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Comforter, where is your comforting?

Definitely the game had one of those must win feels to it, but for me it's overshadowed by Wakefield's bad back.


Seriously, I'm trying to get my head around the possibility of Wake on the DL.


Pitched past pitch of grief …


Is it crazy of me to believe Wells and Clement will be second half heroes?


Hey, if Yankees' fans can hope that their boy Ponson doesn't go all Kitty Dukakis slugging Scope for the booze hit, then there's no reason we can't have a little optimism about Boomah's knee.


But Clement? Jeez, I dunno …


Was there really a time when the Red Sox had so much pitching that Bronson Arroyo was mahked as expendable?


Ah, beautiful Bronson, and the pangs of hindsight.


More pangs will, schooled at forepangs, wilder wring.


Comforter, where is your comforting?


Author's Notes
Several lines of today's character speeches are from Gerard Manley Hopkins' "Sonnet 65."


The fact that I'm at work on time this morning is a major miracle. My head feels like Kitty Du-cocktail's must have after one of her mouthwash binges. Still, fun (if needlessly close) game to attend.

BTW, if anyone tried to find me downstairs at Copperfield's last night, sorry. It was closed because (as one of the bouncers said) "it's as hot as an Indian sweat lodge down there." Had my libations upstairs instead.

Sorry for rambling. It's the only thing that's keeping my mind off of the extreme pain shooting through my grey matter.

Holy snikeys, I was swearing at the radio before the 7th. It just seemed to all be falling apart there. Thank you, Mirabelli!

Funny thing about that tremendously unhittable KC pitcher last night. The Royals broadcaster was calling him "Luke Donald" instead of "Luke Hudson" for a whole inning. Sheesh, even HE hadn't heard of the guy.

HB, I don't know if you're purposely staying away from the 3-error performance and apparent mental breakdown of A-Rod, but that made for funny listening this morning on ESPN Radio. They were suggesting that the Yankees should unload poor Slappy. Of course, it will never happen, and this will eventually make A-Rod's inevitable heroic WS-winning home run that much more annoying, but for now it's awful fun!

I missed the A-Rod error fest. I'm still adjusting to changing to the early morning workout thing, so I've had to cut back on some of my reading of what's going on with other clubs.

Thanks for pointing it out!

Lest I be Mr What-you-didn't-mention, I should also point out: great strip today. Reaching back for the the Kitty reference was pretty sweet. Excellent parallel with Ponson AND Wells.

Has Wakefield ever been on the DL? I can't remember it if he has.

//I'm still adjusting to changing to the early morning workout thing//

Way to go h.b. Stay fit. My mantra is I am going to be healthy just to stick around and piss everyone else off, most especially my kids. I am sure the "characters", or worse yet, the commenters can fill in the insterstices of missed overnight baseball happenings.


Ponson's going to be the Yanks' second best pitcher in the second half.

Slappy hit a home run to win the World Series? Perish the thought. The guy can't hit in big games.


Come on, Mahty...have some faith in your team.

Completely off topic other than the reference to listening to this morning's sports radio (I heard the ESPN guys , too. Funny as hell...) Last evening on the drive home from lower Fairfield county, Mad Dog Russo on WFAN (NYC sports radio) was regaling listeners with his experience going to Boston and Fenway.

The guy was totally gushing over what amazing fans Boston has, and how every game takes on a post-season buzz. The guy nearly wet himself talking about how wonderful Beantown fans are. Of course that brought out the Met and Spankee callers in droves, the Met fans egging him on and the Spankee fans going completely ballistic at the notion that someone might think Sox fans are "better" than Yanker fans. The number 26 came out a lot, even Mystique and Aura made a guest appearence. Mad Dog was having none of it, to my utter delight. (For you non-East Coasters, the Dog is a big NL fan, most particularly the Giants, and to a lesser degree the Mets. He loves busting on the Team in the Bronx.)

High Comedy! Made the 2 hr drive home a lot more fun, even though my car A/C decided to die on me yesterday.

I heard they are opening a Huster Strip Club in NYC. That explains the appearance of Mystique and Aura. Faith was probably in the back giving a lapdance.

"Ponson's going to be the Yanks' second best pitcher in the second half."

That speaks volumes of what you think about Wang, Eunuch, and whoever the fuck else the MFY are trotting out there these days.

At least we know where Snyder/ Johnson stand...

Rob, dead on about Mike & Mad Dog. Excellent radio. Russo is a great foil for Francesa. Even leading sniveling Red Sox sycophant Bill Simmons waxes poetic about the FAN's finest.

Ah, those heady days of Bronson Arroyo....the ability to throw at people with abandon (34 HB in 2 seasons) without having to face the music while having your catcher defend you from within the cocoon of his equipment...good times, indeed.

But alas!! 0 HB in 137 innings this year...his control must be razor sharp, for even the much maligned Clemens has 9 HB in the NL.

No doubt wants to preserve the guitar picking hand....

