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Because to know light one must also know darkness …

Unknown Yankees fan:
I hope Red Sox fans enjoyed their momentary flirtation with first place in the AL East, because after tonight's Yankees win they'll be chasing us for the remainder of the season.


It's pure luck they've hung around first this long. The numbers don't lie. Yankees 183 runs. Red Sux 162. And runs allowed, The Greatest Franchise in all of sports 118. The Red Sux 150.


Unknown Yankees fan:
And just because the so-called experts at ESPN and Sports Illustrated want to peddle crap about how the Yankees rotation is weaker than the Red Sox doesn't make it true. Pick your metric, ERA, WHIP, slugging against, HR and walks allowed … doesn't matter, it's all Yankees, Yankees, Yankees.


Against the good clubs like the Blue Jays and the Indians, the Red Sox have been truly embarrassing.


Unknown Yankees fan:
I'm thinking the Bombers take 2-3 easy and most likely sweep.


Prediction: Beckett's gone by the 3rd and he and Curt spend the rest of the game crying in the dugout.


Unknown Yankees fan:
Isn't Beckett the perfect Red Sock? I mean he's a mirror of the fans: boorish, full of rage, and dumbly certain that one World Series win begets bragging rights.


Can't wait to see Johnny Damon take him deep.


Unknown Yankees fan:
Clap Clap ClapClapClap!



Truer words have never been uttered by good ol' Marty. He should have added that it's going to be tons of fun for all of us in NY when Wells takes to the mound again for you guys when he's "healthy." And say hi to that wicked tandem of Alex Gonzalez and Mark Loretta for us!

As if I needed to be any more hyped hb. I dont fear the Yankees anymore, they're just another good team. I do loathe them with the same hatred, but it seems like they now need to validate their part in this rivalry that they once professed to care less about than us.

trotter, I know what you're saying...like we need to be spun a little tighter. Is it a sin to hate someone if they're only clipart?

H.B., why-oh-why does Marty have to look like Ted Williams? It's like giving Jesus horns and a tail. Or Big Papi blue lips.

"Is it a sin to hate someone if they're only clipart"

Absolutely Not. They're the embodiment of evil, an idol of sorts. Therefore it is commanded that we not worship them, and hating seems like the logical reponse. (As far as sox-friendly clip-art, maybe Jesus looks the other way)

How does Marty persist in living with all that creepy ichor swirling through his veins instead of the blood all real men share? To see that man is to loathe him, even his doctors must give him a placebo sometimes instead of his heart medication.

Wait a minute, the only way to explain Marty is that he must be a doctor himself, seeing to his own treatment. Someone that evil surely would have been put down by any responsible member of the medical community.

He probably shoots kids on Halloween for trespassing on his property. He probably forecloses on people's houses and demands their daughters as interest on the note. He probably trips old ladies at grocery stores to get the last jar of Nutella.

Here's to Big Papi shutting that psychotic mouth of his a couple of times in the 9th inning this week. Here's to Mark Loretta and Kevin Youkilis running that guy's European Supercar over with a massive influx of RBIs. Here's to Beckett recording a record number of Ks against the 'bombers'. Here's to Manny making a defensive play at the wall to put Arod back on the bench.



Re: 'Marty's' comments on boorish RS fans.....read scumbag Vaccaro's trash in the NYPost.....'Drop Papi'. Talk about boorish and inflammatory. If a Boston paper wrote about dropping Jeter or A-Rod, that drooling old Pop-Pop Stienbrenner would be speed dialing Bob Watson.....

HB, great, great strip today. My blood was boiling just seeing that Fred MacMurray character talking it up.

Big night for both pitchers tonight. Both guys have been weak of late and need to right the ship.

It's so ON.

To continue the Dark side theme...In a dugout today, and not so far away:

Schilling (in Yoda's voice): "If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will"

Beckett (as Luke): Is the dark side stronger?

Schilling: No, no, no. Quicker, easier, more seductive.

Beckett: But how am I to know the good side from the bad?

Schilling: You will know...when 55,000 New Yankers shut up!

Beckett: Their overconfidence is your weakness.

