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Some guys have all the luck

So the weathah geeah on the top of Mount Washington must have noted a sudden yet momentary drop in preshah as a couple million fans across the region stopped breathing in the 9th inning.


Whew, after Clement finally vanquished his Blue Jay demons, it'd have been horrific to lose Papelbon to some freak injury.


Meanwhile, it's good to see there is a rehab plan of sorts for Wells including a triple-A rehab start.


Yeah, but there's no word what happens if history repeats and Wells gets hammahd like a Kennedy in said AAA start.


Ah, you know, giving up a handful of runs to the offensive juggernaut that is the Buffalo Bisons or running your lights off car into a police barrier at 3am, no biggie, business as usual.



To my mind, J-Pap shouldn't even have to have been called upon last night. Why, in a 7-1 game in the 8th doesn't Francona give Delcarmen a shot? The results with Rudy & JT are becoming all to predictatble, and it's no longer April, and no longer too early make assessments on performance on these two.

If the glass is half-full, you're an optimist; if it's half-empty, you're a Kennedy.

Seanez is proving his '06 campaign to be much, much worse than the '03 version. How many outings has he had where he didn't give up a HR? One? Gah- when I saw him warming up two nights ago late in a close game, my first thought was "Giving up already Tito?"

I think he should consider starting his UFC career soon... like tomorrow.

Praise the Baseball Gods for not taking young Mr. Papelbon from us. Criminy- I only heard Joe C and Trup's call and I almost had a heart attack...

yazbread: If you're a Sox fan since the days of....well...GaryGeiger, than you're a life-long optimist. My point is, why let the kid rot in the pen? If he can't hold a 6 run lead for an inning or two, than he should be back in AAA

I have a feeling Manny D will be in Boston long after Seanez is gone. Don't worry - his time will come, and soon.

I was in section 41 right behind the pen, and when I saw Seanez warming up I knew there'd be trouble. Seanez is Darren Oliver for 2006. I love Tito sticking with guys and trying to get their mojo going, but this guy has BP pitcher written all over him.

Gary Geiger - I was referring to the link about Rep. Patrick Kennedy crashing his car at 3 in the morning. I have been a fan since the mid-1960s. 'yazbread' refers to a loaf of bread marketed by A & P after 1967. Diehard fans kept a loaf frozen in their fridge until the team won it all.

The Sox are staying with Entercom, but will probably broadcast on EEI's sister station, RKO.


At least no one drowned.

Yazbread- you ate a 37 year old loaf of bread? THAT is diehard (which you're lucky you didn't do). Personally, I have a policy against eating things older than me :)

I should provide some attribution:

"Diehard fans kept a loaf frozen in their fridge until the team won it all."

I think this joke first appeared in a Harold Kaese column.

I'm saving this until the Celtics win again:


When Wells does his rehab start in Pawtucket, Patrick Kennedy will be his representative in Congress. Maybe they can do rehab together, but it should probably be in AA not AAA.

I ate all my Yazbread when it was fresh, but it didn't help me make it to the Big Leagues. Oh well ...

Bob, that link didn't link me to anything ...

H.B. - Going off topic here, I know, but I can't believe it's Friday already and you haven't talked to the surprise ending last Wednesday night on "Lost". Losing Libby was perhaps akin to losing Manny Delcarmen. Losing Ana Lucia? Closer to losing the "other" Manny.

What gives? No Tivo?

Pawsoxpop; that link works for me. (BTW, it's a photo of the Chinese dish called "1000-year-old egg." Quite revolting, unless you like black yolks that taste like toe cheese.)

My one year old wedding cake that we had on our first anniversary was bad enough. Not sure I want to think about 37 year old bakery goods...

And in the "I was drunk but I've got to cover my ass" category, the winner is...


You know that kick-a-poo joy juice that they keep shooting into Well's knee to lubricate it so that it isn't bone rubbing against bone in there; well maybe Teddy should have some of that stuff shot into Patrick's k-noggin so as to stop the same bone against bone effect.

Man, when you're Teddy's age you hate getting that call from the Police Station, from your 38 year old kid, "Hey Dad, can you bail me out, again?"

Feliz Cinco De Mayo!
Go Sox!

Feliz cinqo de mayo indeed!! Good to see a post from my favorite Red Sox gal. Good win tonite for Schill, and my gosh, Lowell is definitely looking really good right now.

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