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There's 'Mr. Clutch.' And then there's 'Mr. Squishy.'

Wow, as good as last Monday was, today's even bettah.


Yeah, life is pretty swell when the only thing you've got to bitch about is weather interfering with the Sox momentum and threatening to mess things up with dreaded doubleheadahs late in the season.


It's gotten to the point where his name itself carries all the meaning. Just say "Ortiz" and every Red Sox fan knows what you mean.


Really, let the friggin Inuit people spend all their time coming up with 26 different names for snow. Around these parts we only need one word to describe a late inning storm — Ortiz!


You know what's funny is Saturday's walkoff was his 6th with the Red Sox, but in my own head I swear I've seen at least 16.


No kidding. Seems like I've seen 6 this month. But we must guard ourselves from getting too complacent and expecting too much from Cookie.


But Big Papi sure does make it look easy, doesn't he?


I'm getting his SI covah shot mounted and framed.


Reminds me, isn't it fantabulous post World Series win to no longah have to get caught up in all that jinx crap?


Really I'm all tipping over salt shakahs, looking for laddahs to walk under …


Are you kidding me, when I see a black cat these days, I don't think "bad luck," instead I think "A-Rod."




Yeah, you know, being that he's a pussy and all.


Heh. Now that you mention it, that ball slap play did look a lot like a cat paw-slapping at a piece of string.



...and he's got a great future in the beverage distribution industry:)

Did you see that there were only 6,000 people at the second game of the Skankee double-header?

Evidentally, it doesn't take much rain the flush the Toilet Bowl.

How about the pen!!! That was awesome to see the decarmen,lopez,hansen,papelbon show so we could get to the point where our Big Papi could work his magic. Unbelieveable. My daughter was talking to so people in our foyer when the home run went out and our guests thought we had lost our minds when my son and I started screaming and high fiving. I was so awesome!! On another somewhat scary note. Those other Sox have been amazing. 3 GS in 3 days!!! My God. I hope some curse cools them off before too long.

I was not awesome, it was. Dohh.

Come on VA, you're allowed to be awesome, too.

yeah the way I laid out for that hi five. Diving across the living room to just catch his hi five at the apex.I was awesome:)

What never ceases to amaze me is how far-flung Red Sox Nation is. I was in the wilds of Big Sky country this weekend, and counted not one, not two, but five Red Sox hats in the Billings airport and yet another (well-worn and well-loved) at tiny Murray's Cafe pub in Livingston, MT, population 7,000. I realize we have bandwagon jumpers, but it's nice to see so many Americans with good taste.

I love weekday afternoon games. MLB Gameday makes the workday go by sooooo fast, and who cares if client calls get ignored. Go Sox!

Speaking of the Skankees double bill yesterday... the kid that shut down the Yanks was Anibal Sanchez, a Double AA emergency starter that they got in the AGon/Lowell/Beckett deal.

One time, I was standing in line at a McDonalds in Arizona and I turned around and there was this guy wearing a Red Sox hat behind me. I asked "Are you from Boston?". The guy said "Nope. Alaska."

An Alaskan Sox fan in Arizona.

The Sox COULD NOT lose on Saturday; It was just one of those gut feelings. Great game on the whole, but I was kind of disappointed Schill couldn't get the W with the way he pitched - and not that Paps didn't deserve it!! I just hate that the Mets have The Best Old Guy if only on paper.

Of course, the whole "Eskimo words for snow" thing is urban legend. Wikipedia has good links... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eskimo_words_for_snow

The upshot is that there are so many different "Eskimo" languages and most of them allow for all sorts of compound words, that there's an unlimited number of "words for snow."

So now we need a list of Ortiz-root words for each kind of Ortiz experience. Ortiz-like, Ortizify, Ortizstic, Ortized, Sayanortiz, Ortizmic, Ortiziastic, Ortizingly, Snortiz, Ortizticled... Sentences for each left as an exercise for the reader.

Good - now I don't feel like as much of a dork, with such esteemed company. I thought I was a bit silly to get so excited when I see fellow Sox fans in remote locations, yet every time it sure makes me smile!

