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Going all Ghandi

I am so not believing this. On the heels of a hellacious win streak, we are now on the verge of getting swept by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays?


OK, that's it then. Time to get big time serious. I'm going on a rolling hungah strike until the Red Sox win again.


Count me in because, you know, nothing demonstrates one's earnestness and passionate protest quite like sacrificing nearly nothing for a cause.


Abso-effin-lutely. And if the rolling hungah strike doesn't wake the Red Sox up, I'll have to up the ante and go totally protest bat shit.


Gonna go all Ghandi on our asses?


You've got that right, guy. Desperate times require desperate actions: I'll have to give up the universal remote and take on the hahdship of changing channels manually at the set box until my demands are met.


Holy fuck. The wear and tear on your knees from getting up and down, up and down off the couch? We're talking potential permanent bodily damage.


Hey, get a grip, guy. It's not about me. It's about the cause.


Well, the good news is we only have one more with the D-Rays and then it's off to Chi Town.


W00T! Can't hardly wait.



What's up with the Rays piching staff? Every night it seems they're throwing out somebody with a 5-1 record and an ERA under 2.00. Where did these guys come from? And how the hell is that team last in the division? Their bullpen must suck against everybody else but the Red Sox. Also, I'd guess their away record must be terrible.

Anyway, now it's on to Chicago and let's win there. ($1 viral dollar to the first person who nails that reference.)

The last line of the speech by Bobby Kennedy before his assassination after winning the presidential primary in California.

Google is your friend.

In lieu of viral dollars, please send donations to either the Jimmy Fund or to the beer fund, depending on which you find needier.

Damn. Forgot the obligatory "no Googling" rule. Not that anyone would obey, but hey.

And in the spirit of compromise, the viral dollar wll go straight to the Jimmy Beer Fund.

Jeez, Bob, I hope you're not trying to get shot. It ain't that bad! You still have one more in Tampa, though. Luckily for you the Knuckler is facing Shields.

So, following the harrowing ordeal of 24 hours without food, the celebutantes pass the baton? What is it, a sandwich? Or a Prada bag? Does Ed Bagely, Jr. give them each a reward of a car that runs on their own sense of self-satisfaction?

RFK could walk out of his grave tonight and throw a 2-hitter against the Sox. We all know they can't hit lefties. (I'm here all week, folks. Try the veal.)

And here I was gonna recommend the Fat Smash Diet, while the characters want to go all spritual on my ass. This too will pass. Coco is making me cuckoo with his donuts (at the plate, not on the tv spots).

For those of you scoring at home, here's what is on my circa 10976 painters hat referenced yesterday, not that anytbody cares, but I did dig out the hat.


quite the collection of substance abusers, now that I think of it.

ps DRAGON is Dick Drago. MUGGSY is Gary Allenson. All of you who don't understand the others, put on your pink hats.


Watching Jason Johnson pitch reminds me of when I played softball and we'd make sure everyone got to play, no matter how bad they were. I suppose the difference here would be that this guy is not a spastic co-worker to be pitied but a major league pitcher making, um, 4 million dollars or so.

Hello! He has lost everywhere. His lifetime ERA is around 5. Why are we doing this? Why not what's-his-name, Pauley? At least he can learn something from losing. Johnson has all those lessons down pat.

Yeah, Johnson has to go down as one of Theo's blunders. Don't know what he saw in him that no one else has.

I wouldn't call Johnson a "blunder." He's an experiment that hasn't worked out. A "blunder" would have been signing him to a multi-year contract.

Time to recall Snyder.

I dunno, I always think of "blunder" as being a pretty minor error in judgement.

I wouldn't call the hypothetical signing Johnson to a multi-year a blunder but more of a "FUBAR" or even an "atrocity."

But perhaps my interpretation of blunder is incorrect, i.e., it is a serious error rather than a minor one?

h.b.- I thought blunder was minor, myself, but a quick glance at dictionary.com proves us in error:

"Blunder: A usually serious mistake typically caused by ignorance or confusion."

Under that definition, the blunder would be in CONTINUING to start Johnson, especially as the season begins its plunge into the more urgent days of August and September.

On a D-Rays note: I cannot STAND their monstrocity of a stadium. The bullpen in foul territory, the scaffolding, the speakers, the dankness, ick. Just a bad bad baseball venue. On to Chicago, already!

OMG louclinton, I thought I had been hallucinating my memory of that ca. 1976 painter's hat!!!

The other day I was trying to explain it to my SO, who is a lifelong Sox fan but grew up in Binghamton, NY so he missed some of the nuances back in the day. Like that hat, which one of my first-grade classmates used to wear religiously.

Wasn't there another one from a couple years later that had new names on it, like "HORSE" and "DEWEY"?

I still have my Yaz painter cap! Wouldn't wear a pink one but I don't mind the pink stuff so much. I like to think it's worn in support of breast cancer or something.

