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Blogs Americans Won't Do

Hart Brachen, blog's author:
In solidarity with the The Great American Boycott 2006, I'm skipping today's strip.


Hart Brachen:
And by "solidarity" I mean, of course, unctuously latching on to any excuse that enables me to take a day off and chill.


Hart Brachen:
Because when you get right down to it I'm just another lazy, effete American, right? I mean aren't we all? That's what the news media says, so it must be true.


Hart Brachen:
Let's just hope Manny and Papi don't boycott tonight's scuffle with the Yankees.



With all the hoopla in anticipation of tonight's game, not the least of which is the 'unctuous' exhortations of BDD on how we should act, the most prescient quote came from the unlikliest of sources: Johnny himself.
To paraphrase: 'Some will cheer because of what I helped accomplish, some will boo 'cause I'm a Yankee."
Kinda sums it up...............

He's still dead to me, though....

Even though it feels like October, It's only May 1. (global warming appears to be in solidarity with the illegal immigrants and has taken the week off.)

This is more interesting than a game, say, vs. Baltimore but it's just the first of 19.

"There's no way I can go play for the Yankees, but I know they are going to come after me hard. It's definitely not the most important thing to go out there for the top dollar, which the Yankees are going to offer me. It's not what I need."

-wwjdd 5-01-05

That's good, Ogle. Don't get trapped in wallowing in misery and things from the past that can't be changed.

Oy! & Ogie: I've tried without success to find in the archives some of Damon's quotes when he arrived in Boston for '02, but I remember the same thing more or less, that the Sox showed him the 'respect' that the A's did not. They're mercenaries. Remember the reception Wells got last year in NY? That's just how it is

Strange article: http://mlb.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/news/article_perspectives.jsp?ymd=20060428&content_id=1422543&vkey=perspectives&fext=.jsp
the Yankees/Red Sox are "the Rush Limbaugh-Jon Stewart of American sports culture" I'm not sure how that works, but OK. It's certainly no insult with the Red Sox as Jon Stewart. And then Joe Torre's quote about Damon in Fort Meyers--"I was surprised to hear shouts of 'Traitor.'" Really? Surprised? I mean, really?!?!?

Mirabelli is BACK!!!


Holy shit, Fenway is going to be louder than it's ever been tonight.

What's with all of the JD man love on BDD? I thought the whole putting up with his tired act during 2005 was a sufficient acknowledgement of his contribution in 2004.
Belli coming back, now that's something to cheer about.

At least we now know who will get the biggest ovation tonight. Sorry to piss on your parade, Johnny

Johnny will turn those boos into cheers after he whiffs four times, gets caught stealing (by Dougie) and hits the cutoff man too late to stop Manny from getting an in-the-park home run. ...

As a great fan of entymology... I can't ignore HB's use of the word 'effete.'
"I'm just another lazy, effete American"
Effete literally means to push a fetus out. Hence exhausted from childbirth...Perhaps it was a food baby from Sunday's overeating of comfort food to compensate for our series loss to the Rays.

(in voice of Fat Bastard)

Get me my Mira-belly.

Glad to see the F.O. didn't take the day off! Bring on the Belli!

Oy!, I can't recall you doing anything here but trying to aggravate people. Why not try to add to the discussion in a rational manner occasionally? Pointless.

Mirabelli! Yankees game! Finally, JD back in town! This will be fun (even if we lose).

One player will get a standing ovation tonight - Doug Mirabelli. It will drown out anything that greets JD's return.

HB - the comment 'Let's just hope Manny and Papi don't boycott ...', while certainly not tasteless, just hits me the wrong way - and 99.9% of the time your humor hits me the right way. Manny and Papi, for all intents and purposes, have nothing in common with the millions that are marching today. Just my 2 cents.


can't argue with you on your point about Messers "Just Being" and "Big Papi." that said, it was still a funny from H.B.

this Belli news boggles the mind....

My apologies to HB. It appears that others are thinking along the same lines. See


I don't want to talk about the weekend either. Tampa Bay... why did it have to be Tampa Bay.


Jimmyz, if you're a great fan of entymology, then you're interested in insects.

Etymology is the study of vocabulary and usage. Sorry to nitpick, but if you say you're into words and usage you're wide open.

Effete is a perfectly fine usage as is in today's strip. It's an example of a word that assumes a mildly different meaning since it became widely used. Example: Decimate:
-To an ancient Roman, to "decimate" meant to specifically eliminate every tenth person or thing.
-In the 21st century "decimation" can mean a substantial loss or elimination and does not specifically mean a loss of one out of every 10.

Damn windy today in metro Boston...how will that affect the knuckler?

//In the 21st century "decimation" can mean a substantial loss or elimination and does not specifically mean a loss of one out of every 10.//

Well, that's partially true, Jason. Although the definition of the word "decimate" has certainly widened, it is generally NOT proper usage unless the destruction occurs via killing.

I started my new job today, Dougie's back, holy crappers! Today is a good day! (to die, but the day is not yet over. Sorry, had to quote Worf... lol.) AND it's on ESPN, so I can watch it tonight. Sweet. The only way today can get better is if the Sox win. Come on, let's see some run creation for Wake tonight so he doesn't get thrown off the Monster by an angry horde of fans!

If the Sox win tonight... the FO gets +120 xp and levels up, and also gains a level in the "sign player" skill and maxes that out.

