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Stay in bed, float up stream

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Many days the alarm goes off at 445 am, and I so want to hit the snooze and just sleep in a bit — But I resist the urge toward idleness and drag myself out of bed. This morning, however, I succumbed.



That Ambien is a bitch, ain't it?


That seems to be going around, might have something to do with not having seen the Sun in about a week...good game though last night.

Good night, Sweet Prince.

Josh looked STRONG last night. And props to Wily Mo for getting into that two run shot. The Cap'n scored four times(!) Nice way to slip back into game mode after the deluge. Very pleasant to have the game on while finishing the downstairs bar last night. Now that's MY kind of wet.

No worries my man... you sir provide ample entertainment for the dollar...

ohh yea its free... and we love it!!

Take care not to annoy anyone, h.b.

George Bush may send you to jail.....

Create an e-annoyance, go to jail

God, what next?

unannoying lc

Nice Beatles reference. If only the rain were "miles away."

If the rain comes
they run and hide their heads....

4:45 AM. Ugh. The dead still walk the land at that time. I'll get up at that hour for my daughter's swimming, softball, ..... but I have yet to have a job that drags me out of bed at that ungodly hour. You need to find a way to turn Soxaholix into a full-time job a la Gary Trudeau. I assume you rise early for your devoted readers - many thanks - but 'your a better man than I am, Gunga Din'.

The world going by my window seems to look better lately after our guys play the O's. However I'd give up a couple of wins to the O's to get back at the Jays.

Got the two-fer yesterday in the Rangers-Yanks game, as Millwood is on my fantasy team. Nice.

Sleep well, HB.

Am I the only one seeing the strip as HTML script?

Enjoy the well-deserved respite, h.b.

I saw it as script as well the first time ... now it looks normal

Usually I wake up (no alarm needed) at 8:15 or 8:30 to take my son to school for 9 a.m.

This morning I woke up at 9:05. Oops.

Weather is nice and sunny here in Denver!

Going to see Nomah, Grady, Dlowe and BY Kim tonite.

George Bush may send you to jail.....

Create an e-annoyance, go to jail

Just so you know lou, that article at CNet is seriously overblown, and the updated law is not the invasion of privacy that the author makes it out to be. Check out
this critique of that story for the real implications of that legislation.

Get out of bed on time, slacker.

Only a matter of time before we see the site deteriorating further..

It's called the "Broken (XML for) Windows Theory."

One of my favorite Beatles Tunes...perfect for this crappy weather, though here in SW Cow Hampshire, we're not getting it as bad as Boston/Merrimack.
Question: Do you think Lisa the Temp can have the computer from today's strip? She might not be so cranky with it. Enjoy the respite...well deserved

'scuse me, but there's a distinct current events vibe from today's comments, so:

AP Story: Vienna, Austria

Key European nations are considering offering Iran a light-water nuclear reactor as part of incentives meant to persuade Tehran to give up its uranium enrichment program, a senior diplomat said Tuesday.

"Each one hopes that if he feeds
the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last. All of them hope that
the storm will pass before their turn comes to be devoured. But I fear - I
fear greatly - that the storm will not pass."

-Winston Churchill

The handwringing over this marginally important NSA thing is hopefully put in proper news perspective, see above.

Have a good rest, HB. Hope you're singing "Good Day Sunshine" tomorrow morning. Although at 4 a.m. I guess it would probably be "Here Comes the Sun" ... Anyway, I say we've got seven wins here, and these birds can't swing ...

Ok I'll stop now...

Jason O. probably provided the fuel for the rest of the day's discussion with his reference to Churchill. What does the adjective 'Churchillian' conjure up in your mind? How about the adjective 'Bushian'? Who would you care to have as your leader? A man with a penchant for cigars, a limitless appetite for brandy, champagne, and whiskey, and personal war-time experiences as an army officer and war correspondent. Or a born again, recovering alcoholic with a rigid outlook who sees the world in black and white and whose military experience is limited to his father getting him a nice berth in the Texas Air National Guard? Hmmm...

A Yankees fan who is also a hard-core Republican. Rah. Although, the near-term future isn't looking all that bright for either one, so that's fun.

When the the info from the phone companies is being datamined by the NSA for the White House to find out who is talking to jouranlists, that is, in fact, a problem. Actually, that's many problems. Instead of Churchill, that conjures up remembrances of Nixon. But then, you probably look back fondly on him, yes?


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Please feel free to continue over at the Daily Kos or the Free Republic or wherever it is you get down with your fave political posse.

I like to have this idyllic fantasy that we can for just a moment be united around baseball and put aside all of our other political disagreements. But that is naïve on my part.

We are who we are. And all this tension is always just below the surface and ready to come out.

And maybe it should come out, too. Maybe the neutral ground of a Red Sox site is where we should argue out our respective beliefs on the Iran situation or on Jezbollah or immigration...

But I'd like to try to stuff the genie back in the bottle for now. I want to try to keep the Soxaholix a place where we overlook our other differences.

If we can't unite around baseball, what hope is there for any common
ground or compromise politically?

OK, sorry for what might be considered an overreaction with shutting down today's comments.

The lines are back open. Play nicely...

This is what happens when you leave people like us to come up with our own discussion topic for the day :)

h.b. I love your strip, and I love your intentions, but you are the same person who does post things through your characters that have political ramifications. Plus your strip is a work environment driven motif, and people all around America talk politics at work.

Although, I could probably see eye to eye with a Red Sox Republican faster than a Yankees Democrat.

What a surreal page today.

That's OK, I wasn't using my civil rights anyway.

Buck Showalter sucks ass. If Tom Hicks wasn't the biggest assjack in baseball -- after Bud $elig -- he'd fire this clown. I mean sheesh!

If the characters bring up the political topic, I would assume it becomes fair game. Otherwise, I hate political soapboxing in here! Viva Soxaholix.

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