(Roll credits)

...BTW, totally agree with trotter and have said it before; after 2004 every time I hear a MFY fan start with the mystique crap all I hear are the Charlie Brown adult voices:"whah whah wa whaa waa whaa" Play ball!

BTW, h.b. I love the Blade-Runner, Batman/Gotham gloom of the strip...so apropos for NYC

That last frame should read crap crap crapcrapcrap

Brief questions for the experts:

If Johnson hits Ortiz will Varitek put on his equipment before he leaves the dugout?
Will he go for 2x protection and grab Mirabelli's equipment as well as his own?

Yankaholix - I love it. That strip was pretty much all right on.

Haha.. can't wait for tonight.

Jason, will Arod run to the dugout to grab his purse to take into the melee?

...or will his pillbox-hat fall off as he "drops the shoulder"? Oh wait, he didn't actually DO that, he just talked later about how he could have done it.

I think A-Fraud will just call on his bodyguard, Richard Simmons, to protect him.

NolaSox, you forgot about A-fraud's lipstick. J-O, the bigh Eunuch should be more worried about what Manny Ortiz will do then the Captain...MFY classy to the end. Someone is hitting well. MFY solution: plunk 'em. Class act all the way. Too right h.b., Dark side indeed.

I've never been to a Red Sox game before (let alone Yankees-Red Sox), but this year I can finally justify spending the money (going to a total of seven games this year, three Yankees-Sox at Yankee Stadium including the last they play together in September, four non-Yankees at Fenway). I'll be there tonight, Sox cap and all. Take the opener, Sox.

All of Alex's photoshopped accessories must have worked, because Varitek:

1) Clearly had chloroform in his glove, When that attempt to make Alex more "docile" failed:

2) He grabbed AR's leg in a Vito-esque manner and began aggressively pulling while trying to get Alex on the ground...

Bottom Line: It wasn't the Yankees that the "Fab 5" visited...Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I find sub-humans like f. o. Tito to be somewhat amusing, because when Schilling goes up and in on Jeter, he'll applaud Red Light for being "old school."

"Boorish and full of rage"?

Randy Johnson, isn't that you?

Newsflash: The entire league goes "up and in" on Jeter because Captain Calm Eyes hangs his ass all over the plate.

Crowd the plate, pay the price. That's baseball.

Griffin, you're a voice of reason...Ortiz is closer to the plate in an average at-bat than Gammons is to Epstein...

Crowd the plate, pay the price.

I'm all about doing whatever's necessary to brush plate-rapers back a few inches, and RJ is more than welcome to nail Ortiz and then face the wrath of Manny Being Manny.

This is going to be a great series... still, I'm only picking the Sox to win 1 game.

I read Vaccaro's column. I am sorry to say that I agree with its sentiments. In essence, it laments baseball's distant past when chin music was a given part of the game. Bob Gibson and Don Drysdale are but distant memories now, nevermind Sal the Barber. If Gibson was facing a batter like Ortiz - digging it at the plate and wearing an elbow guard - he would have literally tried to kill him with a bean ball. And he wouldn't wait for the catcher to hold back the batter, he would charge the plate to finish off the job.

Hey, J.O., how's "The Rhino" Zimmer doing these days after charging Petey "Spiderman" Martinez?

I don't know why you girls are all up in arms. Everyone knows that it was Boston's MO the last 5 years to hit Yankee batters. Any manager other than Torre would have taken care of it on the field much sooner. And look how twisted you all get when someone outside of RSN starts talking payback.


I hate elbow guards. Every time I see Bonds* taking five minutes to remove that cybernetic armshield of his before he moseys down to first after getting walked, I want to call up Selig and demand he outlaw those damn things.

Ortiz 2003-2005: HBP 9 times
Giambi 2003-205: HBP 45 times (and that's giving him his short year with the pituitary issue or whatever...he averaged 20 in the years he was full-season).

Oh, I lied. It's actually 48-6 in Giambi's favor. I have always thought that guy was all over the frickin' plate.

//Everyone knows that it was Boston's MO the last 5 years to hit Yankee batters.//

Oh, bollocks. Try learning something about baseball before saying something that stupid.

