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Take a breath

Well, as much as I enjoy the Rivalry, I'm glad that's ovah for now. I need to come up for air after being swamped in the 24/7 hype machine.


You know, the only thing preventing the Rivalry from jumping the shahk already is how good the games are. I mean you have your occasional lopsided ones, but last night's grudge match is more typical of the Yankees v Red Sox meetings.


Absolutely. Last night could have gone eithah way. And taking 2 of 3 in that place — where all the animals come out at night — whores, skunk pussies, buggers, queens, fairies, dopers, junkies, sick, venal — is a testament to this club's fortitude.


So is it gloating to point out that Johnny Damon has gone 1-16 thus far facing the Sox?


Nope, because that's just a simple fact not an opinion.


Tough break for Matsui. Even though he's a Yankee, I really respect the guy …


Do you? Do you really? Pffwaah …


What? Hate the uniform not the player. Matsui just quietly goes out and gets the job done.


Oh is that a fact. You don't think the situation that the guy doesn't speak a lick of English has something to do with that? You don't think if ninja-san could "me talk pretty one day" he'd sound just like any other Spankee blowhard?


Personally, I hate the bastahd and really hope he has a long and happy life retiahed from baseball.


Yeah, well, I don't share your venom, but I'm not going to argue with the outcome, 2-3 months out of the Yankees lineup minimum.


Dude, like 99% of Yankees fans weren't pushing pins into the ankle of their Schilling voodoo dolls all last year? C'mon.


Speaking of Schill, what do you think's up with his hush hush "medical issue"?


Hmmm … let's see. It has nothing to do with pitching or baseball. Schilling doesn't want to discuss it. His teammates helped shield him from the prying questions of the media …


Yeah, maybe he ruptured corpora cavernosa wearing those tight ass Wranglers he fancies for any and all occassions.


We tease because we love.



Last night's game was very much a sham. No clutch hitting whatsoever. Thanks to cripe for the wind-aided double by A-Gon and the slippery mitt of Mr. Cairo. I like seeing Rivera's downtrodden expression when the Sox score one off him, though.

I don't like to see anybody injured like Matsui was. That just added to the dreariness. The only injury I would pay to see is muscle deflation for one of the steroid boys.

Hooray for h.b. He covered all the, um, bases. Tough break for old catcher's mitt face.

And, Ladies and Germs, the first place (who saw that coming) Rangers come to town. Given the balmy NE weather, and the inflexibility of the unbalanced schedule, we might be looking at morning-day-night tripleheader come Sunday.

meh, indeed.

Baseball is good.


Now, if you get approached by any MFYF who use the familiar cliche "It's only May," simply point out that yes, it's only May, and already they're out two of three starting outfielders. They're going through their relief pitching like it's October... And 6 errors in three games? The Spankees have some deep, glaring holes that their monster offense may not be able to fix. And it's only May!

We've got to get organizeized

A SHAM?! With the Sox hitting rockets all over the yard and losing out on every break possible, that "wind-aided double" and "slippery mitt" were simply a cosmic evening of the scales. The Yankees walked the tightrope all night long and finally fell off. And what an effort by Wake, Timlin (striking out HGHaimbi and A-Fraud with the tying run on base), Foulke and Papelbon. Meanwhile Fruitbat gets whacked by Willie Harris and Youk. Haw.

That wasn't just a Red Sox win. That was an absolute heart-wrencher for the Yankees. Woot!

I wouldn't call that a heart-wrencher for the Yankees. The way the Sox were taking batting practice swings against Chacon, they were lucky to be in the game at all in the late innings. If not for the wind holding the ball up long enough to allow JD and Crosby to make a couple of nifty catches, this game would have likely be a laugher.

The insurance run was important too - another chick in Rivera's armor - another seed of doubt planted for the next time he pitches against the Sox.

It seems safe to say at this point that Wake will go out every game and give up three runs, one way or another. Reliable, steady, three run outtings that are perfectly acceptable...AS LONG AS THE OFFENSE SCORES RUNS. Seriously, Wake could be a twenty game winner this year if the offense would step up and stop stranding runners every time he comes out. Other than that, good win.

Thank God that's over indeed. We left the bases loaded THREE times last night. And if I have to hear Chris Berman grease Joe Morgan yet again about "what a fantastic Cincinnati Reds team" he was on I may rip my own ears off.

Meanwhile I do respect Matsui. The boy plays hard. He also knows the Green Mawnstah better than any player save Manny. I do miss the scared look he used to get when a fly ball headed that way.

If any team can make do without their hard hitting left fielder, its the Spankees. They will still score a ton of runs unfortunately.
The wind took away 4 runs but ended up giving us back 2 in the end.

