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Keep a ball of string handy

Papelbon's post-loss pain proved palpable.


You know I can take the tough lost last night. I can take the 2 and 5 in games this year against the Jays. But what's stahting to wig my ass out like black sails on the horizon are things like Coco Crisp's early freak injury, Arroyo off to a 5-0 clip and tossing complete game shutouts with the Reds. And Renteria setting the all-time hitting streak mark for the Braves.


Stay strong, guy. Remembah black sails or not the Minotaur's ass was whacked in 2004, and no good can come from expecting the worst.



Wow, three strips in one day. It's a veritable menage à trois, or maybe that should be menage à chaussettes.

However, I was sort of looking forward to a Lostaholix, especially after that ending last night.

Fear not, Doug, for the fortunes of famous former Fenway fellows were forecasted ... I'm out of alliteration. Anyway, we had wished cornrows well and hoped for a Cy Young in the NL, and I think everyone knew that Renteria would do a lot better outside the Fenway glare. On the plus side, Wily Mo had some big hits last night.

More troubling was Gonzalez's poor showing with the bunt with guys on 1st and 2nd. Cripe, Alex, if you're going to hit sub-Mendoza then you can at least lay down the sacrifice. One of the problems with Renteria last year was his frequent failure to move runners over, but at least he hit above two fitty.

PS I know a guy named Mike Sweeney in Boston. Damn good guy. He's younger than the Mike Sweeney in this strip.

Bronson and Edgar (even Pedro) are having spectacular seasons... in the National League. Damon is a different story, and a far more insidious one. He has potential to hurt us severely over the course of the season, and for that he must never be forgiven.

I can't believe that *deleted to avoid spoilage for others* went and *redacted* and THEN *censored*. Unbelieveable!

I wonder if late first c. AD Romans were like us? When the two most popular gladiators faced less popular guys, it was worth attending but not really exciting.

It must have been only when the big 2 faced off that even the senators and other patricians showed up 30 minutes early to the gleaming marble of the good seats in the Flavian amphitheatre. (as the colosseum was known then)

Toronto and TB are like those other gladiators...meh.

I want Red Sox blood.**

**metaphorically speaking, of course.

3 strips... my head just exploded.

Strap in, kids, I'm feeling Lisa the temp tomorrow.

Strap in, kids, I'm feeling Lisa the temp tomorrow.

That line really cracked me up.

Should be business as usual tomorrow. I broke out into 3 distinct because I wanted to cover all those topics, but they all felt distinct.

This was another one of those bang my hand on forehead and say "why didn't I think of doing this sooner?" moments.

Thank You h.b. we are not worthy

Dear BlueJays,

I hate you guys. I really, really hate you guys.

Glad you got a chuckle, h.b.

If you are scoring at home (and I hope you are), the score is now

h.b. has made me chuckle 283 times, I have returned the favor once.

ps. making my first trip to the Rogers center (nee Skydome) this weekend and next week Angels and A's), thanks to the World's most ridiculous convention, that I go to every year that it occurs in a city with a ballpark. Yes, I am devoted to my craft...

Three hilarious strips today HB! I like this format too, because it might give you a chance to develop all those subplots etc. that you keep suggesting that you have kicking around in your head.

And maybe the strip that links to the CHB you could post with a warning **NSFW (not safe for wakefulness)

Lost spoiler - You better watch your ass if you are a drunk driving cast member.

Just found this at Baseball Musings - Bronson finds a way to be happy in Cincy

Was anyone else rejoicing at the fact that Greg Zaun could have been the goat of last night's game, if only the Sox could have pushed that run across in the ninth? I can't stand that little dweeb.

Is the ball of string for us, or for Paps? Because I don't think he needs no stinkin' ball of string to find his way. He'll just break down a few walls. ;-)

The string is for us fans to find our way out of the maze.

Because you're right, Big Papi would bust down the walls and Batshit Tavarez would flog the dead Minotaur with his spikes for no other reason than the fact that he is, after all, Batshit Tavarez.

I really like the multiple strip format too, H.B. You could even do the occasional "Rashomon" treatment, where each strip has different characters revealing different details about the same game.

Perhaps a new character named Kuro Sawa could be introduced?


What a great idea on the multi pov on the same game or issue. Thanks.

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