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So let me get this straight. Manny not only demands that the Red Sox trade him, but, when they do find a possible takah in the Orioles, Manny also wants his contract renegotiated and his option years picked up? Holy shit.


Yeah, I'm surprised he doesn't also demand a meeting with the Pope and a video shoot, wink wink, with Paris Hilton, not that the missus would evah go for the lattah but, hey, why not try, you know? Manny being Manny and all that.


Right, but he also says the Sox in '06 should still be a top-six offense, and subtly suggests a Theo return this month. Gotta love that "insidah" information, you know? I feel so much more enlightened now.


Are you scared of coming in 3rd and no playoffs this coming season?


Nope. In 2009 we'll look back at stockpiling draft picks, letting veterans playahs go by not ovahpaying in their declining years, and adding young prospects as amazing front office prescience.


OK, Polyanna, can you also make me feel optimistic regahding a nucleah ahmed Iran?


Sorry, you're on your own there.



Proof that you can't make gold out of shyte. Is this what we are reduced to, RSN? Worrying about manNY y su pene?


Iran.....What's the use of a good stocked farm system if America is reduced to a toxic radioactive wasteland by 2008? I say, sign Clemens and bring back beer vendors in the stands! Carpe Diem!!!

When does Lost start back up? I'm really tired of As Manny's World Turns.

Mrs. Manny, for godsakes, just leave him and take his bloated salary with you. You really want to make the team and the fans suffer by forcing the year's worst trade? Maybe the Soxaholix should spring for a copy of He's Just Not That Into You.

Scrape the ice off what's left of your frozen hearts, people, and feel a baseball superstar's pain!
Poor Manny: a lonely traveller from a distant planet-of-one, trapped inside a baseball town without pity.
Poor A-rod: wracked with guilt and indecision over whether to report to Captain Selig's Intergalactic Baseball Extravaganza. Could the 'World' go on without him?
Must be a bitch making $20 million dollars to play baseball, when you could, I don't know, risk your life for $18 bucks an hour working in a West Virginia coal mine.

Unlike other Boston journalists who need to be taken with a horse-lick size grain of salt, I'm always interested to see what Gammo has to say about the State of RSN (but sorry ESPN, I'm not paying $40 to read him). Reading the snippets on SoSH dosen't necessarily make me lose hope for next season, but I'm not earmarking funds for October, either.

This year my resolution was to take a "hot stove stance" and stick to it, so I'm gonna say give me Papi and Manny back to back with Loretta to get on base in front of them, insert players x and y into the SS and CF holes, and lets lace 'em up and see how far this pitching staff can get us.

Reading the snippets on SoSH dosen't necessarily make me lose hope for next season ...

I've felt that overall the posts at SoSH have been optimistic, but perhaps I'm just seeing what I want to see?

I'm not predicting dire straits ahead.

We certainly aren't spending money for nothing.

Now where are my chicks for free?

I'd agree that the majority of the postings on SoSH are very optimistic. I was referring to the snippets that were posted from Gammo's ESPN column. He's definitely got his finger on the pulse, so when he says the Sox are likely a third place team, it is a little discouraging. But hey- they play the games for a reason, right?

some of us aren't in the in crowd at SOSH.

I couldn't get past the velvet ropes there either lou, but you can lurk. There's definitely some very informed opinions and every once in a while John Henry, Gordon Edes, Schill, and the like stop by. I recommend checking it out even if you arent "enough of a fan" to post.

naw, my feeelings are hurt, i am a sensitive guy. if they don't want me, then pish posh

I got SOSH membership the old-fashioned way... spreading the old butt cheeks! no j/k, just a lurker...

I think Manny's become so bold/arrogant/bat-shit crazy, we should start calling him Jupiter Nuts (although maybe that's for his mistress, er, missus, to decide). Take that, Arroyo.

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