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There are days like this

Hart Brachen, the blog's author:
Sorry, readers, I got off to a late start this morning, and with nothing much going on (well, I know we fans are supposed to follow the script drafted by the Boston sports pundits of being incensed over the fact that the front office isn't 100% forthcoming with every detail concerning L'affaire Epstein, but, I just can't get too excited about it) I'm going to sit today out.


Hart Brachen, the blog's author:
Oh, and even last night's episode of Lost didn't offer much for the characters to riff on. So see you tomorrow.



Probably the all-time weakest episode of Lost, yes?

Probably the all-time weakest episode of Lost, yes?

I felt that just after it ended, but this morning I'm more forgiving.

What the hell is Libby scheming? Is she another "Other" spy?

Is Charlie getting the "sickness" the crazy French chick keeps alluding to?

that Hobbit sure can tickle that ivory.... i wonder if he's copyrighted that song he wrote.

As far as I can tell, the only plot development last night was the fact that the washer is newer than the dryer in the bunker.

Lost Haiku

One hour of my life:
Charlie is back on the smack.
Hurley gets some wood.

Thank you for making my morning.

I think the only sickness charlie is getting is Ratings Plague, and if he's on screen for the next few weeks we may not making it to Lost season 3.

Best line of the night?

My nominee is, "You hittin' that?"

How come hot babes couldn't be that blunt when I was single (many, many moons ago...)

Jack: Hey remember when I said "How long would it take to train an army?"

Ana-Lucia: Yeah dude, what was *that* all about?

Jack: Dude I don't even know! What a crazy day that was! Wanna just go back to working on building your house?

Ana-Lucia: Ok cool.

Both: Dum-dee-dum dum, deedle-dee-doo.

Call me crazy but I like the fact that The Sox are going to try following 'The Belichick Way' and are not going to air all their dirty laundry through the press anymore (We'll see how long it lasts).

Lost was definetely another 'eh' episode last night, other than their pushing the envelope somewhat with all the sexual overtoned one-liners.

More Sayiid, less Charlie in future episodes please. (Maybe they are setting up a Charlie defection to the Other side?)

Even more disturbing is the fact that my man Locke is getting all sinister-ish. One would think that he'd pick up on the fact that Charlie having premonition dreams which *just happen to be very similar to Locke's premonition dreams* is muy importante.

How dare they make Mister Locke fallible!

"I like these trees."

What gets me about all the media cynicism and generally poisonous reporting on, as it was said, L'Affaire Epstein, is that circumstances like this are real, and happen with resonable frequency in the business world. Maybe not the newspaper and radio talk show world. I've seen this more than once where someone I know has left and come back to the same company, with a different understanding between the parties about philosophy, direction, accountability, empowerment, you name it. How about Steve Jobs at Apple Computers for an example? Happened at the place I currently work (no, I'm not gonna say), the situation played out over the course of about 6 months, and resulted in a dramatic change in the way my organization does business once this "rock star" was back in his chair.

Why not just take at literal face value the explanation and comments made by the executives that lived through the split, came to terms about fundamentals, and made commitment to one another to work together to make it work far into the future?

And yes, CHB is the worst of the bunch...cynically trashes the whole scene and then says "Long may they run." Ef him.

And that's my rant, thanks y'all for listening.

Please, please, no more about Dan Shauminex, the CHB (Curse of Half a Brain) .... It has been scientifically proven that reading his column will cause you to lose more brain cells than chasing a pound of crystal meth with a gallon of scotch...

BTW- Great Simmons-Schilling interview:


It was interesting dichotomy last night on Lost. An usual amount of sexual innuendo mixed with some in your face Christianity.

Coincidence or planned?

Two crappy episodes in a row. Once again, thoughts of Twin Peaks, season two come to mind.

btw, you're not supposed to be offended anymore about every detail being released. you're supposed to be offended that it was, in lengthy statements, because this means ownership is full of themselves. at least, if you listen to murray chass.

why are people so desperate to find fault in this situation? i really don't get it.

Most baseball writers should be given the winter off or reassigned to another sport, called by their editors to write a story only when a free agent signing or trade is in the works or announced. There are no games and so every press release becomes the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, every trade rumor pushes the armageddon alert past amber. If the writer is skillful, he can churn out a breezy and entertaining if uninformative piece of fluff. But the hacks like Yawn Shauminex and Muddy Chaff should be kept away from plugged-in keyboards at all times, but especially during the offseason.

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