We went to a AAA Round Rock Express game last week, the day after Clemens made his appearance, and there were a decent number of Sox caps. They had a "this day in baseball" blurb during a late inning and it was something about Ted Williams. According to my daughter, my husband and I in our Sox gear made it onto the Jumbotron. We were too busy high-fiving and whooping it up to notice...

Oh and honestly, hb, if you create a shirt from that panel a few weeks ago about the Manny Ortez at bat and the world stops to watch, my credit card is ready.

Isn't it amazing how often the legend about the "words for snow" gets used as fact?

I just read a newstory the other day that made reference to it and that's why it was on my mind.

Reminds me, too, that one of those groups like Consumer Reports (wasn't them but similar) did a study on the "gas mileage savings beliefs."

Turns out proper air pressure makes almost no difference, nor does running the AC in the car.

I love when myths gets busted.

Natalie - Man, that's incredible. Believe it or not, I've been to Murray's Cafe in Livingston a couple sumers ago when I took the family out to Yellowstone N.P. I got plenty of nods from the others while wearing my Boston hat. Figured they were all tourists from back East, but I guess there's more of a RSN enclave out there than I realized. Beautiful country - would love to make an extended stay someday. You are a lucky lady to be out there.

HB - You mean like the myth of Skankee Mystique?

Rob- that's awesome! Did you stay at the Murray Hotel too, with the sinks in the bedroom? That bar is wild, I love that when you walk in it reminds you that the smoking age is 18 so no one under 18 is admitted---I had forgotten there are still places where the drinking age is that low. And a top shelf vodka tonic for $2.50? I may move out there...especially now that I know it is rife with Sox fans! That area is so stunning, and I was jealous of my friend who got married on a ranch in Pray with the mountains as a backdrop. The two hour drive to/from Billings was as beautiful as any you'd find in the world...

yeah, there's so many yankees and redsox fans everywhere because them and the mets are bout the only teams that espn ever shows

boston ain't THAT big

Nat - We flew into Bozeman and stopped in Livingston because, well, we were hungry and I like the idea of eating in a local establishment rather than at a Kentucky-Fried-TacoBell-McWendyKing right off the highway exit. Call it a desire for "local flavor".

We drove straight through to Mammoth Hot Springs afterward. Beautiful drive along the Yellowstone River and down the hill into Gardiner. (Can only imagine how good the fly fishing must be.) Was inspired to return the following February with just my wife to see everything in the middle of winter. If you've not explored that area in winter time, you need to. I've never seen anything like it in my life. We've pretty much decided to return again next winter, this time flying into Jackson Hole.

And just to bring this loose thread back to where it belongs, Lisa Gray, your arguement is not only falacious, it's stupid. Given that Ted Turner tossed every Atlanta home game onto TBS, don't you think the Braves would have a bigger following? I didn't see many Braves hats walking around Wyoming. How about you Natalie? You see any?

>>boston aint that big>>
This is true but there are sooo many people who have migrated from Boston to parts unknown. Plus right now you don't have anything to complain about. The stros got extra credit coverage last night to pull one out. (By the way i thought I was watching the Sox bullpen from last year:)) Plus ESPN has been the all Clemens all the time for months now. If that didn't make someone a stros fan what will?:)

Now this is getting fun. I'm a Newton raised guy who has lived in Montana (Missoula) on and off since 1978, steadliy since 94. I've actually gigged at the Murray in Livingston. You guys are hilarious. Montana is blowing up, like any number of other locations in the west, and our tendency here would be to thank you for your visit and suggest that you DO NOT "get a place here," or any of that. BUT, you know I don't really hold with that "last one in lock the door behind you" thing. Free country and all. Montana still is the nicest spot in the lower 48 as far as I can tell. I wear my sox cap everywhere, and encounter I'd say about a 50-50 mix of fans from Massachusetts who are now living here ("Newton,really? I went to La Salle.." etc..) and folks from, say, Livingston, MT who have been sox fans "forever." "My Dad was in the Navy and spent some time in Boston in the 60's..." kinds of things.
Anyway - had to post when I saw the discussion was mentioning The Treasure State.

