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A second lamp in the belfry burns

On what has to be one of the best holidays of the year (especially because it's so local), let's take a moment this Patriot's Day to just breathe in and feel good … …

Bill from home:
Jason Varitek on Josh Beckett: "He's got phenomenal stuff."


Tara from home:
Jonathan Papelbon has more saves than anyone in Major League Baseball. But that's just part of it.


Bill from home:
Right. In 7 appearances he's been perfect, not a single run allowed.


Tara from home:
And Foulke is on track. And Timlin is good ol' Timlin …


Bill from home:
And while this falls into the category of wishful thinking rather than fact, over time Wily Mo is going to learn to play decent right field.


Tara from home:
Hell, yeah, he is. I mean if Manny can learn to be a decent outfielder, Willy Mo can.


But not everyone is happy today ……

Lisa the Temp:
What you think Lisa the Temp gets a day off to get drunk and watch Kenyans?


Lisa the Temp:
It's ironic, of course. I mean who do you think faced off against the British Army on Lexington Green?


Lisa the Temp:
That's right, people, temps! Think about it.



To everyone who gets the day off: SCREW!

I had to take leave to get the day off. This whole "living in paradise" thing is bullshit for those of us in Hawaii. Sure, I get 70-80 degree temps throughout the year, sun 90% of the days (with a light sprinkling in the afternoon), and a bunch of half-asian hotties walking around in bikinis for shits and giggles, but where is my Patriot's Day?

Yeah, I'm an asshole.

Heard it on Sports Center this morning: last time two Red Sox starters were 3-0 in three starts each -- 1918. This is too good. Now if those other three clowns could get their act together, but that's okay.

Da Kine; I lived in Honolulu for three years (89-91). Besides no Patriots Day, I also found the pay scale to be ridculously low considering the cost of living there.

Still, weekends WERE pretty amazing.

Da Kine-
Yeah, you are, but it's ok.

Beckett's the last guy in the world you'd want to get a beer with, because he seems like a total jerk who thinks he's god. But as a starting pitcher, holy crap, is there anyone better?

He's a freak, and I couldn't be happier. It's clear that Pena's defense will always be horrible, and right field at Fenway is second only to center at Yankee Stadium as places he shouldn't play. But his bat will come around, and that's important.

Love this team, love it to death.

yep, working here too, but that is okay, because there is a sox game in 30 minutes, and I've got the TV hooked up...

I'm sitting in a cubicle in a basement in Rhode Island, I think I might win the craptacular Patriot's Day location award.

You New Englanders with your crazy made-up holidays.

And betsy, I've got you beat - I don't even get a cubicle. I'm sharing a SHELF with three I.T. contractors, running Windows XP and 2 resoruce-hogging applications on a computer with less than 256 megs of RAM.

I'm sitting in an office in Seattle, and when I tried to explain the concept of Patriot's Day to my coworkers, they replied "You New Englanders get a day off for a football team?"

On the other hand, if the Sox can somehow manage a win today with DiNardo on the mound, that'll be three of four from the Mariners, and I will be able to crow at my coworkers at least until late July.

All right, Foulke just schmucked himself out of the setup role. Single-single and a groundout puts Seattle up one. Good work, Keith.

...and thank you Mark! Get back home, Loretta!

And suddenly, working today doesn't seem too bad.

Sully's Tap...drinks on the house...oh, just one. And my friend won $400 on a scratch ticket, too. My good, good friend.

My coworkers knew what had happened by the whooping and yelling emanating from my desk. Commence: gloating.

Let's all remember Isaac Davis on this Patriot's Day - one of the original temps that did not make it past April 19, 1775.



for a history refresher course, best read while listening to a midi file of 'White Cockade' at


Just got back from the game. I'll say I told you so today about Loretta, so I can mention it again tomorow.



Preaching to the choir, lc. I had the good fortune to see Loretta the past two years out here and all I could think was "Jeez- I wish we could get a 2B like him on the Sox."

Done and done. Mahk Lorettah earned his Sox today...

The red shirt office chick is only one finger away from givin' the water bottle the shocker. Hehe.

Oh wait, I'm near Philadelphia, I should've said "wooder" bottle. :-P

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