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Toeing the Hog Line

So when curlahs say "Nice rock!" I now know what they friggin' mean*. Jumpin' Jesus Mohammed!



All these years I had no clue that curling chicks worldwide are totally hot.


Yeah, now we know why Manny says he's going to jump the next flight to Turin. And people dare think the guy's a few stones short of a bonspeil, jeez, Manny's smahtah than all of us.


Meanwhile, memo to Bob "Look, mom, I dye my hair!" Costas and NBC: more high-def curling and less, er, camel knuckle, M'kay?


Oh, holy shit, now that gives a hold new meaning to "Hold the pickle."


So the sight of Janet Jackson's nipple is a national crisis, but a spandex nut sandwich is okey fucking dokey?


I mean think of the children for fuck's sake.


Talk about your lousy role models … "Mommy, when I grow up I want to pack my sack like an Olympian."



"Talk about your lousy role models … 'Mommy, when I grow up I want to pack my sack like an Olympian.'"

That panel alone is worth the price of admission.
Even the guy at Guinness laboratories is yelling "Brilliant!"

Holy crap - I had no idea there was so much eye candy in the curling ranks. I may have to back off my Tanith Belbin obsession and make a little time to watch curling.

Sigh, thanks for teasing us folks at work. From watching The Dumbest Sport Not Involving Dead Goats over the weekend, I could tell the curl gurls were totally hot, but then again I had a dream last night where Tina Fey was coming onto me.

By the way, the images showing Wakefield on his ass on the mound catching a ball with Papa Curt and the rest of the team around him laughing are pretty fantastic. It's a shame the offseason moves have destroyed this team's morale so much.

The curling girls might be attractive, but Tanith Belbin is totally smokin. I hope Hef has his people in contact with her people.

Great strip today hb. Nice to see the nsfw links and f-bombs galore. That is what the fuck I'm talking about.

Curt Gowdy died today.

Tiny Fey?


"Curt Gowdy died today".

Really, the best baseball play by play man ever. It's too bad anyone under 40 1) didn't get to hear him or 2) heard him in his dotage on NBC Football.

"Hi Neighbor, have a 'Gansett..."

and, yes, time is a motherfucking bitch.


Did someone hate on Tina Fey? Nuh-uhhhhh...I'm with ya, Sean O. Hot.

And so are the curlers...thank you, h.b.

I'm all about Tanith Belbin, even though she's a Canucka. I wore out my Tivo button watching the ice-dancing-thing me wife had recorded. Dang. Ali G's hot homonym Sasha Cohen is stone cold gorgeous, too.

But to return to curling, anyone see the Russian ladies competing? I usually don't dig on blonds, but Ekaterina Galkina (4th from left) is in need of some touching. Believe you me, that pic doesn't do her justice.

I guess I wasn't imagining that bad Costas dyejob, was I?

Thanks alot for the camel-knuckle link, HB. That one's gonna be hard to erase from the memory bank.

Hey, they're young and athletic; who ever said a curling gal can't be hotter than George Forman skillet?

Glad to see the curling crew show some skin- all the good ice skating fantasies have dried up now that it's all about the jumps.

Take your day in the sun, curlers- you earned it!

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