Oh, and btw - The Braves thing. Umm... Lots of ACTUAL NATIVE AMERICANS here, gang. The high school team in Hot Springs, MT (75 miles NW of here) are THE SAVAGES. Yes, that's right. And if you want a real Montana experience, you must go to Hot Springs, and stay at The Symes Hotel. Google it, and make a reservation. My favorite place to spend a night, anywhere.

Oh, and one more thing, Natalie - the drinking age is 21 here, has been since some time in the early eighties I think. Go Sox!

21? Huh. I guess I misinterpreted the sign on the door about no one in under 18 because of the smoking to be also true for the drinkin'... No matter, it was a kickass bar, great atmosphere and a killer jukebox. Most of my friends stayed at Chico Hot Springs which they raved about, but we were late booking, alas. Am jealous of anyone who gets to spend appreciable time there. Will have to go back for a longer visit...Rob, am I with you, I would LOVE to go fly-fishing, and/or check the area out in the snow.

Let's make it 9 in a row, boys! May Wake get run support ala his last start.

Ah, Chico... I've played in that bar many times, too. A lot of fun there.

Some states have passed laws outlawing smoking anywhere (in public)children may be present. As a response, a lot of establishments have had to ban kids.

It's only a matter of time until somebody tries to make it illegal to smoke in your own home.

larry - I think you and vasox pretty much hit on it. Between all the universities and other reasons (military service, etc.) that people spend time during their impressionable youths ("Utes? What's a 'Ute'?") in and around the center of RSN before making their way into the big world, it really shouldn't surprise us that RSN is as wide-spread as we see evidence of. Undoubtedly, some smart person has addressed this issue at length either in this space or elsewhere.

And I know of what you speak regarding locking the gate behind you. I grew up outside of Denver, and people born there (along with more than a few who were not) were proud to paste "Native" bumper stickers on their VW Microbuses and bemoan the changes. Glad you're willing to let us transplanted Easterners at least make pilgrimages to your beautiful area of the U.S. of A.

Heh. The Symes Hotel. Under "Entertainment" they list Yoga lessons. That hot spring pool looks a little cramped. I remember going to Glenwood Springs, CO every year on our way to an invitational track meet and stopping to swim at the spa there. The damn pool must have been better part of a city block long - 103 degrees and reeked of sulpher. Still, I always did well at that meet. I chalked it up to "taking in the waters".

Anyway, there's a lot of room on the Red Sox bandwagon for true fans and converts. Just remember to be true to your team through both good times AND bad. (Nota bene -- These are GOOD times.)

Okay, my final comment before this becomes Saved by the Red Sox: The Montana Years (sorry, h.b., for the wild tangent). Too true about the college/univ transplant thing- stepped outside the reception tent for a smoke and struck up a conversation with the cello player in the string quartet ---a New England conservatory grad now living and working in Bozeman only too thrilled to talk about Fenway and the Sox. Good times, indeed.

Great. 2nd and 3rd and 1 out and they can't score. Are we back to scoring no runs for Wakefield, guys?

Rob - Yoga lessons. Well... I'm tellin' ya - if you want to relax, you will go to The Symes. The crowded pool picture: 5 PM on a Friday. You: have the place to yourself at 11PM on a Wednesday night. I've never failed to have an intersesting conversation in that pool - There was one guy I kept running into there who always wanted to talk about sturgeon fishing. Had a thousand stories. Crazy, AND entertaining... He had nothing to say about the Sox, though...

King Logan do your stuff :)

Larry - Certainly don't mean to impugn the good times to be had at The Symes. Honestly, relaxing in a mineral hot bath while watching the stars late on a mid-week night sounds like a real slice of heaven. I'll make it a point to check it out personally next time the Mrs. and I head west (it'll be sooner than you think). Suppose they "import" Narragansett Long-Necks out there? :-)

As to your sturgeon story-telling friend, I'm guessing the guy had to have been from Minn/Wisc/Mich somewhere. Guys I know out that direction would rather fish in the cold than make sweet Barry White lovin'. Ha!

C. Lidle is looking really strong for Philly-Phan today. Little but pop-ups and strike outs from the RS offense. Timmy shows again his titanium stones calmly closing out the side after letting guys get to the corners in the 4th.

