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The worst thing about a 3-day weekend is the Tuesday aftah. Argh. I'm so not ready to begin the work week.



Yep, another Halladay in Cambodia.


At least it wasn't total fresh fruit for rotten vegetables escapade. I mean it wasn't so much that Halladay was unhittable as it was that Matt Clement was so absofuckinglutely hittable.


Jesus H. Mohamed what in the fuck are we going to do with Matt $9mil a year Clement?


Well, I'm hoping the Bradgelina or some other celebrity will adopt him as a hardship case needing a good home.


Seriously, why should the orphan AIDs babies get all the fucking breaks?


Yeah, because it it's true that Clement's pitching woes all stem from the psychological baggage of getting beaned in the head by a linah last year, then two weeks off will fix that up sure as shit. Jeez, Nick, don't quit your day job.



Halladay in Cambodia. Genius.

Yeah. Somewhere Jello is smiling.

I would like David Riske to change his name to Biske.

Then we could have the STB (Shit The Bed) Bullpen

(S)eanez, (T)avarez, and (B)iske.

Jesus, what a show on Sunday and Monday.


Never thought I'd see the day when Willie Harris would throw out Joey Gathright, especially to end a game.

Maybe it's a 12-step program ... step 1 = hit Kazmir, next step is beat the Jays. Step 12 is consistency out of Clement.

I didn't see the game, but how did Van Buren and Delcarmen look? The box score looks reasonably good for them.

Van Buren had a much better outing this time, compared to the last time I saw him. He actually pitched like a major league pitcher.

Nice DK reference, was just listening to them the other day. Speaking of which, how about the Sox give Clement a one-way ticket to Pluto?

Can we just hook Clement up with D-Lowes old shrink ?

Whatever we do with Clement, I hope it's soon. More for his sake than our's...have you seen that guy close-up after every pitch? He looks like he's planning his own funeral.

Seriously though, could Clement and Seanez and Tavarez and Riske just maybe, you know, not so much pitch anymore? Yeaaahhh, that'd be great.

Just counting up the years since I saw Jello and the boys in Vancouver...I stopped at 20 and counting....Man I feel as old as Clement looked pitching yesterday.

Everyone would do well to remember how Clement was picked up in the first place:

Jeb: Theo? You there? Man this is a bad line.

Theo: Right here man. Crunching some numbers on prospect shortstops.

Jeb: No, I don't have any proper backdrops, not sure what you would need them for. Listen, I have a line on Clement, I am talking with his agent right now but the Angels are after him.

Theo: Clemens? You have a line on Clemens?

Jeb: No, I don't have a liner specimen, I have been talking to Clemens agent. He wants to do a deal right now today.

Theo: You have my authority to do a deal. Get it done, make sure he is well compensated.

Jeb: Heard you loud and clear, do a deal for Clemens and make sure he is well compensated.

Theo: You're breaking up, I don't care if his agent is constipated, get him some Exlax and sign Clemens at all costs. Get out there immediately and close the deal.

Jeb: Righto, boss. Gonna talk to the agent now.

- hangs up -


Why was there no pinch hitter for Gonzalez in the ninth? I don't care about the no lefty vs. lefty "book" if that's Francona's reasoning. (I'm not sure whether the pitcher was a lefty.) Did J.T. Snow sleep with Francona's daughter or something? Francona is going to make the poor guy retire. The entire roster needs to be utilized, especially a proven veteran like Snow. The Sox will need bench players to come through in the play-offs and Francona will regret not keeping everyone sharp. Also, the Sox need a third catcher on the roster because late in Wakefield's starts, Mirabelli has made outs in big situations where Varitek could have pinch hit if they had the third catcher in case he got hurt.

paddyb -

I don't know if you've ever seen the numbers, but Ryan absolutely destroys left-handed bats . . . he's amazing on RHH too, but he's only given up 1 H all season to LHH, while striking out 10 in 7.2IP (versus 29 in 24 total innings).

I can see why you'd leave Snow (who has an awful bat but decent on-base ability) on the shelf versus a guy who's only walked 5 dudes all year.

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