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One for the Birds

OK so no need to dwell too long on a loss … Meanwhile we haven't mentioned Lost in awhile …


Yeah, Wakefield's in the bottom 10 for run support in the Majors (but I'll be damned if I can remember where I read that.)


Meanwhile, Willy Harris kills a 9th inning rally by getting caught stealing and then says he "forgot" there was a hold sign for him?


Yeah, well, it could be worse. He could be a Lostaway on Craphole Island who finds the central "Pearl" observation hatch and uncovers that his own people's hatch is wired Big Brother stylee and that they are all part of some whack job physchological experiment but then, you know, forget to tell anyone about it.


Because, yeah, like why would that be helpful information?


And what the frig has happened to Mr. Eko? He's all, yeah, yeah, you run along to your funeral and shit because I'm way the fuck too busy here in the hatch playing Pong on my Radio Shack TRS-80.


At this point on Lost, I actually find myself rooting for The Others. I mean at least they have some sort of plan.


Not to mention a leader, a chain of command, and a bunch of red shirts guarding the fuck out of their shit.


Fires, huts, teepees … It's a regular Club Others over there compared to Laguna Del Tarp.


Yeah, and with all that testing of Walt, they're probably the only district that is going to meet their No Child Left Behind mandate as well.


Put me on the list already.



I just keep getting the feeling that Sayid is going to kick some serious Other ass.

Sayid is awesome. Hope you're right.

No doubt the Lostaways have some serious All Star badasses in their lineup: Sayid, Eko, Sawyer all can be counted on to kick ass. Kate to a certain extent as well. And let's not forget the Korean guy is capable of opening up the serious whoop ass as well.

But with all that talent, it's like they're being managed by Don Zimmer circa 1978.

And we know how that turns out.

I have seriously 'lost' interest in this show and it's wacked out story line... I'm only watching at this point because of the time I've invested in it all season. I hope that sailboat has a radio on it, or something.

Unless the finale is super-good I will probably Netflix Lost Season 3.

Just to be more accurate, it *was* a psych experiment. Some of those hatches haven't seen any Mr. Clean until John started digging them up.

(only spoilers below if I'm right in my guesswork)

I've only seen two episodes (basically since my new roommate moved in last month and added it to my TiVo schedule), but I'm pretty sure that the Others are the people (or first descendants) who were the experimentees from the Cold War era (circa 1960s) project to make a human deadman-switch for a retaliation device (ala Outer Limits episode 306: Dead Man's Switch). Something goes awry (scientists add crazy experiments...scientist with a conscience releases them...experimentee discovers the experiment is fake...) and all of the guinea pigs band together but can't leave the island since they don't really know where they are. Especially if they're warped by the experiments, they setup this regimental lifestyle and (maybe related to the experiments) decide to screen people for some sort of "goodness' which their leader has determined (cult-like) exists in 4 of the Lostaways.

Of course, Walter could tie into all of this somehow (captured at a young age, Michael never knew, Mom hid the fact) since the kid is probably the cause of the plane crash as a result of his psychokinetic powers to summon things when he thinks about them (like the rare bird, polar bear, cloud monster, etc). Unfortunately, that's about the biggest reason I don't think I'll like where this goes....I'm not thrilled on the supernatural twists they keep wanting to add in. I liked it most when it is Survivor with guns and no million dollars...but even then, I wasn't whole-heartedly enthralled with the show, given that certain stories/characters get a LOT more play than others. It's like they aren't imaginative enough to make a show with 12 characters AND make 12 characters the show.

I want to see the TRS-80 in a steel cage deathmatch with a Vic-20 and a Sinlair 1000.

No, no, the experiment is still active. They just two days ago got a Dharma Initiative air drop.

And "the Others" are wearing theatrical (fake) beards and clothes to make it look like they are primitives.

And they can fake the abandonment of the hatches too. Only a couple weeks or so ago in island time, we all the Others in white lab coats sans beards performing experiments on Claire in a very active hatch that when visited several shortly thereafter looked very old/abandoned.

The Hanso Foundation has several active projects that all tie in nicely with what's taking place on the island.

Experiements within experiments within experiments.

At some point for resolution of the incongruities between our two comments, something supernatural has to be introduced deus ex machina. Parts of their past are faked by the researchers...Eko/John's visions are implanted...Walter has special powers...they can quickly bury and grow vegetation over a giant hatch that they've secretly cast back in time without anyone else on the island figuring it out...

The "you didn't know because we were showing it to you like you were one of the castaways" just doesn't play well for me. I liked it in the Sixth Sense because it was completely unsaid until the very end that we'd be left out of the secret. Here it feels like they're stretching it out because they can and it makes you a viewer.

24 works well because by the end of the season all is revealed...and next season starts anew(ish).

<< I want to see the TRS-80 in a steel cage deathmatch with a Vic-20 and a Sinlair 1000. >>

Ha! Winner takes on the Coleco Adam in the Octagon for ALL the marbles...

24 bores me. But I'm a sci-fi guy at heart.

Lost is fun for me.. Like baseball, you're sunk if you take it too seriously. It's just a game. No biggie.

It's the same kind of person who wants to second guess every decision the writers make on Lost that wants to second guess every decision Francona or Theo makes with the Red Sox.

Me? I just kick back and let myself enjoy the show.

I can totally see, though, why some people wouldn't get into Lost or whatever.

My wife, for instance, would rather watch paint dry than watch Lost or Doctor Who or Firefly or STOS or any of my other little TV viewing pleasures.