Guys like Jeter and Giambi and ARod get hit a lot because they are HANGING ALL OVER THE DAMN PLATE. If you stand with your freakin' head over the middle of the plate, IT'S GOING TO GET HIT.

If David Ortiz parked his ass on top the plate the way Roid Boy Giambi does, he'd get hit too.

It's really not that difficult to understand. Even Yankee fans should be able to comprehend this.

Bring back Don Baylor. He would hang that big piece of meat he called an arm over the plate (sans arm guard). And when he got plunked, he would trot down to first base, barely looking at the pitcher. He just saw it as a logical outcome.

Kaz, that was fucking hilarious.

The camera caught Zim in the stands during the last Rays/NYY series...his head was so large that I was captivated...his jaw and jowels were 2x the size of the upper half of his head.

If they plunk Papi that will just be another runner on base for Manny to drive in. As long as Beckett keeps his cool I think we'll be okay. Marty is funny today, but very over the top HB. I work in the heart of the Empire, and I must say the actual MFY fandom that I've come in contact with is being very restrained these days. Not one person has taunted me at my desk yet today. Uneasy are the heads that wear the moldy old 2000-model crowns...

kind of like a gerbil?

Question: I'm going to be in Boston the next couple of days. Any recommendations on where I should watch the games (i.e. a good sports bar where I won't get killed for not wearing a Red Sox cap)? I'm not sure what my schedule will permit, but I'd love some suggestions. Thanks.

the actual MFY fandom that I've
come in contact with is being very restrained these days

Two things to note:

1) These are two Yankees fans talking with each other, no Red Sox fans around.

2) When's the last time Marty called Bill to pile it on?


Great strip today.

Jason is right on with comments regarding Ortiz and 'Captain Facemask'. If Ortiz crowds the plate R.J SHOULD go up and in - and Sox fans shouldn't bitch about it.

And Varitek - I don't know HOW you guys defend that turd.

CHRIST i hate marty. you do a good job with that character, h.b.

How about the numerous times Posada didn't remove his mask in a scuffle? It's a BS reason to get upset with someone (anyone) over; that's what I don't like about it.

What do you have to say about Varitek besides: "He didn't remove his mask that time"?

As demonstrated above, Giambi crowds the plate, Ortiz does not (or at least not very much compared to many other players).


Remember the Australopithecine mindset you're dealing with: The town shits on a guy who just 18 months before was one of the 2 or 3 the most important players in the WS run of 2004.

This World Series victory was supposedly epochal. Yet they can't applaud the guy for a few seconds before going back to the amateur-hour chanting and the 3rd grade summer camp arts & crafts signage.

And you want a sports bar in Boston where you can wear a Yankees hat? Wake up, son.

Subhumans? Loved that band! J.O. how did you know? Did you frequent the Rathskeller in Kenmore back in the day? Now put down the rock (the thing in your right hand)and brush the hair out of your eyes onto your sloping forehead so that you and all the other MFY Neanderthals can see that at no time has the Boston media EVER called for a pitcher to plunk an opposing team's batter. (Actually, I currently prefer the Sub-dudes).

And you want a sports bar in Boston where you can wear a Yankees hat? Wake up, son.

Now now.. I didn't say I would wear a Yankees hat - I'm not that dense - I just won't be actively rooting for the Red Sox.

I hear ya though. Maybe there's a Dropkick Murphys show I can catch, or in my dreams a Wicked Farleys reunion.

I occasionally go to NJ to visit the in-laws. (They're good people originally from Mass) I dont get that many looks flying the nation's colors.

A good bar in Boston to watch the game? There is always the Cask and the Flagon, although it might be a bit passionate in there. Try North Station, there are several good sports bars there. Just like at the game, if you dont run into a jerk or antagonize anyone all should be well.

See, this is more like it. Things have been far too civil around here this season.

I like the Globe's response to that ridiculous "Throw at Ortiz" article in the New York (Com)Post: go ahead, morons, make Papi dive out of the way. And hopefully you'll enjoy seeing the very next pitch ricocheting off the upper deck, because that's exactly what's going to happen.