Anybody else read in the Herald today that our beloved Hazel Mae is dating Steve Levy?

Something must be done about this immediately.

another stupid BDD moment, that Wake "Has his binky back"...funny, I don;t remember Wake throwing Bard under the bus at all....what a bunch of self-serving jerks

I leave for a week, and RSN shitz da bed.

We are cheering the return of Mirabelli? How sad.

Cheer JohnNY, then ignore him. deprive him of oxygen, and he will be forgotten.

Move the Fuck ON people

Bob, this makes sense from a Machiavellian POV.

Rule 1: If you're in entertainment/media, date someone higher on the power curve than you are.

If she wants to move on from NESN to ESPN eventually, why not use this avenue?

Mirabelli's absence has been the cause of a lost of about 3 games this season and at least 10 past balls. Of course we should be celebrating, it means Wakefield is back in black.

It's about time Dougie got his act together and returned to the team that brung him. The Padres did not have much use for him and lord knows catching the Knuckler is a talent few possess.


1)Mirabelli will get a standing O tonite.
2)JonNY Damon will not. In fact, rather than boos (and other assorted things that may be said), I would love it if there was dead silence when his name is called. What could be better?
3)Wakefield is a happy camper right now.
4)Is there anyone happier than Bard right now? Really.

No special treatment for Johnny Damon. Just boo him like you would any other Yankee. That's what he is.

It has not been Mirabelli's absence that caused those losses. I hate to restate what so many people have already said, but it's been lack of run support that has caused at least a couple of Wake's "losses" (though admittedly Bard might have caused a couple of losses had he been around the whole year and continued this trend), and none have been directly related to passed balls. As one fan once said, "Is there anything more disheartening than a CG Wakefield loss?" I can think of one Yankee game last year that certainly qualifies...

I think Bard would eventually have adjusted, but I won't complain about a quick fix.

Mirabelli isn’t going to spark Boston’s offense, nor help their relief pitching, or provide a fifth starter – so why make a move like this? Because it makes fans happy? They gave Bard 4 weeks – 5 starts. A few starts he didn’t do so well, a few he did great – (note he did better than Varitek did with Wakefield last spring…)

The Red Sox DESERVE to lose if they make trades like this: ineffective trades of new, promising talent, ignoring the greater problems of the pitching staff and offense. If they were smart they’d trade for a closer so Papelbon could start… or find a better situation than Seanez and Tavarez out of the pen.

The problems of the Red Sox go beyond a few past balls, and trading to make the fans happy, making a scapegoat of Bard, will not fix that.

So here’s to Bard. Have a great career.

"...ineffective trades of new, promising talent, ignoring the greater problems of the pitching staff and offense."

What promising talent was that? Cla? Nope, he had 4-6 pitchers in front of him on the bus to Boston. Shit, he couldn't earn a job last year after his epic one-game collapse vs the Mariners. Bard couldn't do the one thing he was brought in for- catching Wake. Not that the 10 PB he had accounted for Timmy's 1-4 record, but it definitely had something to do with it. Belli is a proven commodity, and will do nothing but help out Wake's situation. Look at it this way- we traded Meredith, Bard, PTBNL and $ for MArk Loretta. I'll take that trade 10/10. As far as trading for pitching and offense- if we need it as the season develops, I'm sure somthing will be done.

"If they were smart they’d trade for a closer so Papelbon could start…"

Really? Granted that I want to see Paps in the ratation as much as the next guy, it would be incredibly stupid to remove him from his current spot. In case you haven't been paying attention, he has been KILLING it, and a move to stretch him out and get him in the rotation would definitely mess with a very very good thing we've got going right now. Oh, and we do have Foulke still.

The problems of the Red Sox go beyond a few past balls, and trading to make the fans happy, making a scapegoat of Bard, will not fix that.

And trading to get Mirabelli back makes it impossible to fix those other things?

It's not the trade deadline, we know exactly where our problem areas lie, and we just undid an off-season mistake that should infuse the clubhouse with confidence in our #2 starter again. Do any of you remember Cla Meredith, 2005? I think we stand better now than we did 24 hours ago and that's always a trigger you want to pull.

Yeah, this is a mostly cosmetic change, and won't have a huge impact on the team/address other weaknesses, but I don't understand why it would be viewed as a BAD trade. It definitely upgrades our defense every 5 days, and all we really gave up was a young reliever buried behind a stockpile of young relievers in the system, and cash, something the team is relatively flush with.

The team's not going to fix all their problems in one fell swoop, but I don't know why there would be opposition to making small improvements. Besides, if San Diego had offered us Loretta for Bard, Meredith, and cash, we'd have been ecstatic, and that's what it works out to.

Also, Seanez can't be cut fast enough. I hated this guy in '03, and I've never had any faith in him this year. The sooner this bum's off the roster, the better.

And, I see my same point's already been made more eloquently by the time I've posted. Guess I need to type faster.

HA! You got scooped Brian!

I agree with your statement on Seanez. That fucking guy... Tito keeps saying he needs to stretch him out so he can get on a roll- the only roll he's been on is allowing game breaking HRs. Couldn't do it before in Boston, no reason to believe things have changed.

agree with brian big time- ge rid of seanez as fast as we can. an 0-2 pitch gets hit out to lose the tampa game, the guys a bum. bring up the kids.

No special treatment for Johnny Damon. Just boo him like you would any other Yankee. That's what he is.

No he wasn't. What is wrong with you people's memories??

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