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What a bargain

OK, so the next time somebody complains about how much money baseball players make to play a "child's game" or whatever, please point this to this: Simon Cowell makes $36 million a year to appear as a judge on American Idol.


Yeah, last time I checked throwing a 98mph fastball or hitting said fastball takes more talent than dealing with an narcoticized Paula Abdul and issuing pronouncements like "That reminded me of a bad karoke performance on a sinking cruise ship of Turkish sailors. Horrific."



you got a VERY good point.

nobody complains about the amount of $$$ that actors or musicians make.

and that asshole cowell making 36 mill???

that's more than the whole marlins TEAM.

but you know there's a whole lot of people that really do think that if we played ballplayers minimum wage like they deserve then ticket prices would go down, the owners wouldn't keep the difference...


and simon cowell will respeck me in the morning...


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