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Always choose the future over the past.

You hearing much buzz about this movie "Game 6"?


Nope. The blogosphere seems oddly quiet and I don't recall even Dirt Dogs giving it a mention. It's got a great cast, including the always humpalicious Bebe Neuwirth, but even after the catharsis of the 2004 World Series win, I'm not really comfortable revisiting '86.


Same here. On the one hand, being able to sit there stoically and dispassionately reliving October 25th 1986 would be what my evah hopeful therapist, Dr. Mezmer, would call a breakthrough,


You know I checked out the trailer and they seem to be really going with the expectation of doom angle, showing the Michael Keaton character in a bar saying "something bad is going to happen" or whatever, but isn't that revisionist history?


I mean I know I got to the Red Sox thing late, really only getting hooked in during the '86 season, but I was hanging out with plenty of people who were lifers and we all thought the Sox were going to win that night right up until they didn't, you know?


Absolutely. While there were undoubtedly some cynics out there, when the Red Sox had their first one strike away moment I thought they were going to put it away. Christ, we were all giving high fives and looking at each other saying "I can't believe it, the Red Sox won the World Series" with the champagne corks popping. Everyone tells a similar story …


Really it was what then transpired in Game 6 that was the nexus linking all the previously disparate mishaps into the "Holy Shit, God does have it in for us!" mythology.


Right even the infamous "Curse of the Bambino" phrase didn't come into existence until after Game 6 was in the books, and it really took Shaughnessy's subsequent book by the same name before the phrase and everything that comes with it entered the mainstream.


Ah, well, who the fuck cares, now? Whatevah psychic baggage we were carrying has been lifted.


So you're going to see the movie?


Fuck no.



Kudos to HB for ignoring today's non-news. He's going to put up the numbers whether you point at him or not, so why point? It's not polite.

A friend of mine who shall remain nanmeless (I plan on killing him in 2011 on the 25th anniversary of Game 6), popped his champagne bottle open after the first "one strike away." I knew - absolutely knew - that he had gooched the series away. He left the bar crying after the game was over and people were throwing food and stuff at him. He deserved it.

I agree, I'm sick of people capitalizing on our pain and suffering. I was only 3 during that series, so I can't remember any of it, but this sort of thing should've passed by now.

Why don't we band together and make a movie about the Yankees outscoring the Pirates by 28 runs and still losing the series? Or Yankees fans celebrating during the ninth inning of game 4 of the ALCS?

Stupid everyone.

Even w/2004 securely in the books, our memory banks and collective psyche, whenever VH1 runs the "I Love the 80s-1986" , and they show game six, I turn it the f*** off!

Bebe Neurwirth 'humpalicious'? Sorry, gots to part company w/you on that one

Two things I think I remember from Game 6:

1. The Mets put up a jumbotron message congratulating the Red Sox for Winning the WS.

2. Marty Barret was named MVP of the WS. (look it up).

Bebe N. notwithstanding, I'll pass. Plus, doesn't Michael Keaton = crap movie, at least for the last 20 years?

Gary, I am with you. Even recently I walked into a video store (DVD store?) in upstate New York and Game 6 was playing (huh?) on their TVs. Despite my overwhelming need to rent the last season of 24, I immediately walked out, practically dry-heaving. Psychic pain never goes away, despite my 4,256 viewings of the 2004 DVD.

I was 15 on that night in '86, and there was this girl that I had a massive crush on. After the game she was talking about how funny it was and how she was glad that the Mets won. The crush ended immediately ... how can you love a girl who has no soul?

I agree ... even after 2004, I'll never fully get over '86.

Bebe was only hot when they used to spice up a Cheers episode with her normally uptight character going all Slutskaya on an unsuspecting Sam or Woody.

Isn't it amazing, BTW, how Cheers was such a great sitcom until Seinfeld came along?

Also amazing, BTW, how the tempestuous, arbitrary and unpredictable Gary Sheffield joins the Yankees and becomes a model citizen, for example just years ago he would have torn that punk in half who hit him in the face. (and been fully justified in doing so)

Interesting contrast between organizations when we see Sheffield stating that he's "on a mission" to win a ring and Manny is nowhere to be found...