Some people in the Livejournal redsox community were thinking that Curt went to the hospital because he had carpal tunnel syndrome from playing too much Everquest :)

Ooh, thanks Griffin. I should have praised the pitching that allowed them to stay in it despite stranding a million guys. The 2-0 lead after the first inning was again the kiss of death.

One of the stat geeks here should figure out how often a team with a 2-0 first inning lead loses. I got think that happening 3 in a row is a uncommon occurrence.

Evidentally, the CHB is gonna have to write a BIG apology tomorrow.

I will miss the scared look on Matsui's face when he tries to shag a pop fly in a Fenway day game. But I won't miss the big hits he always seems to come up with against us.

Man, Bob, you're right about that. "Monster Mash???" The guy can't resist using a lame quote of a Moldy Oldie even when it makes him look like David Duke. I mean, I knew he was a glib jerk, but man. Where was the editor on that one?

That spill that Matsui took really made me cringe. Hats off to a gutsy player, and I hope he recovers fully. ...

But otherwise, about as anice a week in the Bronx as you could hope for. Wakefield, Timlin, Foulke and Papelbon deserve much kudos for keeping that lineup -- which is awesome even without Matsui and Sheffield -- under control. Our guys deserve lots of credit for hanging tough and battling until finally a ball bounced their way. It was fun to watch Rivera's reaction to the insurance run.

And if it wasn't for that catch of Mirabelli's bomb, Damon was doing a great job of playing himself back into a few cheers at Fenway next time he shows up.

PHB does not apologize. Good luck, bro.

//I wouldn't call that a heart-wrencher for the Yankees.//

Perhaps not for the Yankees, but their fans sure were upset. Check out nyyfans.com. ;-) The certainty in the game thread that they were going to whack Papelbon was hilarious to say the least.

Ike - You beat me to the punch on the two run lead dealio. Three straight times now. Kinda weird, no?

Sorry that Mat(chop)sui got hurt. I admire the guy's "come to play, every day" approach. The "No Engrish" thing is a +10 to his inscrutability factor.

Thanks to Yankee Killer Mark Loretta for pushing a couple runs across. I was screaming to Hay-Zues H. Mohammed over them leaving bases loaded so many times last night. Sheesh!

Gonna be in Boston Sunday. Would love to see that Triple-header louclinton mentioned come to pass. Might even be able to get tix for me and the Mrs.

er, Happy Mothers' Day, Honey...

Wake got a well deserved win, and reliable is a good word to describe his performance: he could almost be leading the league in wins if he'd had, say, Randy Johnson's run support.

But what about CryBaby clement? Globe reports that Tito the Brainac had to explain to the Goatee three times the wisdom of shuffling the rotation around to get Wake in there then and set it up for the next series. He must have finally got through to him when he explained,"It's like when I put Harris in for Pena, the other day, ya know, . . . except better."

I can't believe Timlin got bluelips to chase that high junk he threw at him. I mean talk about anti-clutch, the guy took such a weak punch at it no wonder he was booed afterward. And Jeter throwing away a tough hopper like that? You never see him bone a play like that. Heck, even Rivera had a couple good hits go against him. An odd night indeed.

Did anyone see the dink in the yankees garbage bag on the first base line and his reaction when Cairo lost the tag on Loretta? His reaction was priceless.

Yes, the holier-than-thou, Don't-Boo-him-cuz-he's-your-WS-savior, only-here-for-the-Bud-Light, transient, NYY fans are conspicuously absent today (and I don't think it's to be at Matsui's bedside).

"Hey it's only May"? Well then, 30,000 someones should remember that when you lose 2 of 3 and decide to boo the ugly in more ways than one starting pitcher, the Ortiz-killer-turned-comic-relief pitcher, the clutchless third baseman, the snowcone-selling first baseman, the "who in the world spells Johnny with 4 Ks? The Boston Red Sox pitching" center fielder, and the beat goes on.

About the only guy who didn't get booed by Yankee fans over the past 3 days was the only guy that *should* be booed right out of baseball: Hulk Smash HGHiambi (said H-Gee-hombi).

Gotta luv the win, but I can't take much pleasure in seeing G-zilla injured. Wishing it's a career-ending injury? C'mon, Doug - that's cold.

By the way, did we note what happens when a player actually runs through a tag at first, rather than slapping at it like a bitch? The play stands, and he winds up being the hero. Somehow, I doubt the Yankee Propoganda Machine is busy drawing up photoshopped images of Loretta running down the line with a purse.

Hey COD. If you ever figure out how Fruitbat gets a chick in his armor, let me know.

