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You can't pretend to feel worse than you really do.

Who and the frig names their kid "Melky" anyway? Jeez.


Well, fate seems to have once again returned to conspiring against the Red Sox. David Pauley pitches the game of his life but we still lose 2-1.


Yeah, what the frig you gonna do? What is, is — for the past two games the Yankees have simply been the bettah team. Perhaps the Yankees are the bettah team overall? Whatev. Have to keep rooting the good guys just the same.


Yeah, it's pretty simple isn't it? Like the song says, "Root root for the home team, if they don't win it's a shame."


Sucks to lose two straight to the Spankees. Sucks to be in the unenviable position of having to win the next two to even it out, but c'est la vie, you know?


We've seen a fuck of a lot worse and that managed to turn out just fine.


In the end, even getting swept by the Yankees is "just a shame" and definitely not "just an opportunity to question the cosmos and put in a call to Dr Kevorkian."


There is food enough and rent enough and time enough.


Down stairways march great men smiling.


Bums wear diamonds on their fingahs.


Author's Notes
Final three characters lines from Bukowski's poem "Tonalities" in the collection Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame


Definitely a stunning catch by Melkie.

The suckiest thing about the night, however, was watching Farnsworth strike out Papi.

Interesting theory about Beckett over at Touching All the Bases:

Chad believes that Beckett is tipping his pitches. He makes a prety compelling case for it, too.

Interesting idea Ryan... Interesting link. I did however watch Becketts entire performance... All of those balls that got hit were crappy pitches in the middle of the strike zone. His curve was off so the yankees sat fastball all night... and Beckett gave them a couple great ones to hit. The kzone replays showed most of fastballs ending up right were they would be if they were sitting on a t for the batters to hit. I think Beckett lost his composure after that fluke play that made it 1-0 and then he just sucked after that. He is still a kid in attitude and composure.

Thats just what I got out of the game.

Although it's possible that Beckett is tipping pitches, I pretty much have to agree with James that at least on Monday those fastballs were on a wire, and came when he had to throw a strike: hello, gopherball. Phillips, contrary to the link, is a dead-fastball hitter. He's actually pretty legit. He's got a decent glove, too ;). The rest of the points on the link were right on, especially the inexplicable way in which Papelbon has snuck under the radar of a national sportsmedia frenzy. The guy's been totally unhittable, just filth, filth, and heat. Cap tip to Pauley last night, too, playing catch up there. His main blemish, in my mind, was walking Cabrera on four pitches to load the bases. Not so good.

I'm going to the second game on Saturday. I'm psyched to see either Lester or Hansen start their first major league game.

The suckiest thing about the night was asshat Damon acting as if he had just won the World Series after "Melkie's" catch...his pandering to the NY crowd had me reaching for the Maalox.

Yeah, if that ball had just hopped up into Pauleys glove instead of just under it... inning ovah. Helluva performance, even the Yankee announcers were impressed.(MLBTV). And of all the outcomes, with the bases loaded (aside from getting him out), walking Giambi was the best, and then who keeps the Sawx in the game... Arob by striking out!!!

H.B. - Thanks for the link down memory lane in the sixth frame. I read back through the entire series all the way to the 2004 WS victory over the Red Birds. I am now again at peace. Work will now proceed for the balance of the day. Our losses at the hands (and bats)of the Skanks are no more than the rain drops that fall on my Nutmeg State this morning. All shall be well.

Nobody's mentioned Ortiz's clutch homer in the 3rd.

I gotta say that I'm not as fearful of the Sox as I was a month ago. Not to say they won't put away the Yanks later in the season - highly possible - but I don't feel like the Sox today own the Yanks the way they have since game 4 2004.

Did anyone else see Tito's face and body language when Manny got gunned down try to stretch that single? I thought he was going to bite the head off a chicken. Is it any wonder with crap like that he occasionally has chest pain? Normally, I am a defender of Manny, but WTF?


Ace of Sox staff gets whacked around, Yankee ace pitches well- check.
Sox Double A youngster pitches the game of his life, but is matched by Yankee starter - check.
Sox relief pitcher WALKS IN WINNING RUN, Yankee closer effective- check.
Sox bats go quietly, Yankees get timely hits- check.
Sox come undone with late inning defensive miscue, Yankees make game-saving defensive play- check.

I appreciate the sanguine nature of today's strip, h.b., but the last two nights have been unnerving.

Well, of course the Sox lost yesterday! After all, it turns out that the Antichrist ended up being born after all. It only makes sense that his minions would win a baseball game for him on his birthday. Sheesh.

I appreciate the sanguine nature of today's strip, h.b., but the last
two nights have been unnerving.

As the title says, I just can't fake it.

I'm totally calm with the situation.

I mean the Red Sox lost so many games in 2004 in a worse fashion than the last two of this season, so it just makes it really hard to go all panic button.

Been there, done that, wrote the strip already.

Seriously thinking of going into retirement.

Bambino's Curse totally had the right idea on that one I'm more and more thinking.

Once again I admire Silva at DirtDogs for still being able to summon all the hypertension.

2004 is as relevant now as 2000 or 1986 or 1927.
You're only as good as your last performance. The BOS/NYY rivalry renews per annum and past glory or defeat only enriches the fertile loam from which 2006's version grows.

h.b.'s quote about retirement resurrects a suspicion I have long had: That hb, like D'Nunzio in Caddyshack, is really a rich millionaire and his doctor tells him to write a blog for his health.

