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Fording da Nile

Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:
Hey, you know, it ain't so bad. I mean we beat the Yankees once.


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:


Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:
Yep. Kicked their asses.


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
Hell yeah. Pimp slapped the mofos.


Two guys walking, no words exchanged:


Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
Mmmmm …


Two guys walking, no words exchanged:


Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:
Oh, there's more to life than the Red Sox, you know.


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
Yeah, but not much more. Not much more.


Author's Notes:
Three new character image types, so clear your cache, force refresh your browser and all that.


cool, a saturday post.
other than that, life sux.


I was wondering if there would be a Soxaholix installment today.

But that's it, I'm done. Stick a fork in me. Go Pats!!!

(Hey, this worked in '04, it might work now...)

Bernie Williams homers to right, Damon is now batting .600...it is just this shitty sense of impending doom that wrecks the day. Please, Lord, make it end...quickly and painlessly...

I get the text but no graphics. Whassup? With what's going on at Fenway, I'd rather read Soxaholix. Sigh.

If in the event the MFYs sweep, note that the word 'sweep' contains 'weep'.

Great fucking line by Beckett, nine walks, and Delcarmen looking just as bright.

I'm done. Go Pats.

10 out of 10 for courage HB. Thanks. 29 runs in two days off our young studs (lol with pathos). 85 years or so of experience on the mound in the next two games. Mmmm. Sigh. Surely it's time for Theo to insult Manny or some such. Hhhrrummph. Still, there's 40 games to go and maybe Timmy will be back to save the day. Springing eternal. Quizas, quizas, quizas. V sad in Sydney ...

When I first logged on, my PC said "Done, but with errors on the page."


The only thing even mildly entertaining at the game today was seeing a the Gate B sausage vendor squirt Sirrachi in the face of a Skankee fan.

It's 1:00 AM and I have razor blades at hand. Mayube I'll see you guys Monday. Maybe not.

"Done, but with errors on the page."


Back to back Smiths references....beauty!

Go BoSox...

i'm glad i no longer live near the tobin bridge...

I just want to thank Larry Lucchino for trading away half our farm system so that we could field this AWESOME team this year...

I was there yesterday.

It was the best seats I've ever had in Fenway (left field grandstand).

It was the second worst game I've ever seen in Fenway (1st was Game 3 of the ALCS 2004...ugh).

I have tickets today. I'll be right back out there with my #34 jersey to watch Schilling draw us back from the brink. I doubt it'll be of any use, but at least we'll get 1 game back today.

A Smiths reference! And "Handsome Devil"---an obscure one. I'm swooning.

Oops---Johnny Marr mysteriously noticed that first. Sorry!

Kaz, good luck bro. I'll be there in sec 14 tommorrow, hoping for the best but expecting much less



We were doing so well going into the rain delay!

Watching Judas Muhammed gargle balls for an inning was worth the price of admission though. After my friend started to feel ill packed into the bleacher concessions area with 10,000 of our closest friends, we decided to see what happens from home.

Man, what a crazy night. I hope Curt is able to come out of the break with another 7 like the first 2...

Fuck this fucking bullpen.

That is all. Bring on the Patriots.

Numb. Absolutely numb. Game over, last one here, please turn out the lights.

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