I thought it was Bruce Hurst who was the temporary MVP in '86? As for Bebe, eh, not so much, but gotta love the adjective 'humpalicious'....

"After the game she was talking about how funny it was and how she was glad that the Mets won"

Holy shit- that would be known as a "justifiable homicide". Bitch.
I was eight at the time and from what I recall I was jumping on the couch with my mom and there weren't any goatee-wearing doomesdayers saying anything about how they knew something bad was going to happen. It was a long time ago though...

"Interesting contrast between organizations when we see Sheffield stating that he's "on a mission" to win a ring and Manny is nowhere to be found..."

Have you heard of Manuel Aristides Ramirez? He's kind of aloof, but puts up pretty impressive #s on a consistent basis. Oh, and he was the WS MVP a couple years back. How 'bout this for a contrast in organizations:

"It looks like I'll be here, and that's OK with me. I love Boston. I love the fans. I love my teammates." -MR

"Sheffield blasted Jeter and Rodriguez because they "ain't the real leaders of (the) team" and he "ain't going to say who it is, but (he) know who it is." -GS

Now THAT is classy.

I'm a little disturbed about this Game 6 movie -- like everyone else, I've no interest in living through that again. Yet the film's screenplay is by Don Delillo, who's work I've always enjoyed, and the synopsis seems to promise a redemption from the problems that sank his last novel. Which would be enough to put this on my "must-see" list, if not for the obvious problem...

I have no desire to relive Game 6 again. The 100+ times I saw The Play during the 2004 post-season (complete with the sound of Joe McCarver beating off in the background, thank you Fox Sports) was enough. The Red Sox won the WS-- that means I don't have to watch that crap ever again. Let it die the death it has long deserved.

Never forget that night. I was in HS and at a Halloween party while we were watching the Sox win the WS. Only they didn't. Everyone thought they were going to win it. Nobody was doom and gloom. They always complain about there being too much Boston exposure in the media. Well this time it's someone else tormenting us again.

I was actually AT Game 6, so I have no desire to see any stupid movie about it, even if they got Maria Sharapova to play Marty Barrett and Beyonce to play Jim Rice.

A college friend who was working on Wall Street snagged four tickets from one of his clients, and he took me and two other guys from Rhody. The client provided a limo to and from the game and everything. He and one guy got the box seats and me and this other guy were in the loge. I remember enjoying the game immensely, high fiving each other. I remember the sign the Mets flashed, congratulating the Sox for "winning" and I also remember that in the last inning all the Mets fans around us became very ugly, screaming "Boston Sucks" at the top of their lungs. We quietly took our Sox hats off and he whispered to me "We'll party in the limo after the game." My friend who was in the box seats was ready to rush the field, and never got to do so. When we were in the limo, leaving the Shea Stadium parking lot, all these Mets fans were looking in to try and see if there were any celebrities behind the smoked glass. My friend rolled down his window and started screaming: "Oil Can Boyd is in here you assholes and he's gonna kick your ass tomorrow night." One of the other guys quickly rolled up the window and told him to shut up before some mob turned over the car and set it on fire.

No, I can do without paying good money to see a %$#@&* movie to remind me of that particular evening.

I have only been a RSN member since 1999 and I was only 6 years old during the '86 Series. But one of my earliest memories of baseball has always been that play involving Buckner. My question is this: why make this movie now, after 20 years??? Is it to bring back the agony and make people suffer as they did 20 years ago?? I for sure won't waste $9 to see it, but whats the real point of this movie??? I bet a Spankees fan is behind all this. And I have to agree with NV in SD. Manny will keep being Manny because he has the numbers to back him up. Last time I check, he gets paid to hit homeruns into Lansdowne St. and he does that very well and plenty every year. Who cares if he is late for Spring Training or he is hiding behind the Green Monster in between innings?? He will come up to face opposing pitchers and make them suffer with his bat. So let him have special privileges if he wants, he deserves them by being the second best hitter to have ever don a Red Sox uniform.

Note on Son of Hamulack posting. If HB ignores 'he who shall not be named', it will only prolong the holdout. HE will only show up once HE feels the love. So please, devote tomorrow's strip to the guy. Lots of hugs and kisses. Let's all kick in some money and deliver ‘a little carry out’ to the guy during Spring training because you know he has to look forward to an entire season of 'home cooking' this year.

