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If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: Don't wank and drive. Jeez.


Absolutely. It's that sort of irresponsible behavior that gives wankahs everywhere a bad name.


Meanwhile, just how did we get along before the era of the digital camera and the internet?


And don't forget to give props to the too easily taken for granted wondahs of IM and copy/paste.


On a more serious topic, you've gotta love this story on Tommy Hahpah.


Yeah, it's fun to give the front office and ownahship shit about things like Theogate, but we are lucky to be rid of the alcoholic racists who ran the show all those years.


Now if we can sweep up the lingahring detritus made up of guys like Shaughnessy, we'll truly have turned a page into a new Red Sox era.



When I find my brain indulging in the irrational (as we all must) I always thought that if the RS were ever cursed, it was because they passed on Willie Mays, not due to Babe Ruth.

A few words on redemption: Ruben Sierra was signed by the Twins today. Recall that he was the (more talented) 90's version of Raul Mondesi. He was run out of baseball, played in some Godforsaken Mexican league, and made it back to play for the same manager who could not stand him. Now he's respected as an elder statesman and relatively humble guy. Bravo.

I was relieved to read the new Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, a longtime Red Sox fan, now roots for the Nationals.
His fascination with the Great Depression troubles me, but I now feel assured that our new Fedhead will not display the violent rage, and bi-polar mood swings of a practicing BoSox fan.

Oh, I missed that about Bernanke.

Must admit I agree that it's probably best not to have a diehard Sox fan running the Federal Reserve.

Let's not forget the integral role that Sierra played in our 2004 championship, since his .244/.296/.456 certainly helped our cause all season.

Best of luck in MN.

Regarding Tommy Harper. Thanks for posting that. I underscored the reason why I think the 5 black starting pitchers arguement of a couple of days ago is tired. And I couldn't agree more with the comment about the alcoholic racist a..holes that ran the ship for all those years. Now I have even more respect for Harper/George Scott/Reggie Smith/Elston Howard and the rest for the crap they put up with. Please let those days in the team and in Boston be over.

Current events haiku

Our President spoke.
Baseball man, just like Larry.
Switchgrass? What the fuck?

The Democrats respond:

Governor Eyebrows
Wants us working together.
Good luck with that, Bro.

Sean O.: As Spock once observed re: Khan: "He's highly intelligent, but he demonstrates 2-dimensional thinking." Take that to heart...

My comment was in the abstract, which is why I never mentioned the team. It was about redemption, i.e., not specific to baseball.

But since you brought up the past, I'll take El Caballero's giant HR in the ALDS in '03, which led the Yankees to the 2003 ALCS...

I missed the State of the Union last night... anyone want to sum it up for me? I'm too low-bandwidth to watch the streaming video on bbcnews.com

I have never met the CHB, but I know about 5 people who have run into him. Each story has one thing in common: the guy was an unmitigated a**hole. What is that saying? Once is luck, twice is a streak, three times is a trend.

It's like Curt said CHB, your act is old and tired.

Anybody see this story on Johnny Damon? It's quite sickening.


I think Damon is begining to see what he LEFT. "Come to New York everybody! It's GREAT here!"

He misses his team mates... misses the chemestry he had here.

Yankees are really 25 guys in 24 limos.
(Jeter and A-Rod share)

JD is an idiot in the original sense of te word...

1. A foolish or stupid person.
2. A person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years and generally being unable to learn connected speech or guard against common dangers. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive.

Go figure, the more I hear from Johnny Talk Show, the more I like the guy.

Didn't see the full State of the Union Address, but I did catch Senatah Schilling's 15-minute rebuttal to the Demahcratic response.
Senatah Schilling made me feel okay about my shameful addiction to foreign oil, and offahed some helpful hints for responsible oil consumption.
For example, I didn't warm up my cah this morning, didn't stop for any red lights, and just cruised along the left sholdah in heavy traffic.
Not only did I use less oil, I shaved 43 minutes off my hour commute.
Thanks, Senatah Schilling!

"Didn't see the full State of the Union Address, but I did catch Senatah Schilling's 15-minute rebuttal to the Demahcratic response."

All that you ever do is steal your jokes from posters at Bronx Banter/A>... it's not the first time.

To be fair, when insulting a person's intelligence and reasoning, using Star Trek probably isn't the best course of action.

I love when the Yankees keep bringing back people of substandard quality out of a misguided sense of loyalty, and I hate when the Red Sox do the same. I'd rather jettison Kapler and get Davanon in here, since he would be the perfect 4th outfielder for the Sox.

Good catch, Ric. Sometimes I work different venues, and steal jokes from myself.
It won't be the last time.

okay wonderbread.... i do see that you seem to be OBSESSED with putting down the Sox. I am looking forward to your next stand up routine!

On top of two dimensional, add thin skinned. There was no insult, just some advice, grasshopper.

You gotta problem with Star Trek, punk? Ever been beaten down with a graphing calculator?

Yes, once.

Actually, one of the funniest things to happen back in high school involved a graphing calculator. I was waiting in the stairwell outside the classroom (no hallways in this building, it was odd) before class, and this kid came running out of the room with his books 'n stuff in hand, tripped, and his TI-83 went flying from his arms, straight down the four flights to the ground below. The comedic timing was perfect.

Poor ben, and ben's calculator.

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