Wow...the Coleco Adam! Here's that beauty:


Dave S. - Nice link.

I had forgotten that the power supply for the ColecoVision system was actually housed in the printer. The system was useless unless the printer was plugged in. A neighbor had one that he very proudly showed off to me back in the day (1983?) He was among the many unfortunates who had the printer problems that eventually bankrupted the company. Shortly after that I "wowed" him with my original Compaq transportable - double floppy drives, 9 in. diag. green screen and a WHOPPING 256K of memory. Damn, I was the envy of all! Ha!

Trivia item - Coleco stands for COnnecticut LEather COmpany. Yep, they used to make leather goods, including, I believe, buggy whips. Back in the 60's they were the nation's largest manufacturer of above-ground swimming pools.

Okay, we'll switch back from the History Channel to NESN now. Have a good day, all.

Thanks to that link to the Coleco Adam. I don't recall that one at all.

Tied, eh??

Castle Wolfenstein on the Apple 2....Now that was a game:




You are all cordially invited to semi-troll a site I frequent. I say "semi' troll because it's not a Skankee site, it's an advertising blog. This particular post is about t-shirts some Skankee fans are wearing that say "Hey Boston, there was no curse. You just sucked for 86 years.”

I simply pointed out the hypocrisy of those who never missed an opportunity to bring up the curse, suddenly denying it.

Here's the link:


yeah . . . as I walked through Detroit's airport today coming back from a redonkulous week of work, some busted cat was rocking a 'Got Rings?' MFY t-shirt.

Even in full-on work attire, I rocked out on him with "Got any from this century?" He didn't get it. I kept walking.

Lost is about the only show me and the Mrs can watch together. For that reason alone I feel compelled to continue. AHowever, I do think it has gotten it's groove back the last few weeks.

Oh my god, HEIL! Castle Wolfenstein on the Apple 2C, that was the BEST game. My brother and I would play that for hours, that and MicroLeague Baseball and Oregon Trail. Between being shot at by Nazis, the grief of the '86 World Series, and perishing of dysentery on the plains, I had a troubled childhood...

Oh my god, HEIL! Castle Wolfenstein on the Apple 2C, that was the BEST game. My brother and I would play that for hours, that and MicroLeague Baseball and Oregon Trail. Between being shot at by Nazis, the grief of the '86 World Series, and perishing of dysentery on the plains, I had a troubled childhood...

I'm a former Oregon Trail addict. Loved that game. Loved leaving early but risking the spring blizzard.

Or making the choice to ford rather than float when the river's over 3 feet? Great game.

Oh, Oregon Trail was the shizznit.

Did you ever see that PBS documentary on the Oregon Trail?

Man, it was rough. Here's a bit from the companion website:

"Perhaps the biggest problem on the Trail was a mysterious and deadly disease--called cholera for which there was no cure. Often, an emigrant would go from healthy to dead in just a few hours. Sometimes they received a proper burial, but often, the sick would be abandoned, in their beds, on the side of the trail. They would die alone. Making matters worse were animals that regularly dug up the dead and scattered the trail with human bones and body parts".

How about Swashbuckler on the Apple II as well?

Seriously, for whatever computing muscle it had, Wolfenstein was definitely the best. The computerized "ARRGH!" when you shot 'em was particularly gratifying. Plus, you could wear a disguise, and shoot 'em in the back. So sweet.

Karateka owned all.

It turned out it was even better when we finally bought a color monitor.

Anyone remember the "Submarine Command" on Apple II. Run out of torpedoes, switch to deck gun, low of fuel...hide in the shallows. I loved the fact you could pick which side (USN vs. Japan vs Uboat)and the year. To be quite honest, the early Uboat rocked! Man, I could have done so much better in grad school if it weren't for that game.

"Submarine Command" was so fantastic. I'd forgotten all about that.

I guess Q*Bert was an arcade game originally, but I rocked it on the first PC I had with a color monitor. It was the first-person shooter of its day.

Rangers winning 5-2 in ninth, and have bases loaded with one out ...

Make that 6-2, first and third with two outs ...

Johnny Damon strikes out swinging to end the game. Texas wins 6-2; Sox back on top....

Brevis ipsa vita est sed malis fit longior
(Our life is short but is made longer by misfortunes) -Publilius Syrus

Well, that does explain why the the mean age of the Yankees has been going up ever since 2000.

Gotta love this "baseball blog" with references to deus ex machina (and know that everyone knows what that means), contemporary and past TV shows, archaic computer technology and somehow stills weaves in the life and times of our Sox.

I sold so many IBM PC jrs my first job out of college, I won a couple and gave them to my friends. That computer got my roomates through senior year at Northeastern. Thermal printer! "Chiclet" keyboard! Expandable to 128K!

This site has a lot of old people on it, I've noticed...

This is a great site - I really enjoy poking around on it. Keep up the good work.

Oh yea - Willy Harris is a dumb*ss

If I can remember something, it is by definition, not old :)

And I remember ever computer and computer game discussed here today.

Lode Runner on the Apple 11e. Too many hours on wasted on that until I found a 3D tank game that owned my adolescence. You would think that Echo and Mr. Clean might have tried to get the other TVs to work in case they could check out the other hatches. Speaking of TV shows that are fun to obsess over. Count me among those convinced that the Others are former experimentees.

Speaking of Castle Wolfenstein, check out this mod for the game turning it into Camp Gitmo. Your hands are tied, and all you can do is run around and get beaten by the guards and chewed by the guard dogs.


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