Remember the Australopithecine mindset you're dealing with: The town conveniently ignores the fact that their shortstop was actively picking a fight at the time AND got his ass kicked in favor of the point that the other guy didn't take off his mask.

They're supposedly the classiest fans / franchise in all of baseball--but can't answer the simple question of what A-Rod was doing in Tek's face to begin with. They also have had no answer for the Red Sox' 2004 win, so they prefer to tell US how to act about it instead.

They are morally indignant when it suits them. I hope your question was rhetorical.

did i say shortstop? my b. should have been third baseman, since the yankees have such an overdeveloped sense of "gratitude" unlike us sox fans that they keep some other guy at short rather than put the supposed best in the game there.

How convenient Beth's memory is...Arroyo had just hit his 230th** NYY batter in only 2 seasons.

Then Varitek dons a full suit of medieval armor to save his boy from facing the music. He threw the first punch, sweetie...he can't take being called a few names??...(sniff)

Reminds me of Roadhouse:
Double Deuce bouncer: "Well, what if someone calls my mamma a whore?"
Swayze: "Is she?"

Just a moment...Arroyo has hit no batsmen in 49 IP with CIN this year? 34 hit batsmen in the last 2 seasons and suddenly nothing? Has he been working on his control or does he not want to face the music?

He wants to hit more HR's, cant do that if they're plunking you.

Beth - A-rod was jawing at Arroyo and Captain Facemask got in A-Rod's face. Tek was CLEARLY defending his 150 lb. pitcher - who was about to get his ASS kicked - but did not have the balls to take off his protective gear while doing it, OR while shoving his glove in A-Rod's face. For that he will ALWAYS be remembered as a nutless ass-muncher.

Devine - I'm CERTAIN Posada has gone after somebody and not taken off his mask first. What's the difference you ask? The image of Jorge going after the guy is NOT the screensaver of 90% of Yankee fans. Can you say the same about Tek and A-Rod? You KNOW you can't. Sox fans don't just ACCEPT what Tek did, they celebrate it. And that's one thing (in a looong list) that makes you bush-league fans.

Aaron- I can STILL see the image of Jeter being dusted with the Globe headline - "Down goes Jeter! Down goes Jeter!" Don't tell me the Boston media doesn't celebrate Yankee Plunkings...

BB - Feel free throw the hypocrisy charge at the Boston media all you want, because most of us would agree with you. Other than the Yankees themselves, the Globe is probably the biggest target around here.

However, the Post is the paper that used to scream bloody murder whenever Pedro threw at Yankee batters, to the point of calling him a punk and/or thug. So for them to publicly howl in favor of the same behavior from their own pitchers is pathetic.

Hey all- a tacky NY Post article doesn't reflect MFY's sentiments. The only way to get Papi out is to make outstanding pitches...like his K against Ryan during Papelbon's loss vs. Toronto. Man, that was sweet. Down and away to set him up, then up and in to finish him off. Of course, if you aint' filthy, Papi take you longball.

And Beth...MFY fans didn't ask to keep Jeter at ss after MLB put the kibosh on the A-Rod to Boston deal. I'd prefer to take Jeter and his wheelchair groundball range out of there, but hey, I'm not Cashman or Torre. So Yankees vs. "us" Sox fans? Or do you mean Yankee fans vs. Sox fans? Or, what are you saying? A little clarity, please. I guess by gratitude, though, you're referring to Sox fans' stellar treatment of Nomah. And A-Rod in Tek's face to begin with? Whatcha huffin', there? Hey, A-Rod went down like a sissy, but everyone knows that Varitek, good captain that he is, tried to fire up his team by drawing A-Rod into a scuffle. I don't think anyone will disagree that it worked, the Sox had a new fire in 'em after, and A-Rod went down in most embarrassing fashion. But you don't need to add a history re-write in there as a new chapter of the RSN Villification of A-Rod Handbook. That's a bit of piling on, no?

It's funny. Marty's actually got some good points there. He forgets to mention Beckett's blistering, though. Maybe he'll mention that sometime in July?

