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Showing a softer side

OK. What I'm about to say may mean I need to requalify for my Masshole certification, but I just want to tip my cap to Joe Torre for his 1000th win with the Yankees.



Yeah, cool, now I know what I can get you for your birthday, your own little Joe Torre bobblehead.



The bobblehead has a tan and is smiling. When's the last time you saw Torre smiling?

Well, it's cool that Torre won his 1000th game...but I'd be more impressed if he did that with say the Tampa or KC. Ya know? If you have the highest salery in baseball and you can't average 98 wins then there is a problem.

But congrats anyway.

The following apply to HB:

Omnia mea mecum porto
(All that is mine, I carry with me...i.e., wisdom is my greatest wealth)

Pessimus inimicorum genus, laudantes
(The worst kind of enemies, those who can praise)

It's definitely true that Torre wouldn't have made it to 1K with a cruddy team. I'm not sure that you should expect 98 wins per year out of the highest salary in baseball, though, because it has been shown time and again in the past several years that it's not just money that gets it done. The money does get you a great base resource of talent, but you also need:
- Clutch players (how many titles would the Yankees have had without Jeter and Rivera?)
- Great farm system
- A little luck
- A manager that can manage the media and works well with the front office

In Torre's case, the last item is what makes him deserving of praise. The Tampa brain trust does so much that could hurt the team, but Torre manages to keep his players focused.

That being said, hats off to you, Joe Torre. And by the way, you suck.

In this installment's vein of "We are all baseball men(and women) (except Larry)", I offer this:

Why Baseball Is Good

By LouClinton

I am in Toronto on business, and attended a game at SkyDome, um, Rogers Center (no D). Sunday, Jays v. Angels. Ho hum, right.

Well, no.

John Lackey v. a rookie, Casey Janssen (that’s 2 ss’s if you are still scoring at home, and we hope you did). Dog shit, right?

Fuck no.

Lackey gave up no hits through five, the speed skater, or whoever he is, gave up no hits through 6, if you need him. Goddamn lights out. The Jays bled a run in the sixth, seventh and 8th each. The kid lasted through and 7 and 1/3, until BJ Ryan came in to pitch the last 1 and 2/3 innings. If you like Ryan, he will be Mike Timlin on the RS in seven years. Lackey, by the way, pitched a complete game ( 8 inning) loss. The Angels got their run in the 9th when one of The 25, OC, singled, stole second and third, and then scored on a sacfly. The Angels got 2 hits on the game. Meanwhile, thanks to Tek, the RS had already salted the real game away.

In other words a nothing game that was pitched and played beautifully. Time of Game? 2:00 (look it up). Hence, baseball is good.

Observations from a 48 year MLB fan (the first few years don’t count)

1. Good seats still available at SkyDome
2. SkyDome has a mofo Jumbotron that is the brightest I have ever seen.
3. I am quite sure that you could eat off the floor of the common areas in SkyDome.
4. Vlad Guerro makes it look easy.
5. Reed Johnson has the nastiest goatee in baseball history.
6. There was a double steal when the back end guy (going from 1st to 2nd) was thrown out (not the lead runner).
7. Toronto fans are, um, polite. In the top of the ninth, when Ryan was closing it out, I (standing in the concourse, probably 40 rows back) could hear the third base coach yelling something over to the dugout. Try that at Fenway.


That's not Joe Torre. His finger isn't up his nose. He looks a little like a demonic Dick Clark, actually. Or Jay Leno with a smaller chin.

1000 wins in any sport is saying a lot. 1000 wins with one team, especially in this era, is truly an amazing accomplishment. For perspective, can we imagine Tito's 1000th win for the Sox? VERY hard to picture.

That strip caused me to gash my eyes out, and contemplate suicide.

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