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It just ain't right

The Red Sox lose a tough one 7-6 in 12 to Toronto …

Tara from home:
This Herald headline says it all: "Ultimate Down Note."


Is hate the feeling after loosing one of these extra inning games.


Tara from home:
Yeah, especially after being up 6-2 in the 8th and you're feeling all full of yourself like a drunk a supermodel on a airplane ready to smack some bitches just for the fun of it.


And how in the frig do we lose a game in which Manny hits two homahs and Papi anothah?


Tara from home:
It just ain't right.


Are you kidding me? That's like going in for some work on your titties and when the bandages come off you find the quack doctah got your nipples all misaligned.


Tara from home:
I'm now reduced to checking into DirtDogs all day hoping there's more Roger returns rumors to cheer my ass up.


Ah, jeez, thinking Clemens will play for the Sox again is about as hopeless as Britney Spears thinking she'll be a pop stah again.



Yeah we lost a close one, but its gonna happen from time to time. On the plus side Manny went bananas... think of how the starting pitching is going to feel when they are certain that the manni papi juggernaut is firing on all cylinders!

Beckett should have never come out for the 8th. Timlin shouldn't be trutsed till he proves he can be. Starters should go 7 Foulke in the 8th with Paps for the Ninth.

Oh man, did you guys catch Papelbon's mohawk? I mean, I don't want to mess with perfection, but it is pretty sweet.

Soxaholix on the weekend, that's customer service.

Well...I hope they turn it around tomorrow. At least I kind of expected the nut-stomping today.

//Beckett should have never come out for the 8th.//

You'd pull a guy throwing a 2-hitter after 78 pitches?

Um, right. Good grief.

A blog on a Saturday? With boobies?? Wow, it's almost like Christmas! Except when you run downstairs, you see the boobies are weird looking, and they're on Santa, and you start flipping out and puking on the living room floor, and then Santa turns into Satan, and then Satan kills you with his sneaky double reverse mojo.

A random Saturday posting such as this deserved a random comment. And the Blue Jays can go to hell. That is all.

H.b a few things:

1) Putting in a extra hour, are you trying to make up for lost strips or is this a new thing?

2) when talking about homers shouldn't tek's be in there too?

3)I hate it when people do this to me but in the part about the supermodel should it not be a dunk supermodel instead of the extra a, im just curious?

4)Thats it, thank for the extra one anyway.

Oh, should've said: I appreciate the weekend entry, h.b. After a disaster or moment of glory, it's nice to have something to reflect that.

Dawg, what's with the nitpicking? Just enjoy the extra strip fer crissakes.

I'm coming to this strip late in the game because I usually don't check on the weekends, but I have to say: the ladies are looking hot today. Is it okay by the Mass. SJC for a dude to copulate with clip aht? Yeah, I'm weird.

And speaking of nipples, if she'd a been wearing that top in the Public Garden this past Saturday we'd be seeing some major gum drops. Let's get on the verisimilitude.

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