Another friend of mine was covering the game for a newspaper in Connecticut. He had already filed his story for the early edition about the Red Sox winning their first world series since 1918. Then when the Mets tied it, he had to call the desk to make sure they hadn't already sent it to the printing press, and tell them he'd dictate another story. Later, the Sports staff made up a dummy page for him, which I believe he still has, with the headline "Red Sox Win!" and photos of the celebration from after the ALCS. It's an interesting conversation piece, but we all thought they were going to win, and we were all really pissed when they didn't. I don't know ANY Red Sox fan who was secretly happy with the loss, except maybe CHB who wrote that "One Strike Away" book and later "The Curse of the Bambino." All those so-called "fans" who used to say winning the world series would ruin the experience of rooting for the Red Sox were stupid, crazy, ignorant, pseudointellectual jerks. Or just plain jerks, like the Curly-headed Blowhard.

I'd actually planned on Manny as a topic of discussion today, but the Game 6 conversation went on and on and then I was like, "oh shit, how do I end this?"

I totally painted myself into a corner.

Manny can spend the spring in Tahiti for all I care. Just bring your bat in April, man.

...and Beyonce to play Jim Rice.

There's a joke hiding here that includes "balls" and "going between Beyonce's legs", but I just can't seem to work it out right now.

Amen to that, pawsoxpop. Really the only thing I'm curious about at this point is if he'll be visiting me in sunny SD next month. From what I've read, the WBC roster invitees are supposed to report to Orlando on March 2, but Manny is on the 'conditional' roster. (whatever that means).

I've got as much patriotism as the next guy, but if it came down to DR vs USA, I'd have a hard time not rooting for The Papi and Manny show...

I might've answered my own question...

"The Red Sox announced yesterday that Manny Ramirez will not arrive at spring training until March 1, missing today's scheduled reporting date for all position players. It also was learned that once Ramirez arrives at City of Palms Park, he will be slated to stay there throughout the month of March, choosing not to play for the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic."

Thae article I got that from is in today's Salem News (link to Broadford's article on BDD). It actually gives a full explanation on where Manny is an dwhat he's doing. Funny how that works- real sports writers researcing a story and actually getting valid, accurate statements from reliable (named) sources. CHB could learn a thing or two from Rob Bradford.

Out of curiosity, has anyone else rewatched "Still, We Believe" since 2004? A friend and I did just that on the day of the '05 Super Bowl, confident in the belief that our knowledge of what happened next would soften the blow at the end.

Yeah, not so much. I suspect that if I hadn't mustered the energy to put in "Faith Rewarded" after that, we'd still be miserable puddles on the couch.

I wasn't around for Game Six, being three years old and not scheduled to get interested in baseball for another seventeen, but I would imagine that seeing that movie would be similar for those who were. You'd be lucky if you could move to leave the theatre when it was over.

As far as the '86 thing goes, I recently read "The Bad Guys Won!" about the '86 Mets and I left the book with the sad knowledge that the Sox were beaten by what possibly could have been the worse possible group of human beings ever to put on baseball uniforms. Just, truly, truly terrible people who in no way deserved to win that game.

What I'd like to know is, who do they think the audience is for this movie? It sure as hell isn't going to play well in New England. They shouldn't even bother to send it to NE movie theatres. Do Mets fans give a damn about this? I'm sure they don't have 1/1000th the energy on that Series that Sox fans do. Yankee fans might like watching the Sox collapse, but then again, it might just remind them of their own, more recent, choke job. And the rest of the country is probably sick of anything having to do with the Red Sox.

The best thing that can happen is for this film to totally tank at the box office. Then maybe movie execs will get the clue not to make movies like this again.

The review snippets on the site actually make it sound kind of cool, e.g.,

"“"(Game 6) attempts to walk the fine line between despair and comedy, reality and imagination, and often succeeds. For audiences prepared to take the leap of faith and accept the unusual tone of the film, "Game 6" should be a winner. … The cast, especially Keaton, who carries the film on his shoulders, is never less than fun to watch. … And as "Game 6" suggests and the Red Sox have eventually proven, there is good reason to be positive about life, even in the face of overwhelming odds.”
- Hollywood Reporter

But who knows?