Who would have ever thought we'd rather head to the Midwest than spend one more day in the Florida sunshine albeit covered up by the ugliest ballpark ever. (And I've been to Stade Olympique)

As for Logan's Run ending, I think his NY-Italian grandpa has diverted the little one's attention to his Azzuri. Kids do have short attention spans!

BTW, you can see a pic of Logan with his red socks on at the Red Seat's photo page!

Thanks for the info, Natalie.

I agree about that miserable stadium, and domes in general. And why on earth was Youkilis's shot last night not a home run, when the night before, a Tampa Bay player's WAS? For heaven's sake, either it's a home run or it's not. You can't have it one way for the home guy and another way for the visitor. No wonder Youk was so pissed.

Hold on...do my eyes deceive me?

Red Sox Tickets
New York Yankees Tickets
New York Mets Tickets
Florida Marlins Tickets
CELINE DION Tickets????

I'd rather see the MFYs play the Marlins!

Yeah, isn't that Celine Dion tix ad funny. And more than one ticket broker has links to Celine Dion too!

Guess they must sell pretty well.

Note that the ad just below the "post your comment" button below has ad links to a couple Broadway shows.

Spamalot is worth hawking, especially here where sick sarcastic humor rules!

Was Coco a blunder, or is he just in a mini-slump? I'm not trying to be a smartass -- I was surprised to see what he's hitting.

Yes, the painter's cap is not an illusion. I will take a picture of it, but don't know how to post a picture on these comments. Any help is welcome.


Saw this picture in another web forum and figured I'd pass it on. It's not very Ghandi-like and has the potential for NSFW if you're really sensitive:

Two Yankees


If you have a place you can upload your photo to, you can just link to it from the comments.

If you don't have an upload spot, just send it on over to me as an email attachment, and I'll upload it onto the soxaholix server on typepad.

"nothing demonstrates one's earnestness and passionate protest quite like sacrificing nearly nothing for a cause."

Quote of the year. I'm putting this one on a T-shirt.

Under that definition, the blunder would be in CONTINUING to start Johnson, especially as the season begins its plunge into the more urgent days of August and September.

No, that's Ben Franklin's definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Seriously, what was wrong with Snyder? He had a good start coming over here. Certainly more promising than Johnson. Johnson needs to remember he's a groundball pitcher, stop throwing junk up in the zone for pete's sake.

As for Sunday, well, Schill had a bad outing, as did Timlin. It happens.

//"nothing demonstrates one's earnestness and passionate protest quite like sacrificing nearly nothing for a cause."//

How true, Illegitimate Dewey. A god of my business, advertising, put it another way:

"It's not a principle until it costs you money."

Sorry. Forgot to credit the late, great Bill Bernbach for that quote.

"Does Ed Bagely, Jr. give them each a reward of a car that runs on their own sense of self-satisfaction?"

Frigging genius. I'm thinking back on the South Park "Smug" episode and tinkling a bit in me boxers.

Tank Christ for Tivo. I was able to fast forward through Johnson's horrible performance. The Last Days are approaching when someone like me sings Hosannahs because Julian Fucking Tavarez is coming to the mound.

Wow - guys, we've gotten really bad with sample sizes around here, haven't we?


-JJ's not good - he's also not the worst guy we could put out there.
-Snyder is terrible, and his career numbers are brutal.
-Coco's numbers are over a very small number of at bats due to injury.

Yeah...d56 is right on, especially regarding Crisp. His ABs have come after injury, and he's only played in 40 games. A high 600 OPS in six weeks of play is mediocre, to be sure, but it's a far cry from a full season.

da kine...it was Simpsons genius that spouted that line about Ed Bagely, Jr...you may remember when Homer changes his name to "Max Power". It's one of the best. At any rate, all the celebutantes head out to the forest to save some trees, and when someone asks Ed Bagely, Jr. if he wants a ride, he just says something like, "No thanks, I'll take my car. It runs on the power of my own self-satisfaction." It's really tremendous.

Celine Dion is my 7th cousin, let's keep personal insults off the board.

Yazbread, my girlfriend is likely related to her...so is half of Quebec. It's like insulting the entire province...and most of New England (and Old Orchard Beach, and parts of Florida). Those canucks have been in a bad ever since they lost to the Brits on the plains of Abraham...even worse since they lost thier team.

And Iiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeiiiiiieeeeiiiii will always looove yoooooouuuuu!

Oh wait...sorry...

Neearhhh....faarrrhhh....wherEEEEVVVer you are....

...speaking of Titanic, there is a NYC band Satanicide which does, by far, the best rendition of the Titanic theme that you will ever hear in your life. Here it is:


You should check out this band, anyway, especially if you have even the least form of love for any single death or hair metal act. They actually rock legitimately; yet their theme song is Jer-Z-Nites. Lines like, "Jer-z-Nites/Jer-Z Lights/I wanna get into a Jer-z-Fight/Oh Nooooo!/I goin' back to Jer-z!" make you cry. Any closeted D&D fan will fork their fingers and stick out their tongue to "20 Sided Die". I can't say enough about these guys.

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