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It's an open smile on a friendly shore

Well, well, well … Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, may I present Mr. Jon Lester.


Of course, we are obligated to dole out the de rigueur cautions … Lestah still struggles with walks, his 5-0 staht has a lot to do with a fabulous defense behind him, and last night he was facing the Royals, a team with no concept of plate discipline.


All true, all true. But the thing is Lester is very young, let's not forget, and every outing he seems to improve.


Absolutely. And then there's this intangible: Lestah is just mofo exciting to watch.


Watching these young guys blossom before our eyes is a different kind of excitement, too. I mean think about it: Lester and Papelbon, two homegrown kids, just combined for a 1-hitter.


Talk about your red skies at night.


We've gone from being passengers in steerage on Titanic to sipping mai tai's on the fiesta deck of the Love Boat.



Love the last line--very eloquent.

"We've gone from being passengers in steerage on the Titantic to sipping mai tai's on the fiesta deck of the Love Boat."

I know I'm dredging the depths of pessimism's riverbed when I have to worry about the Yanks being a close second and the prospect of facing the Twins with our lefty-challenged lineup.

No doubt an impressive win for Lester and Papelbon...any combined one-hitter, especially when you're working with only one run on the board, is outstanding.

But, uh, can't someone contract the miserable embarrassment that wears the same unis as the once-great Royals? George Brett was like Montezuma, David Glass like Cortez, the last king's great empire plundered by the unseemly outside raiders wielding Guns, Germs and Steel in search of El Dorado.

"Red skies at night."

Yeah, that pitching performance really was a sailor's delight, H.B.

My elation was somewhat tempered by the Skankee win given to them by a deaf, dumb and blind boy umpire (Tommy was on this weekend). Anybody see that HORRENDOUS "safe" call at first?

Guess it's just home-toilet advantage.

I get most of the Royals games out here, and it is normally very sad to listen to their games. You just know they are going to blow leads late, and when they get behind you can usually assume they will manage not to catch up. Man I love when the Sox play them at home, but something's got to change big-time in KC. They don't even possess the toughness of other last-place teams (such as the D-Rays). Maybe the Pirates are just as bad. It's to the point where I think the other divisions are at a disadvantage because they only get to play the Royals one or two series per year, while the central leaders get to play them 15-20 games.

OK, I just jinxed the day game ... the Royals will now go down 5-0 and then mount a 7th-inning rally, take the lead 6-5, then hold the lead in the late innings. Sorry, fans.

Yeah it is cool to watch them blossom. Its an Awesome Blossom. Sorry:) Its also nice to know that, unlike owners and management of years past, we aren't as likely to see them traded for some old washed up "help us win now" kind of players.
Anybody else know that our Beloved Citgo Sign is in the Hall of Fame?

Hey Bob- it was a truly terrible call. But the Yanks have actually had a couple coming their way, based on some equally horrific calls that have gone against them earlier in the season. It's the bullshit-call ship righting itself.

I'd actually like to see instant replay in baseball. Here are the proposed rules:

1) Each manager gets up to two requests per game. In order to avoid frivolous challenges, the manager loses his second request when the first one fails to produce an overruling.

2) Challenges can only be made on baserunning calls and home run calls, the latter of which would apply to fair/foul balls or top-of-fence, field ruled- HRs, etc.

I don't think this would substantially slow the game down, but I do think that it would improve the overall quality. The feeling of getting robbed by the umps, especially late and close, is the worst. Despite the fact that I had seen for myself games earlier this season when, late and close, bad calls cost the Yankees wins, I can't help but still feel a little dirty about their win last night.

Comparisons of baseball to football usually make me want to off myself, but the NFL has done an excellent job of implementing instant-replay. It definitely makes for a more justly called game. MLB could pilot it in the playoffs, or, as I've heard suggested before, in the WBC.

Mm, I dunno, instant replay in baseball just doesn't feel right to me.

Another thing to note about that bad call last night is that Posada would have only been the second out of the ninth. Crosby was on third, Damon at bat - the game wasn't over. Yes, a sac fly is much easier than a hit there - I'm not saying it didn't change the game.

John Lester was my ninth grade science teacher. What a funny guy.

When the Royals were good: Remember U.L. Washington's toothpick hanging out of his mouth when he was at bat? I was like 8 or 9 and thought that was fucking sweet.

Billy: Why even attempt an explanation? Baseball will always include a small number of missed calls that help and hurt every team. Until instant replay is installed, human error is a part of the game.

I've never seen Francona arguing to reverse a call when a Red Sox player is mistakenly called safe. And why should he?

I'd just like to point out that A-Rod had a chance to win that game in the bottom of the ninth and struck out looking.

He almost got a walk off of the shaken Putz but God stepped in and gave Seattle's bench coach the chance to rethink his pitching choice with a 2 hour rain delay.

Even sitting on a 3-1 count for 2 hours, A-Rod couldn't come through when it was needed.

I ended up late to BeerWorks and didn't get there until 6:50. No takers on my free beer.

I'll renew the offer for my next game, but it will be a few weeks before I'm back in the pahk.

Slappy McBluelips was the best acquisition the Red Sox never made. By giving up the monstrous Alfonso Soriano for A-Fraud, the Spankees organization ensured their uselessness for the number of years remaining in the slapper's contract.

Lester, though...his stuff was nice, but the walks still scare the living shit out of me even "with a fabulous defense behind him".

Wow, another 1-0 win. Didn't exactly knock the crap out of KC this week, did they?

Two 1-0 wins. The pitching was good, but let's face it, the Royals blow goats.

Skankees lose 3-2.

Wake has a fractured rib. How the hell did that happen?

Kason Gabbard is expected to take his spot in the rotation.

Oh, and the Sox signed Beckett to a three-year extention plus an option year.

Shouldn't surprise me that Jason liked U.L. Washington's toothpick... Meanwhile, my friends and I said U.L. stood for Ugly-Lookin'. Man, he was homely!

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