The Post is also the paper that ran Ortiz and A-Fraud photos side by side last week with the captions "Mr. Clutch" and "Mr. Crutch."

Mr. Rod can't even get any love in the Empire's on Pravda. Too funny.

WOW I think the MFY ans are about to throw a hissy and the series hasn't even started yet! Sure Tek was jawing, I believe A-rod was jawing right back though. No self respecting Sox fan would look down on how Varitek acted. Arguably the event was one of the things that sparked the Sox turnaround that year. As for bush league, try slappy's post slap comments of "I almost got away with it and I'd do it again" for a text book example of bush league. Talk of plunking someone based solely on performance rings of bush league also. Brush back or inside....fine, part of the game.

HOLY CRAP. It's BIZARRO Soxaholix!! :-P

The Yankee fans sure have a spell on early revisionist history today. Let's clear some things up: Bronson pitches inside. That's what he does. When batters crowd the plate, sometimes they get hit. Sure his HBP numbers are high but by no means are they any higher against the Yankees than they are against any other team. Second: it is the catcher's duty to protect the pitcher. Anytime a batter gets hit, the catcher gets between him and the pitcher, just in case some egomaniac who is pissed that he never got a World Series ring (always a bridesmaid, never a bride) decides to start something. Third: I don't think Varitek puts on the pads and the mask before going out behind the plate every inning on the rare chance that he might get in a fight. And for godsakes, look at the footage. It's impossible to say who took it to a physical level but it's not like Alex got a sucker punch from a guy wearing knight's armor. Whatever was said and whoever made the first move, it happened pretty fast. He was clearly swinging for a steel mask before anyone hit him. The pride of the Yankees, ladies and gentleman. Next thing he's going to do is run full-speed headfirst into the dugout wall to celebrate his next homerun.

I wouldn't sweat the Bean Papi article. The New York Post is the journalistic equivalent of Saddam's press secretary or YES.

RSN logic: MFYs think Papi's too comfortable at the plate? What about Giambi! He's an asshole! Plunk him! Kill him!

The MFSF who brought up Gibby had it right. Rocket had it right: Papi's too comfortable at the plate. I think Johnson will NOT hit Papi, but if he's smart he will buzz him inside. Just like Pedro would have.

...bush league fans.

I'd rather be a bush league fan cheering on the catcher-mitt muffling of a blue-lipped closet case...than be a bush league fan cheering the "Slap heard round the world" or the Jeffrey Maier robbery of the O's or the juiced up Giambi or the steroid raging Sheffield or a Johnny-come-lately traitor or the first team in the MLB (third team in MLB/NHL/NBA history) to lose a 3-0 lead in a playoff series.

That last one still stings doesn't it. Let me twist it further into the wound: the Boston Red Sox had a 0.17% chance of winning that series knowing the historical percentages of a team winning the last 4 games of a 7 game series, winning game 4 down 1 run after 8 innings, and winning game 5 being down early as well.

The Yankees blew a 99.83% sure thing.


We KNOW you would rather be a fan of the Sox. That's what makes us better than you...

So if any member of the Sox pulled a bush league move (like slapping a ball away), you'd stop being a fan? You can stop right now - Pedro vs. Zim. As Bush as it gets.

If a fan ever stole a fly ball from an opposing player, you'd stop rooting for the Sox? You can stop right now - Sheffield in right field at the Fens.

If the Sox ever suffered through the WORST CHOKE IN SPORTS HSITORY, you'd stop being a fan? You can stop RIGHT NOW! 1986 World Series. One Strike away on MULTIPLE occassions and you blew it. The Sox, by the way, had a 99.99974% chance of winning game six in '86. Talk about blowing a sure thing...

I said it before and I'll say it again. The only thing wrong with Pedro's dispatching of the gerbil is that he didn't kick him again while he was down.

Hey BB, go take a flight on Thurmon Munson Airlines...

Pedro wasn't bush league...bush league woulda been kneeing him in the crotch before kicking him in the head. All Pedro did was send the bumbler off to the side and physics took care of the hard part.