I was just out in Montana, too, and in fact I stayed at Symes while I was out there. Terrific. The water smells like a fart, but man, it feels good. I think it used to be called "Symes Medical Springs" and what is now the hotel was once a clinic. I can see why...it really does feel like the mineral bath invigorates. And though it's a bit threadbare, the people are great, the atmosphere is festive.

As much as many in RSN like to think of fan purity, it's right there with New York when it comes to having its share of bandwagoneers. How many people are going to answer, "yeah, I really got into it after the Sox won in 2004" when they can point to an obscure uncle/link that justifies their Johnny-come-lateliness. Not that a bandwagoneer can't be a true fan...but who's going to admit to it?

RSN lives even in Kentucky! I've been a Red Sox fan since 1982. After the Marge Schott-ification of the Reds, I was looking for a new team. My ex-New Hampshire-ite husband took me to a game at Fenway and my heart stayed there. Since he's told me so many stories about attending games at Fenway, I can't remember if I experienced them or he did.

During chemo in 2004, I wore my lucky Red Sox hat most of the time and got a great reception from fellow Red Sox fans. Since I rarely meet a stranger, I love to hear the tales of how someone became a Red Sox fan AND how they ended up in Kentucky.

Okay, that's better. 6 runs in the 6th. Too bad Nixon popped out (again, for the 4th time). Bases were loaded up. Timmy got his run support.

Nancy V. Hope you are up and at 'em again after your treatment. Never underestimate the value of prayer and a Red Sox hat.

Not so fast, Rob. An error ends the errorless-game streak, Wakefield then walks the bases loaded, and now Seanez is in to try to get out of a 3-on, no-out jam and ... promptly gives up a single to a .200 hitter.

C'mon, Tessie grandkid! Do your magic!

Yikes! Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa...
And a triple to Rollins. I'm sorry guys. Need to keep my mouth (and typing fingers) shut.

Forget bullpen-by-commmittee. This is bullpen-by-comedy. (Black comedy, unfortunately.)

I would just like to add my voice to the chorus of pleas to Theo Epstein to PLEASE END THE RUDY SEANEZ EXPERIMENT. I'd rather have a few waiver guys who have a good chance of giving up runs and killing leads than a guy who seems to actively WORK at it. Please take him out of Terry's hands and designate him already, for pete's sake.

Thank God for Timlin.

Thanks, M. Timlin...

Damn it! Anyone else on the "Demote Rudy" Bandwagon?

Thanks, Rob. Yes the leukemia is in remission, but I'm undergoing treatment until November of this year.

2004: Beating cancer and Sox winning the World Series. Definitely my year!

Oh my God - Tavarez is working in the pen...that has to be a joke.

Nancy V. - Congratulations! Your victory was certainly bigger than any W.S. win. Best wishes for continued health. I'll keep a prayer for you, you keep that Red Sox hat on your head.



Guess who's first up in the bottom of the ninth? :)

Sucks that Wake won't get a win.

Come on Gabe. Bring it home.

Damn it!

Uh, is there anyone available in the pen? (For today AND tomorrow.)

Yeah. I heard their bringing back Oil Can Boyd.

We want Rob Murphy!

Is that two ground-rule doubles for Crisp today?

Cripe, Tek, can you frigging move a runner over?


Yep. Count 'em. TWO.

Youk! (Stayin' alive.)

Anyone smell a clutch burning?

Yep. I thought that's what I smelled... :-D

Nice. But what about tomorrow's pen?

Nice. But what about tomorrow's pen?

Give Seanez the spot start. Cry 'oops' when his arm falls off. Tell him thanks for playing. Call up Kyle Snyder. Get 8 quality innings.

Oof! tough line for Condrey:
Condrey 0.2 28 3 2 1 0

Of course Seanez' looked just as bad:
Seanez 0.0 9 2 2 0 0

So, Tito. How do YOU spell "relief"?

Just to follow up on today's comments (since I was at the game at the time), but I do believe the error was taken off the board in the late innings (at least it was at the stadium). Seanez should die a horrible and painful death....tonight. We had a few "Mr. Squishy" moments, but we also had the one "Mr. Clutch" moment when it mattered most.

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