NV, "the fuck else that the Yanks are trotting out" includes Mike Mussina: 11-3? 3.30 ERA? Career K/9 of about 8? About 240 wins? Ring a bell?

I like Bob's free-beer-code-phrase idea.

I plan on getting to Beerworks at 6:30. First person to say "Soxaholix" to the guy wearing a gray Stonecrafters T-shirt gets a free beer.

NV, "the fuck else that the Yanks are trotting out" includes Mike
Mussina: 11-3? 3.30 ERA? Career K/9 of about 8? About 240 wins? Ring a

To be fair, Jason, the thread got started with the comment that Ponson will be the "second best pitcher in the rotation." This implies, of course, that Mussina is number one. Bringing him up, then, in the course of the discussion from #2 on down is somewhat moot, no?

Two days in a row now your comments are lacking their usual acumen. Are you slipping old boy? Is the heat getting to you?


Jason, given that the original poster stated that Ponson would be the MFY's 2nd best pitcher the rest of the season, I would assume he's conceding the top spot to Mussina, and insulting the rest of the staff besides that.

I see I'm about 5 minutes late to point that out. Back to my hole.

Yes, I've been slipping lately. A lot. In the street. Generally after 12:30 or so on Friday/Saturday nights.

"Is it crazy of me to believe Wells and Clement will be second half heroes?


I might be drunk right now.

I might be drunk right now.

Is Ponson with you?

It's the heat.

Thank you, hb (and Brian), for pinch hitting that one outta the pahk for me.

JO- you are slipping. I understand the record highs and all, but please, for the sake of your rep, go stick your head in a freezer (or a frozen margarita)...

The tacit assumption made by Billy, HB and NV is that Mussina is the Yanks #1 starter. That seems fair. The Arubian Knight Train isn't likely to post better numbers than Moose.

So for Whoever the Fuck Else trotting out there, let's look to Johnson, Wang and Wright (almost too bad that Wright's name isn't Weiner or Dix or something). Since June 1st, the Yanks have gone 15-8 in their starts (.652 WP). They've posted a 4.09 ERA in that time, averaging just over 6 innings per start. Pretty solid. It's possible...just possible...that Billy was suggesting Ponson might go the way of Small or Chacon in the second half of '05, and pitch as though the invention of Odorless Vodka depended upon it, besting these acceptable pitching lines from the Yanks' current 2-4 starters.

Sox fans should actually wish for Ponson to pitch well in his first couple of starts and entrench himself as "Proven Veteran" to Joe Torre, as each successful start early on will guarantee him two additional starts after he falls apart. That's Joe Torre for you, who still asks for Tanyon Sturtze out of the bullpen, despite the fact that he's on the DL.

Just Joe Torre being Joe Torre.

I'm sure Guidry has the contacts and will have a few jars of rural Louisiana's finest moonshine sent up as incentive for SP tonight.

They'll sit in the late postgame clubhouse, get fucked up on corn alcohol and Gator will regale SP with late 70's stories involving the balcony at Studio 54, a few lines, some reds and a foursome with Bruce Jenner, Farrah Fawcett, Guidry and Jessica Savitch....

With Andy Warhol giggling like a 4th grade girl and taking polaroids.

Whoa, didn't mean to cause a stir. Kaz's response was the wittiest. But Dave S. hit on what I was thinking. I think Randy will have a better second half than first. Wang will be consistent. Wright - I'm not sure. And of course Moose is #1. But I think Ponson has a chance to be a gem. Maybe a no hitter down the stretch.

h.b.'s going to have to start saving $ bills to slip into mystique and aura's g-strings.

Absentem lædit, qui cum ebrio litigat

"He who quarrels with a drunk hurts an absentee."

Quite interesting that drinking's apparently high on everyone's to-do list. After returning to TX heat after the relative cool breeze of BOS last week, it's drink or cry for me. And probably both. Even the hangovers are bettah there...

I'm thinking Wells - one more brilliant game and Clement - no way.

Wait...if HB is going to be Mystique's bitch, won't he be the one wearing the G-string and Tripping the Tabletop Fantastic?

Yep, I'll be wearing the meat hangers and and the tuxedo bow tie over my entirely waxed and lubed body.

Completely off-topic, but I have to call dibs: the ultimate Red Sox fan tombstone engraving:

Stabbed By Foulke

I think I'm gonna kill myself just so I can have it first. (Jason, spare me the comment.)

At least you're working out a lot, HB. Banana hammocks are not for the weak of abs.

"But I think Ponson has a chance to be a gem. Maybe a no hitter down the stretch."

Holy shit. Now who might be drunk...

We are talking about the same 4-4, 5.24era in the NL Sdney Ponson, right?

WMP returns from DL
JVB up
Lopez down
Harris DFA'd


To the contrary, I respect that sentiment. And your phrasing of the last line sounds like a lost Johnny Cash lyric.

Heh, Jason I do believe you're right. It has certain "I'll be as gone as a wild goose in winter" aspects to it. (HUGE Johnny Cash fan here.)

A-Rod is for sale on craigslist.


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