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Save it for a rainy day

At the risk of sounding like an apparatchik for the Red Sox conglomerate, I just don't get all the hand wringing over the belated postponement of Tuesday night's game.


Me neithah. I mean if everyone was "it was obvious to every human in New England that no baseball was going to be played that night," as the Curly one posits, then why did the ticket holders even show up? Since when did being a Red Sox fan mean that you can't think for yourself?


Seriously, and as for this driving two hours and having to pay $7 for a beeah, since when has being in Fenway, New England's living room and the Mecca of baseball, mingling with others of the same Red Sox faith while sipping a cold one such a horrible, onerous burden to bear?


Game or no game, just being in the proximity of Fenway makes me feel good inside.


Absolutely. And, just for the sake of argument, let's be cynical and say the Red Sox didn't call the game earlier just because they wanted to make some extra money from concession sales. Last time I checked, it's called a "free market."


The irony, of course, is those bitching and whining the loudest about the so-called "ceaseless grabs for cash," will be the first in line to burn John Henry in effigy for not emptying out the vaults to get Clemens.



nice one h.b. The duality, or should I say hypocrisy (sp?), of certain members of RSN is stunning. The fact that PHB fuels the fire just be a good sign that the is is pure Bravo Sierra.

(since I am on Free Radio now, I have to clean it up, at least from 6-9 a.m.)


Great strip. You always put things in perspective for us poor, dumb, rain soaked Sox fans. Stirring up resentment against ownership that brought a World Series trophy is just not going to work no matter how hard he, or the rest of the Damon-backing New England press try. Prediction: Damon will suffers a nervous breakdown after going 0-30 at Fenway this season, becoming yet another overpaid Yankee mercenary.

Oh my god, the CHB's hypocrisy knows no bounds. Sox cash cow? Um, who made himself very rich peddling the worst sort of fan abuse- the "Cur$e" indeed? At least Henry et al sell tasty snacks, a great fan experience and cold beer along with the best team in baseball. Shaughnessy sells cynical hooey...most recently to children!

If it didn't make such a great strip, I'd be annoyed at you, h.b., for linking to such drivel ;)

CHB and BDD are going mental. Those fuckers are shitting all over the Sox ownership that did what needed to be done to win. Lucchino and his boys hey deserve to make scrilla in the deal. Sure, the RSN cards were tasteless, but real Sox fans didn't buy them, so who cares? And BDD is talking about how we are stupid for paying Atlanta to let Renteria play there, but I posit that it was BDD and their ilk shitting all over Edgar that made him have a rough time in Beantown. Plus, I'm still pissed at them for referring to Mirabelli as Timmuh's "binky". Fuck them and CHB.

wow-great comments all the way around guys. Fuck BDD indeed, they're only use anymore is an occasional chuckle from their photoshopping skills.

Are you serious, da kine? BDD is going nuts over the Renteria deal after screaming for his head all last year?

Holy cow, Steve Silva is the world's biggest asswipe.

BDD creeped me out with his "Second Coming of Johnny Damon" crap. Then he proceeds to bash those of us who see JD for what he is: a soul-less, egostic, money grubbing clown who also happens to be a great ball player. Hopefully Damons ego took a swift kick to the testes. It boils down to this: The Yankees now have one more tool (literal and figurative) to beat us with, and I will not be happy about that, no matter who demands it.

No doubt that CHB and BDD/Silva have gone all brokeback on us and now that they're together they have to bite the hand that's been feeding them - sounds like an little inner family turmoil. Wonder if CHB and Silva share a bunk.

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