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Leonardo, Michelangelo, Lucchino

Man, people say Red Sox fans are insane, but we're not even in the same ballpahk with Disneyland fans in Hong Kong.


So how's that work exactly? I mean you toss your kid ovah the fence and then what? Talk about a plan that lacks an "exit strategy."


Meanwhile, I still can't figyah out the public's obsession with the InstaPudnut. Now he's got a best selling book, too? Politics aside, the guy is like the worst bloggah on the planet.


I wondah if he writes like he blogs, you know …
"Chapter 1 — Heh. Indeed. Chapter 2 — Update: Hmmm. Chapter 3 — This is just plain scary. Chapter 4 — More here."


OK, I'm so relieved that finally the Red Sox have chosen an official distributah of plumbing, heating, HVAC, pipe-valves-fittings supplies.


Oh, absolutely. As a Red Sox fan, it's very important to me to choose duct work that carries the imprimitur of Larry Lucchino.


And here I thought I was the luckiest bitch in the world knowing that L-squared is a "baseball man," but now we discovah that he's also the chair of the Red Sox art committee. Is there no uppah limit to this man's skill set?


The dude is truly the modern embodiment of a Renaissance Man. Frankly, his talent frightens me.



Gosh darn it! I just replaced my furnace and air conditioning and DIDN'T use F.W. Webb! I gues I have a long way to go when it comes to being a real fan.

Speaking of bad blogging, does anyone get any value out of Reiss's Pieces? Lame.

Cool, which Teenange Mutant Nija Turtlle is Luscious?

oof, bad typing: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle


I prefer the Rude Pundit (http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/)

Insta Pud Nut...java on keyboard, thanks, HB

My personal hunch is that the Instad Pud Nut book is being purchased by the same crowd that considers Drudge "news."

Will the new Red Sox Offical Plumbah be fixing all the pipes in Fenway's fear-inducing restrooms? If so, they will have earned their coveted title.

Usually a website can make you aware of their position on an issue just by looking at it. That's the sign of a good pundit...wears their thoughts on their sleeve.

Man, I don't get Insta at all...

What is that creepy "Le" below the last panel. Is this some sort of clue to the origins of the universe, or something?

The creepy "Le" is now gone. Thanks for pointing that out.

Those LEtters are supposed to go with hurLEy's numbers on the island...

My personal hunch is that Aaron is an idiot.

Drudge links to news items from around the world, (often even to MSM sites like the WaPo, LA Times and NYT) and performs the identical function as, say, a powerful editor in the DC press corps: He decides what he thinks is important.

Drudge (and 1000s of other people, liberal and conservative), highlight the absurdity of the fact that for decades we behaved like sheep, being told how we should think by Murrow et al...

...good night, and good luck...suck my balls.

Yep. I check in on Drugde a couple times a day and have for years. I love it when he pulls out the old spinning emergency light animated gif for the big, breaking news story.

I like the mix of regular news, sensationalism, and weird stuff.

Has Lucky found an official boot-licker and ass-kisser yet?

So sometimes I skip a day or two here in the off-season, but the fur comment yesterday I have to talk about. My wife bought me a new hat to wear out with the Scouts. This isn't me wearing it, but http://www.glacierwear.com/detail.asp?product_id=fxx-204-rd>this is the hat. Although mine's got better fur and a much better tail. I strongly recommend you buy one of these and wear it to work if you want people at work to think you are completely out of your f**king mind, like the people I work with do now. I left it on a woman's desk and she screamed when she walked into her cube.

Ron, do you have one of their hooped beaver's as well? That hat is just disturbing.

scratch apostrophe...long week

I said I wanted a new RED SOX hat...

I live in Missoula, MT, about three hours south of where that fur place is. I HAVE been noticing a dearth of critters in the woods these days...

Well, that serves me right for making a comment and not checking the site again for a couple of days. Didn't realize Drudge was such a touchy subject around here.

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