No fan has taken a fly ball from Sheffield during a playoff game that ended up costing the series. Hell, no fan has takena fly ball from Sheffield at Fenway...that guy knocked off Sheffield's *hat* on a ground ball roller down the line and around the corner under the pads.

Final point, they were "one strike away" on *1* occasion that game. 3-2 to Mookie Wilson and the wild pitch from Schiraldi scored the tying run from third. Or did you think you were also talking about Buckner? Buckner's error allowed the win...an out just meant another inning to have to score more runs, since the game was a tie at that point. HARDLY a "99.999974% sure thing" if you've got runners on 1st and 3rd with only a 1 run lead and definitely not a sure thing once the wild pitch scored a run putting the Sox back in the position of needing to manufacture runs with a load of defensive substitutions in.

Stop pulling numbers out of your ass and put up something tangible instead of jackass hyperbole like your blog entries, BigBri. You're embarassing Mahty, Jason O, and any other respectable Yankees fan.

wow this has gotten childish.

Go Sox. Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for the house at Vegas.

"If the Sox ever suffered through the WORST CHOKE IN SPORTS HSITORY, you'd stop being a fan?"

But, we didn't. That shame belongs to the New York Yankees. :)...happy thoughts...

The WORST CHOKE IN SPORTS HISTORY...the '86 WS? Apparently they've already forgotten '04. So sad....go ahead, delude yourself all you want, if it makes you feel better. Everytime a baseball team is down 3-0, what's the stat that pops up? Yankees choke big time...
And, by the way, the Sheffield play wasn't a fly ball. Get your facts straight.
And you're right...the Pedro vs. Zim thing was bush...on Zim's part. What the hell was Pedro supposed to do? Stand there and let the old man gum him to death while his dentures fell out? What would you do if a crazy old man came out of nowhere to attack you? Oh, that's right...you'd choke.

GodDAMN you MFYFs are easy...

It wasn't the Sox MO to throw at MFY for the past five years, it was the MFY's MO to take it and not respond like a bunch of pussies for the past five years.

Billy M-
I've got a good place for you to check out- it's called Roxbury. Just look for Sully and tell him you want to talk about how good the yankers are.

I cheered Damon for his '04 performance for a whole season. Now he's on the MFY, who I will never, ever cheer for. ANd Tek donning his armor? Yeah- most catchers do before they, y'know, go behind the plate. Nice fantasy world you live in though.

BB (bigbri)-
Congratulations- you've just won the most delusional MFYF award. Your prize is a lawng walk off a shawt peeya. If Tek is a nutless ass-muncher, what do you call the guy who got his ass kicked by him? Your comments directed at Kaz show exactaly what you know about the game- absolutely nothing. Maier turned a sure out into a GW HR. House got Sheff's roid rage boiling and didn't touch the ball. And a sure thing? Ever work with percentages before? How about basic math? Why don't you go back to your mom's basement in Chillicothe.

Nothing to offer, as usual.

Jeez, I thought Marty was bad- at least he has valid, thought out arguments.

Fictional clip art character > real live MFY fans.

Just let me get this straight.

When Johnny Damon comes to bat tonight and fans in the Bronx cheer, they'll be applauding his role in winning the 2004 World Series?

That's awfully big of them. And when they cheer for Randy Johnson they'll be cheering his role in winning the 2001 World Series.

So I guess they'll cheer Beckett, Lowell and A-Gon for their roles in winning the 2003 WS too. And the rest of the Sox for their roles in winning the 2004 WS.

Jeter will get some applause I guess for his role in winning some WS's in the past century. But A-Rod? He hasn't won anything except the 2005 Most Valuable Poseur award.

I guess he gets no cheers from anybody.

Or do you just cheer the guys because they're on your team and you want them to win, and boo the guys on the other team who you want to lose?

If that's the case, then I guess even you can understand why we choose to boo Johnny Damon...

NV - you call smushing a mitt in someone's face an 'ass kicking' and **I'm** delusional.

kaz - go back and watch the tape of '86. You were one strike away before the first hit of the rally - when the Mets ahd the 'Congrats Red Sox' sign on their scoreboard.

