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Making everything beautiful in its time

Scene from a church:
For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.


Father Tim:
… a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up




Soxaholix on a Sunday? This is a good good day, despite the fact that I sit in the office, doing my 75-80th hour of work this week. Thanks, h.b.!

After 2 weeks away on MV (with no TV other than ones in the bars), following the Sox old-school style (radio & newspaper)... it was kind on nice to come home and watch the game. I keep waiting for Marty to show, but Papi keeps him from picking up that phone. All Hail Papi! (as we used to say in the '80's) the MAN, the Myth, the Legend!

So the Globe says that as of yesterday Papi has had 14 walk-off hits in his Sox career. Anyone else think it seems more like 114? I don't think it is possible for me to love that man more.

My roommate scored comp tickets for yesterday's game. Right field grandstand under the picnic area. Shaded until the 11th with a breeze.

Saw Tek's ground-rule double bounce just out in front of us.

That was a great game. I worried for both Timlin and Tavarez, but we ended up muscling out the win. Papi started that rally and ended it. I was wearing my #34 jersey with pride yesterday.

When they intentionally walked Papi, the entire croud built into a frenzy to remind the pitcher that he was actually choosing to pitch to "Man-ny, Man-ny" (yes, I know the result was what they had hoped for...but that was dumb luck). Then to NOT intentionally walk him in the final at-bat? Hasn't this guy garnered Bondsian status at the plate in late-and-close yet (i.e. if he might drive in a run other than a solo HR, walk him unless the bags are full)?

Wow, it was a great day and I even got to peek around in the Front Office space a bit.

Jermaine Van Buren is a suckwad

That is all

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