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Can I count it off now?

I'm so friggin glad that Schilling got to throw those 133 pitches back on April 25th because, you know, he hasn't been struggling or anything since then.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Yeah, I'm sure the 12 earned runs in 18 innings since then is purely coincidental.


Live by the Tito, die by the Tito.



I'm pretty sure it was Tony, not Tito, that let him pitch that much.


And the attack on Alex coupled with a "pitch count" excuse for Red Light. There's a reason everyone reads this site...hb is good.

But Schilling's fastball taken so deep to left that the guys in the first row of the upper deck tried to catch it?? Ouch.

"the attack on alex", listen to this guy.

beth, you're discovering indignance where none exists...I enjoy gratuitous violence, wanton abuse of intoxicating subtances and a good ad hominem attack...

Would you like to meet for a drink??

Pitch count "excuse"?

Jeez, you're reading a lot into it my friend. Guess you're a lot more thin-skinned then I had imagined.

This strip has nothing to do with an excuse. It's a palpable fear among Red Sox fans when we note Schilling has had two just so-so outings since being left in for the 133.

You Yankees fans really are narcissists, seeing yourselves reflected in everything you look at.

Kind of sad.


2+ strips a day kills my productivity. Have a heart!

You Yankees fans really are narcissists, seeing yourselves reflected in everything you look at.

You're a comedic genius, hb. A little thin skinned, though.

A little thin skinned, though.

Hah. If you only knew the half of it.

Man, it's times like this when I really regret having to be pseudonymous.

Laughing my ass off privately over here.

What Yazbread said. Having to follow the running comment war on two strips simultaneously is exhausting! Thank the Baby Jeebus for Mozilla; at least I only have to hurriedly hide one browser window when my boss walks by.

A postscript to yesterday's comments:

BB, I got my percentage for the Yankees to win the 2004 ALCS from http://www.whowins.com where they track all of the 7-game series for NHL/NBA/MLB and calculate post-percentages for predictability of outcomes given a specific situation occurring. You pulled your 1986 WS percentage out of your ever-growing anus.

(sigh, why did I just invite a response from him...)

As for Schilling, I don't put this one on Tito. Even in the post-game notes on MLB from 4/25, Schilling says that he felt so damn good after 6 innings he wanted to see the top of the lineup again in the 7th. Tito is the manager, but even his own comments echoed in your old post show that Tito allows Curt to choose his game plan. In the long run, that usually works out and Tito knows it. If Curt doesn't get his way, do we see the bloody sock in 2004? Next time, you might see Tito rein him in after 6 innings and 109 pitches though.

I wouldn't go near whowins.com

"where they track all of the 7-game series for NHL/NBA/MLB and calculate post-percentages for predictability of outcomes given a specific situation occurring" because, um, well, because I like girls.

But since YOU like it there so much why don't you enter in the 'specific situation' of being ONE strike away from a World Series win on MULTIPLE occassions and see what the percentages tell you. I think the number I pulled from my 'ever growing anus" will be pretty close. Run along now. We are all REAL anxious to see how this turns out...

"Too many words at whowins hurt BB head."?

"...the historical probability of a team 1) trailing Game 4 by one run after eight innings and 2) trailing Game 5 by two runs after seven innings had a historical series victory probability of 12.22% x 14.29% x 10.00% = 0.17%..."
( http://www.whowins.com/features/comeback.html )

Gee, 2-3 in a 7 game series and all I have to do is get a hit to drive a man home with 2 strikes on me and then win game 7....OR 0-3 in a 7 game series and all I have to do is get 1 run in 3 outs this game, then I need 2 runs in 6 outs next game, then I have to win games 6 and 7 too.

You're right, it's *sooo* much better to be in the latter scenario. BB, STFU.

And another thing: Two posts on a Thursday and not one Lost reference?


Ummmm. You still haven't answered the question...

Yeah, now that the baseball season is in full swing, I've been neglecting the Lostaholix.

Let's just say the past two episodes have been awsometastic.

I love Mr. Eko.

I could watch a spinnoff called "Mr Eko Does Freaky Shit and Makes Other People Crap in Their Pants" every day.

133 pitches and it's screwed him up for an entire season?

Since when did MLB pitchers morph from world-class athletes into hothouse flowers?

Yeah, Mr. Eko is my new hetero mancrush. Michael Vartan is still tops on my list, but Alias is ending soon so I won't see him anymore. Sniffle.

P.S. The Sox lost 5-3 yesterday. Giambi's juiced-up swings don't count. He gets busted for something that remains unnamed, gets mad skinny and loses all bat speed, and now all of a sudden, his neck is a trapezoid from his ears to his shoulders and he's going yard 24-7? Fuck that. The steroidally-enhanced assholes shit doesn't count.

When they develop a definitive test for HGH (Human Growth Hormone, or Huge Giambi Homers) we'll see Jason shrivel again like the pea-size gland natural HGH comes from.

It burns me up every time he cranks one out (and not just because he's a Yankee, which is enough the burn me up anyway) because I can't believe it's legit.

Exactly, tooeledave. I don't have a dog in the NL West fight, but it disgusts me that ESPN is drooling over every swing of Bonds' bat. His shit is illegit. If a Sox player tested positive for roids or whatever, I'd be mad pissed and give them (the player) my hatred forever after. If the team accepted it (SF, MFY), then I'd put my loyalty elsewhere.

133 pitches, dat's nuttin' Man!

Back in '74' Looie Tiant and the Red Sox and Nolan Ryan and the Angels dueled for 15 innings, Ryan going 13 and throwing 235 pitches and Tiant going 14.1 and throwing around 250 pitches.

Arm troubles? Ryan pitched for another 19 years and Tiant was already older than anyone knew and continued to pitch well.

It's Something Else

Beckett also slumped after a good start, but not because of too high a pitch count. We're just threshing around for a reason to hang our hat on, but I don't think it's the 133 pitches that has caused his problems. He makes some pitches that don't do what he wants them to do and don't go where he wants them to go, good hitters capitalize on those mistakes, even some bad hitters too. They're all major leaguers.

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