67 postings up to now? Nice!!! It is so, so on.

JO, I still haven't had the chance to re-rent Mad Max, though. Too much of this baseball stuff going on.

I'm hoping nobody throws at anybody tonight. Just play ball, fellas.

Bigger problem than that, BB. I said it was a Schiraldi wild pitch, when it was a Stanley pitch to Wilson.

Geez, if you're gonna nitpick my comments to try and one-up me, you'd think you'd at least hit the highlights.

And even though Ray Knight had an 0-2 count with 2 outs in the bottom of the 10th (i.e. the "one strike" away")...there had already been 2 hits to start the rally, so you're wrong again. The first hit of the rally came on a 2-1 pitch, and the second hit was on a 1-strike pitch as well.

Even when you think you're right, you're wrong. Give it up and go play with your "o-face" Jeter and Pucker-me-Alex dolls.

//But A-Rod? He hasn't won anything except the 2005 Most Valuable Poseur award.//

Oh, come on now. As Peyton Manning says, winning the regular season MVP is the most important thing.

(Credit callofthegreenmonster.com)

"A-Rod: The Peyton Manning of Baseball." Perfect.

Since most of the available argument topics have been exhausted already, has anyone yet pointed out the fact that "Yankaholix" sounds like a support group for public masturbators? Sort of appropos, since we're talking about Yankee fans...

Don't give up your day job to become a prognosticator, Rock...

Wow. Cool site. Do the various characters have names, like Murph, Chili, and T-Boz?

Take a look at my running diaries for the first two Sox-Yankees games. Certainly not of the artistic quality of your work, but mildly entertaining nonetheless.

Let's talk bush league....

2 ER in 3.2 innings...and *still* an active member of the team...and he gets booed off the field.

Ron Burgundy says, "You stay classy, New York."

Great game tonight NY fans, the aura and mystique was definitely there and I was just overwhelmed.

Heard the Yankees are going to distribute KY Jelly prior to all future games with the Sox to keep their cheeks from getting chaffed when they bend over and take it like prison wives.


I was there tonight/last night. It was fun.

The normal simmer between Yanks and Sox fans on this site is officially boiling. This is fun!

Now, now, I won't have people making arguments for me that I didn't make. Did I say "Giambi crowds the plate; hit him"? No, I said, effectively, "Ortiz does not crowd the plate, and it seems ridiculous to criticize him for this when you have someone on your team who actually does."

That stuff about Varitek as poster child is still BS. No counter-argument to Posada doing the same thing is yet present.


Here's the link that will expalin the whole thing to you.


Some excerpts to prove my point:

"Knight went down in the count 0-2 bringing the Mets to their last strike but he hit the next pitch into centerfield for a single that scored Carter and advanced Mitchell to third base, making the score 5-4 "

"Wilson got the count to 2-1 but fouled the fourth pitch away to bring the Mets to their last strike again. He stayed alive fouling off two more Stanley pitches. Then, the seventh pitch sailed towards Wilson's knees sending him to the ground but the ball hit nothing and went straight to the backstop. Mitchell scored uncontested to tie the game "

One strike away from World Series win on Multiple occasions. Biggest choke. End of Story.

And don't get on your soap box about yankee fans booing Johnson. He pitched like crap and they have the right. Yaz was booed at Fenway and so was Rice.

BB: So you're just dropping the fact that you were right on one thing...the one strike away...
You'll just ignore the Sheffield/fly ball, the percentage you magically pulled out of your ass, the fact that the Yankees own the greatest choke in history? Maybe that last one is a little more subjective than the other two, but the point is: it's hard to listen to someone crow about one thing when they're wrong about all their other facts.
By the way, I love the fact that you have the courage of your convictions to include your email in your signature.
I'm sure Randy J. thought all the Yankee fans were classy last night.

Start spreadin' the neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeews / we're losin' todaaaaaaaaaay /
two outta three to the Sox /
and Matsui, indefinitelaaaaaaaaaaaaay /
if we lose TWO outta three here /
we're clearly just IN IT for the beer /
we're second best in New York, New York

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