It was either this or some god awful sequel to dreck that never should have been made in the first place...like "Major League 4: Hangin' with the WBC".

Ok, so the first "Major League" was okay...but in the land of the sequels, at least "Game 6" is a semi-original idea.

Talk about irony... I just, 2 seconds ago, got an email inviting me to the press screening of "Game 6."

It's times like this when I wish I could actually make the characters come to life. Can you imagine Doug or Bill et al at a press screening?


F'em. When I saw "Game Six", I thought they were talking about '75 and Fisk's home run. I remember watching that game with my dad and winning $ from the next door neighbor on it.

I remember Bebe's Ice Queen character on Cheers, hottish. Even hotter is seeing her live on stage, dancing. Incredible, long, beautiful legs.

Movie looks a little "eh" though. Is there still a market for the little team that couldn't?

Can you imagine Doug or Bill et al at a press screening?

More importantly, can you imagine we've reached an era where bloggers are given "press" status! :)

I'll save my money until they make a movie about "Game 4"...NV, I hope Manny changes his mind and you get to see him in SD. With the lineup of that Dominican team, I think they'll invoke the blowout rule after the second or third inning of most of their games...

With all this talk about The Dark Days, I figured we could all use some cheerful news...

Granted, it's only basketball, but still. The New York Knicks now have not one, but two selfish, me-me-me, shoot-first, overpaid, head case point guards who've never been winners at any level...in the same backcourt!

Any hey, any news about a New York team sucking is good news.

Every quote I've read from reviews of this movie from sundance have been terrible.

Yeah, I'm sure they cherry picked the good lines for their site (kind of like I did here in the sidebar :)

It's funny in that I tend to be really critical of movies and only seem to like 1 out of every 10 I see, whereas I'm much easier to please when it comes to TV.

As most of you know from reading the site, I love cheezy TV, espcially made-for-tv movies like Night of the Twisters or Spring Break Shark Attack.

Wake me up when they make a movie called "Games 4 Through 7".

And no, "Fever Pitch" doesn't count.

I hate seeing the 86 game. i turn it off for fear of an upset stomach. I wont watch the movie and Mike Keaton sucks lately, how bout Alex Keaton? No to Bebe. Does anybody else have trouble with the crappy graphics on NBC coverage of the olympics? The damn flags are so small I cant see em and when i can do they really expect me to know which country is which?!? And the timing is confusing...maybe im too something something

In case you think idiotic sportswriters are unique to Boston, Kevin Kernan of the NY Post posits how the Mets can attain Manny. Basically, it involves trading somebody for him.

Uh, Kev? NO ONE on the Mets constitutes equal value for Manny.


Yeah, and the trade he proposes makes soooo much sense for the Sox. Beltran? Manny-level money for a guy who drove in 78 runs last year? Thank you, no.

Rotten Tomatoes website for "Game 6" - It only has 2 reviews (evidently nobody went to Sundance to see it, I guess), but when more reviews are up, you can usually get a decent feel for how the critics and viewing audience felt about a movie from the metadata at this site.

I'm pretty sure that this movie came out almost a year ago; I remember it being reviewed in the NYTimes back then. Didn't really interest me one way or another except for the fact that Delillo wrote it...I'd probably rent it on Netflix just for that.

Pawsoxpop, I feel your pain: I was at 2003 ALCS Game 7, sitting in the Babe Ruth box. Took forever to get home; while stuck in traffic in the parking lot I had MFY fans pulling their cars around to taunt me...I wish I could have found all those classy folks 12 months later after the Biggest Postseason Choke Ever.

And as for this...

"Also amazing, BTW, how the tempestuous, arbitrary and unpredictable Gary Sheffield joins the Yankees and becomes a model citizen, for example just years ago he would have torn that punk in half who hit him in the face. (and been fully justified in doing so)
Interesting contrast between organizations when we see Sheffield stating that he's "on a mission" to win a ring and Manny is nowhere to be found..."

...were you really trying to be serious, or were you just trolling? I know your considered the intelligent, rational Yankee fan around here, but that was just as flat out idiotic as anything Lil'Bri wrote before h.b. banned him.

41 posts and counting. I guess baseball season really is almost here...

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