Kaz,you beat me to it. I was getting kind of used to seeing BB post in 16 times a day

BB, the Big New Jersey Nets fan? Or is it the big NY Jets fan, I forget?

Calling Clement a crybaby is blatantly unfair. Any pitcher with any sort of competitive spirit wants the ball in a tough situation. If Clement had quietly acceded, everyone would complain that he had no balls and was glad to avoid the Yankees.

Tough break for Matsui. Our RSN Indiana outpost (non-paying members, of course) actually like the guy. Had to listen to the YES feed on Comcast the last three nights. Jim Kaat and Paul O'Neill are fine. Kaat and O'Neill I can handle - Kaat is very good and O'Neill is subdued. But that Michael Kay - turns routine plays into highlight films. When Jeter and Cano drifted back to get those little flaired hits, you would have thought it was Willie Mays robbing Vic Wirtz. Looking forward to the Remdawg tonight.

Yazbread: Oh God I hate Michael Kay. How in the world does he get on The Sports Reporters every once in a while? I thought that show was for actual reporters, not Boss George's media flacks.

At Griffin's suggestion, I went to nyyfans.com for a laugh. Check out this bit of objective, unbiased, man-love journalism:

Matsui charged the sinking quail with abandon, and with a stretch and a reach he got to the ball just off the grass, but his momentum sent him rolling over his gloved left wrist. That the ball rolled free was disappointing, but immaterial. But that the gritty, gutsy Matsui came up grasping his wrist in pain was anything but. He gamely recovered the ball and held Youkilis at second, and then collapsed in agony.

H.B., why can't you write like that? :)

I stopped reading at "sinking quail"...because I was expecting to read about how Dick Cheney is to blaim for the Yankees woes.

chick - chink, it's all the same :)

I think Joe Morgan was ready to anoint Cano's catch of the little liner as one of the 10 greatest defensive plays in history.

Bob, the Sports Reporters is not for reporters. Look how often CHB and Bob Ryan go on.

As for that bit from nyyfans -- the Vatican ought to sign that guy up - there are saints who have weaker hagiographies than that. Sheesh.

I dig Matsui's grit. I can respect him because it really does seem like simply being in that uniform is enough for him. He doesn't talk about the mystique and aura and how he has to prove himself as a Yankee and all that crap. He just goes out and does it. Though I guess not speaking the language does help with the quiet hard worker image.


Me love you long time! Sucky sucky?

COD, Yeah, the catch of the little liner got quite a different reaction from my son. "That wasn't so hard; I could have made that catch." He was right.

Matsui's statement:

"Due to this injury, I feel very sorry and, at the same time, very disappointed to have let my teammates down," Matsui said in a statement. "I will do my best to fully recover and return to the field to help my team once again. I would like to thank Joe Torre from the bottom of my heart for having been considerate of my consecutive games played streak these past several years and for placing me in the lineup every day."

While I certainly respect the guy and his play (except for his "defense"), and I would never wish a bad injury on anybody but Jason Giambi, Barry Bonds, and Gary Sheffield, doesn't it sound like that statement was written by a geisha?

Don't like seeing Matsui go down. Never like injuries. Want everyone healthy all the time so there are no excuses later.

I'm almost losing sight of what Papelbon does, he's so consistently reliable. Seriously, ONE run in 20+ innings. That's sparkling. I thought he'd be a good closer and always wondered about that possiblity, but nearly a quarter into the season, 13/13, with 1 earned run. I can only remember two or three times he was even sort of in trouble. The Tampa Bay Stern catch game, the Baltimore one-run affair where runners got on, and a two-on, no-out against the Blue Jays where he struck out the next batter and GIDP'd the one after that.

He's been ice, taken the Yankees down (admittedly only twice, once with a cushion, once with a little more stress), and just...been completely reliable. I wonder how his season will look at the very end.

It's the *characters* who are bigots, right, h.b.?

It's the *characters* who are bigots, right, h.b.?

OK. You've outed me. I confess a degree of intolerance and fear of those stricken with priapism.

It is wrong of me. Deep down I know that a man with a 4 hour erection is really no different than me, yet when I see a dude with a dilated corpora cavernosa walking down the street, my fear and bigotry overwhelms me and I can't help but deride him with hate speech like, "Hey, buddy, is that a pickle in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?"

But I'm in therapy for it and, God willing, I will one day be able to judge a man by the content of his character and not the duration of his hard on.

Well, as much as I enjoy the Rivalry, I'm glad that's ovah for now. I need to come up for air after being swamped in the 24/7 hype machine."

Hey H.B.
How much air do you need, 2 days of no soxs, it looks like u got ur wish

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