this weekend guys.

Very depressed. We are getting weaker and the Spankees seem to be getting stronger. 15 hits and we still lost the friggin game. That Cleveland team is terrible. We should have at the least won 3/4. It took 2 come from behind 9th inning wins to just split. I do not have a good feeling about the rest of the season. Sorry for the negativity, but I had to vent.

Lisa two days in a row!

"I got my PENCIL.... Gimme somethin' to write on, man!"

Damn it, Lou. Thanks a f-ing million. Now I got that stupid song stuck in MY head, too.

Carlos - Shouldn't that be "Look good with the D-Rays this weekend guys"?

Shilling will right the ship. Maybe Javy will be cleared in time to help out tonight.

Two points to consider this am:

First, after '04, I'm okay for a while...do I want the Sox to be in the AL East hunt, go to the playoffs and win it all this year and every season there after...you bet. Do I NEED them to do it this year? Not like I needed them to win '04.

Second, this team to me seems to be a better come-from-behing club (evidence by the last few weeks), not true front-runners. I also enjoy the back and forth of a race for the AL East. One of my not so obnoxious MFY fan co-workers asked me isn't more exciting that there is a real race for the AL East...I didn't admit it to him, but he was right.

"Do your worst, we shall do our best"

I wanna glide down over Mulholland
I wanna write her name in the sky
Gonna free fall out into nothin'
Gonna leave this world for a while
And I'm free, free fallin'
Yeah I'm free, free fallin'

I think the rest of the season is going to be real ugly.

Per Follower of Tito

... not true front-runners

An understatement, for sure. I think the season is like a distance race. If you are in great shape at the start of the race and your competitors are not, then you put distance on them. Run hard when they are hurting. If you falter at the end, they have to come back to you. The Sox simply refused to bear down and put games between themselves and the MFYs. They didn't shake them and the Yankees (to their credit - no flames please) hung tough.

Imagine the season without Papelbon. The Sox are making golf dates for late September. But then imagine a season with Bronson. The team doesn't see their clubs until Spring training. If Schilling loses tonight and Johnson manages to win a game, ......

Wow, after going to the game tonight, I wasn't feeling very optimistic...but after reading the posts this morning, I see I'm not nearly as negative as the rest of you.

Come on guys...when did we stop believing?

Don't stop believing! Hold on to that feeeeeeeling!

I am still in the camp that when Wakefield comes back and Wells regains some of his form the Sox will be in the hunt again. For now we have to weather the injuries and do the best we can. By no means am I ready to throw in the towel, but good god, does Cleveland own Beckett or what? Instead of an early inning disaster like last time Beckett pitched against them, they prolonged the agony until the sixth. A-holes.

The heck with it. This team is good. They've been bad recently, but they're better than they've been.

Hopefully Wells gives up only 4 in 6 IP (I'm trying to be realistic...?) next time, and Wakefield is back in 2-3 weeks. Have to win now while the competition is not as tough (I think it's TB, KC, and Baltimore the next three series). I was down at the end of last night's game, but a third of a season is a long while. Who knows what will happen? Just win tonight's game.

...yeah, it's just WAY too soon for any kind of towel tossing. The Red Sox are a good team. They play great defense, Ortiz and Ramirez are the two best hitters in the AL right now, and Papelbon is the best reliever in baseball. There are guys who will step up.

The Red Sox ought to knock the Double-A's around this weekend. Then, the Yanks play the ChiSox, and the Red Sox play Kansas City. If the Red Sox can take 2 of 3 from KC, they're guaranteed to gain a game on either the Yanks or Chicago. Follow that with another whipping-boy team in the Orioles, and the Red Sox ought to be just fine going into that tough homestand of Detroit and New York...just remember to check up on the Red Sox home record. Everybody breathe.

Yazbread, dude, step back from the ledge! My comment was way more positive that perhaps it was interpreted. I like this team, especially when Wake & Wells get back, and if it comes to fruition, Javy Lopez. And, yeah, sure the MFY get Matsui and $heffield back. I think this is why we play the games instead of just compare stats...you never know. It will certainly make for an interesting August and September.

It is strange. All year, there hasnt been a peep from Dave Toomey and other Yankees fans. After finally coming alive in late July early August and realizing their first division lead in months, yanks fans are now chirping.

It is with great pleasure that I announce a complete reversal in historical communications between the fans of these storied teams. It was always sox fans who stupidly barked at the yanks mid-season, only to have their hopes dashed in the dog days of august, or in mid september. It looks like the shoe is on the other foot. Perhaps we have learned a little from all of the sucesses of the yanks.

Enjoy your taste of first this week. The moment will be brief.

Follower of Tito -

I am not really the leaping type. On my way out, I would probably wear orange robes, douse myself with gasoline, and do the self-immolation bit in Kenmore Square to let the Sox know my true level of despair.

Point taken HugeQs. Wasn't there a post by Big Bri the other day?

Not throwing in the towel. Just been a very bad week. Varitek, Nixon and then Brushci too.

And yes Lisa the temp is H-O-T!

Wish I'd had this license plate when I first learned of Tek's injury...


Rob, nice find! Funny too that her last name is "Niple", so a plate with her last name on it might also be considered obscene.

I'll be at the Royals game tonight remembering why it's nice to at least be in the playoff hunt.

take a step back from the edge friends. we're already on the mend. lopez will be a big upgrade at c. wake throwing sooner than later. observations from lastnights game. beckett should throw more first pitch changeup/slider, guys are sitting on fast. snyder at middle relief is a good idea. he couldnt find the zone but with runners on,finally trusted the d behind him. induce the ground ball and let the best fielding infield do the rest.

Chin up, fellas.

Foulke should be back during the KC series.

Did you ever notice, Lisa doesn't have anything on her monitor? What's that temp girl up to anyway?

So my Tribe fan co-workers say to me, "Split the series. Not too bad." I grumbled, "That really depends on your point of view, doesn't it?"
Another Tribe was heard saying, "Hey, we could've swept that series." I think, to myself,"Yeah, if they didn't have to play the whole game!" Done with the Indians for another year. I will not hear anymore baseballspeak from them for a while. IT'S FOOTBALL TIME IN CLEVELAND!

I am with Tessie - the temp. girl is seriously sus. No doubt she has the capacity to blank her screen with one key stroke. She doesn't even blush, just fixes you with that supercilious smile. She's either a Yankee blogger (is she bb?)or looking at harcore child porn (bb again??). As to the race, we should all just take a deep breath, recognise it is early August and wait for the Yankee's pitching staff to implode.

johnny D lead off homer ... sigh ...

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