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Summer, do your worst!

Only just over a week into August and it's already killing me.


People say, 'It's not the heat, it's the humidity.'


But I say, 'It's not the humidity, it's the fucking pitching.'


Why does August always seem to suck for us?


Seriously, where's our late rose that ravages the casual eye, a blaze of being on a central stem?


Really. Where's our blackberries hung swollen in the wood in the branches nobody owns? Where's the cramming the black honey of summah into my mouth?


Author's Notes:

Mike's 'late rose' line is a reference to Theodore Roethke's poem "A Walk in Late Summer." Susan's 'blackberries hung swollen' lines are from Mary Oliver's poem "August," and the title of today's strip is by way of Dorothy Parker.


"Summer, do your worst!"

Guess that's why they count the bullpen amongst the "Boys of Summer".

Circle-it's too early for this kind of imagery:)

Yeah, that entire poem is really sexually charged.

Thanks for the shout-out to Dorothy Parker, one of my favs. Everytime I hear the word horticulture, I crack up.

"They sicken of the calm, who know the storm”- re: Sox fans?

Correct me if I am wrong, but did the Sox not go on a tear in August of '04? The ingredients needed are: pissed off Sox clubhouse and a little brawl to blow off some steam; bring on the Yanks!

If this strip had continued, in the last panel Susan would have shot Mike on the balcony the way that chick did Marlon Brando in "Last Tango in Paris."

I bet Susan gets all the Black honey she wants....right after locating the Black's berries.

(there. I said what everyone was thinking)

Picking up ground last night (even if only in the WC) without even playing?

Best day of the month to date.

(Sorry to sound like such a stereotypical Masshole . . . or yecul on SOSH)

HB, since you dig the Go! Team and sundry similar stuff, you might dig the new album by The Pipettes . . . FYI

d56, thanks for the Pipettes tip! I'm downloading the album from iTunes just now.

Right up my alley! And I was driving into work this morning thinking how I really need something new, something to play over and over for a couple of days.

...Cash live at Folsom
...Track 4
..."Woke up next mornin' and I got that gun,
I took a shot of cocaine and away I run.
Had a good run, but I ran too slow,
they overtook me down in Juarez, Mexico"...

Always brightens my morning.

h.b.- if you dig the Pipettes, you may also want to check out Tegan and Sara.

I think a three game dose of KC should help matters. If we take tonight (I'll be in the 6th row behind home plate) Beckett and Schilling should provide a much needed sweep. Even if we don't start off games well with the bats KC's relief woes ouytway even ours. Hopefully it won't come to that.

Dorothy Parker, seemingly addressing the mainstays of this blog:

"Wit has truth in it ... wisecracking is simply calisthenics with words."

Man, she was really good.


Wishing for a sweep won't make it so. Why not instead wish for the Yankees to beat the White Sox? That's what we need for the Bosox to back into the play-offs - an even worse collapse by the White Sox and Twins.

I don't think I can wish for the Yankees to beat anyone.

Who's talking about the wild card right now, 2 games out? Sure, the team's stumbling, but a 12-game winning streak could start tonight. Who knows? I don't have confidence it will...but it could.

We need another birth, ala Logan.


Yeah, it seems like Logan's Run was five years ago. My best friend's wife is preggers, but not due until Christmas Day. Come on ladies, there's got to be an impending birth somewhere in the Nation (or perhaps an immaculate conception?).

Realizing that the undersigned is generally a dyspetic crank, I now step out of character and become Louis Clinton, the person that plays the Character of Lou Clinton on this message board....

We (and by "we" I mean "I")need to sit back and smell the rhododendrons. All winter long "we" sat here and pined away for those endless days of summer when Our Boys would provide us with countless hours of fun, sadness, excitement, and multiple runs to the beer cooler to avoid that Taylor Hicks Ford commercial.

Well, kids, the salad days are here. No pouting, no sadness. The Prize is within our sights. Rudy Seanezzzzzzzzz and Tavarezzzzzz be damned!(actually,I really mean it- damn them)

We got the young bucks and Schill, and Big PopEye and Manny. Sweet Loretta, Alex Freekin Gonzales and Youk. WiMP and CoCo's Dad.

Hearken back to Truck Day, and feel that feeling again.

Let's Play Ball!



NO WAY I can root for the yankees... I see your logic (allthough in no way am I going to give up the division yet) but there is absolutely no way I could want anyone to lose to the skankees. 2 crummy games, that's not alot. It will be close but doomsday is not here yet. I live here in KC and "wishing" for a sweep isn't all that far fetched. I'd prefer thinking of it as hoping the favorite pulls it off. We are talking about a team that considers two wins a "streak".

By the way I'll be behind the plate in a blue/red sox jersey (hoping for my 5 min of cheap "fame" vs. Lefties), If it stays hot I'll be representing the Red Seat ala "For the good of the game." :)

Jay, I'll look for you. But if you have your cell out when you're on camera, I'll have to kill you.:)

Sorry, ya'll. I'm not due until November 9th so my new one won't be able to take over for Logan. Names we won't be using: Ruth, Nanette, Roger, Damon, Wade or any other defectors to the dark side and of course Katrina.

Of course there are a plethora of boy's names to pay homage to the Sox however, girl's names are harder - Poppy, Loretta, Coco, Gabrielle, Cora, Mira, Yasmine (homophone connection to one of my favorite players, although Yazmin is a birth control pill so that is pretty much out), and Billie (give her a rake and some beach balls).

Off-topic question: What did Pauley do that was so bad that made the Sox keep looking to Johnson? Seems to me he went into Yankee Stadium on a big stage and shut them down. If he had handled the comebacker, there's no doubt he'd have been the fifth man all this time. Let's give him another shot. I understand he had a few rough starts, but that start at Yankee Stadium speaks volumes. All rookies have a learninc curve. I like his make-up.

A tractor-trailer carrying paint thinner flipped over near New Haven down in CT today and it got all over the highway... I haven't been there to see it yet, but does this mean there are no more lines on the highway? lol..

On a more somber note, that crap's toxic, and it almost made me late to work because 95 Northbound was pretty much closed all day. I took the back roads though.

So, the moral of the story is: Let's hope the Sox can find the back roads through this pitching mess and get to work on the postseason, while avoiding trucks carrying paint thinner. :-)

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