That hb, like D'Nunzio in Caddyshack, is really a rich millionaire and
his doctor tells him to write a blog for his health.

That's awesome!

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

I've certainly noticed among my Red Sox fan friends that the mood swings have become much less pronounced since 2004. I'm wonder if a psychologist could put a name to the phenomenon...but it seems that the satisfaction of winning it all in 2004, the truly orgasmic reality that was overcoming a 3-0 deficit in the ALCS, versus the Yankees no less, has almost put a little Yankee fan in the blood of Red Sox Nation. Oh, of course, the hatred for the MFY and passion for the Sawx is no less diminished. But the game to game urgency, the desperation and fullness of the outsized cheering and beer-glass crying has in a sense been replaced with a certain complacency, even comfort with the shape of the universe. There is an almost passive optimism, an expectation once more for another championship: we've had it, we're good, and we'll get it again, and soon. Maybe it's perspective, and reasonable. But whatever it is, I hate to tell y'all, it ain't the same as it was when you were hurtin' for that champtionship. Clap Clap Clap-Clap-Clap!

Dave S.

That's exactly the feeling. Well said.

And it seemed so much of what made the strip so easy to do involved having the characters voice that "every game is a matter of life and death urgency and holy shit the bums have ruined my summer again!"

And it's far more entertaining to read that kind of "ohmigod we're all gonna die!" stuff.

But if I adhere to one of the "prime directives" of why this blog/strip exists, it's to try and represent the gestalt of one segment of RSN.

And, as you've said, the overall mood has changed.

It's not any less passionate, just less apoplectic.

So what happened to Pauley = locusts?

Damn fine job by the kid. Though having seen him pitch twice already this year in AA, I wasn't surprised. He knows how to spot his pitches and doesn't even try to blow the ball by anyone. He may be only 22, but he knows how to PITCH.

Now for the quote of the day from Red Sox second round pick Kris Johnson: "Hopefully, maybe someday I'll get to Fenway (Park) and pitch against that evil empire of the baseball world known as the Yankees. I've never really liked the Yankees. Not one bit. The whole money deal - they just go out and buy All-Stars every day. That's not how baseball should be done. This just couldn't get any better right now."

Tessie, who bombed Pearl Harbor?

Ogie will never be counted among the "every loss is Francona's fault crowd, but Tito does not get a free pass for last night. Pauley was pitching on borrowed time in the 7th, he should have been removed if anyone got on base, regardless of outs, regardless of how the person got on base. End of story. I won't say that Francona lost the game (fact is, we may have played another 9 innings and not scored a run) but the percentages for Seanez preventing the run decreased dramatically from a man on first, to first and second, to bases loaded.

Thanks for the props, HB. Another thing that hasn't changed, and that's RSN's clear love and knowledge of the game itself. I know few Sox fans who won't enjoy watching pretty much any baseball that's on. In fact, it's a quality that makes the dance-of-death between us Yankee fans and y'all complete, in that game love and knowledge are at the front of mind.

But Griffin, I thought that the best quote from yesterday was Damon's after the game:

"Cabrera called it 'incredible' that he was able to get to the fence in time, and Damon thought other forces were in play. 'I don't get excited too much, but that was definitely worth it,' Damon said. 'Off the bat, that ball should have been a home run. The wind, or whatever — the ghosts — helped. We needed them to help us out a little bit.'"

Whoa. That's just crazy...Damon is as Yankified as one can be. It reminds me of Vader to Luke: "Obi-Wan's failure is now complete."

Anyway, looks like another unintentional off day. It is absolutely pissing here in New York.


>Tessie, who bombed Pearl Harbor

Forget it, she's rolling.

RIP Bluto Blutarsky.

I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part.

Manny's just the guy to do it.

Yaz, I had a feeling I was missing something there as no Soxaholix poster (unless they were another person with the initials BB would really get that wrong)...I guess that would make me Otter. I have Caddyshack pretty much memorized but not Animal House.

I'd keep playing, I don't think the heavy stuff's coming down for quite a while...

Dave S: never a more apt use of a Darth Vader quote.

As for being a Red Sox fan with a slightly more balanced view of it all, I have to say, for me personally, it's the knowledge that down there with those 26 world championships they like to crow about is also the most monumental playoff collapse in baseball history. And as much as Yankee fans would deny it, they all know it, deep down, and you can see the same flicker of relief underneath the haugtiness after a Yankees win. I realized how the Sox got under their skin the way the Yankees have mine in years past, and that gave me some perspective.

That and being only a year removed from our last World Series Championship.

That won't stop me from saying Cabrera is at least honest in that he was lucky to get there. Watch the replay, the guy isn't even looking at the ball when he goes up to jump, just putting his glove up there and hoping the ghost of Thurman Munson will help him out.

And Pauley's stuff was nasty. Nice movement on the ball. Should've had a couple more strikes than balls, but oh well. Frankly I don't think Seanez coming in one or two batters earlier would've helped, though.

Oh great heavens, Dave. Every time I think Damon can't possibly say anything more moronic, he surprises me yet again.

Uh-oh. I'm guessing that Giambitch is shitting his pinstriped drawers right now:

'[Busted D-Backs pitcher Jason] Grimsly identified to investigators "several other Major League Baseball players by name whom he suspected of using anabolic steroids or human growth hormone," the Arizona Republic reported Wednesday.'

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