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Something fishy going on

Hey, Arturo, whatcha got for me to staht 2006?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
So this guy comes up to me and asks, "I'm from out of town, where's the best place to get scrod?" And I sez, "Buddy, I get asked that all the time, but nevah befoah in the pluperfect subjunctive."


Heh. Well, there's no dish like a Boston fish.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
You know it. I know it. And Juliana Ramirez knows it.


Jeez, you think there's anything to this latest rumah?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Hell if I know, but I tell ya, asking to be traded because you got caught passing up the home cooking in favah of a little carry out, makes as much sense as asking to be traded so that you can go to the mall without being recognized, right?


Evah wondah what it'd be like to root for a, I dunno, normal baseball team?



I've heard this rumour for weeks and weeks. Made a suggestion recently that a few people liked: instead of trading Manny to Baltimore, let's trade Manny's mistress for a mistress-to-be-named-later.

I've heard this rumour for weeks and weeks.

Yep, but AFAIK, Sully's the first to put it on the web and thus make it linkable. (Though I may have missed it somewhere else previously.)

Meanwhile, I'm surprised the "Theo's fiance wanted him to quit" rumor hasn't gotten more traction.

no reason not to love a little Chinese is there?


Nice Citgo sign. It recalls Joe Carter's comment when he was asked about hitting at Fenway. (I am not making this up). He said [to paraphrase] "I look up over the left field wall and the sign says C-IT-GO and I make the ball go."

Be sure to share the trademark infringement letter when it comes from the CITGO corporation :)

Somewhat surprisingly, CITGO actually has a couple of web pages at the corporate site dedicated to the sign.

Thanks, on the sign. I'm eventually going to add several background variation that'll randomly load when you visit.

And the Joe Carter comment is perfect. I cannot look at the sign in the bg without also imagining a ball flying high and out.

NOTE: If you don't see the new bg image, you'll need to do a "force refresh" of your browser.

Be sure to share the trademark infringement letter when it comes from
the CITGO corporation :)

Since the sign is part of the Boston cityscape, I think it's use here falls under "fair use" but I could be wrong.

Any of you trademark lawyers out there care to weigh in?

It's easy enough to swap to anything else, though I sure do like the way the sign "pops" off the page visually.

I heard they replaced the old Citgo sign at Fenway with a bigger one that reads BORAS.

What would it be like to root for a "normal" baseball team? as opposed to rooting for one with chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome? I imagine across New England you'd see greatly reduced toilet paper consumption - and fewer Boston butchers accused of selling spoiled meat.

Love the Citgo sign, h.b. I'm looking forward to whatever else you might have in store.

I'm thinking more along the lines of a four way trade involving Manny's mistress (to the Mets pending Anna Benson's approval), a box of porn (to the Rays, assumed to be their new closer), "Twister" (to the Orioles so Miggy won't be so unhappy), and a player to be named later (possibly Roy Hobbs, to Boston).

IANAL, but as long as you're not using the sign as some sort of trademark (like part of The Soxaholix logo in the upper left) or as a reason for people to spend money viewing your site (come to my site where I show you the Citgo sign), then you won't be sued for its use on your site. They'd be hard-pressed to prove that people come here to see 3/4 of the Citgo sign and therefore you are impacting their business profits because of it. (I don't even know where the closest Citgo station is to that sign...)

Here's a link that might help too: PhotoAttorney Blog on Public Street Images & Copyright -- I don't think you strongly fit any one of the 4 criteria very well.

Speaking of good fits, Manny better keep his bat in his pants unless he's swinging for the home team. If Mrs. Manny thinks there aren't any fine women in NYC or Anaheim or even hot farm girls in KC...she's gonna have another thing coming.

All puns intended.

Thanks for airing the rumor, HB. I heard it a few weeks ago too, and the more I think about it the more sense it makes. Like Manny was all supposedly upset this summer at the trade deadline deal and then when they don't trade him to the Mets he comes off the bench and hits a game winning homer and is all smiles and "Let's go win another one." And now they're going through the whole song and dance again. Manny: I want to be traded. Management: Gee Manny, we're doing all we can to try to trade you. Then they don't trade him and he just shrugs it off and plays again -- maybe misses some of spring training to convince the wife that he really is trying to be traded. Putting the penthouse at the Ritz on the market before the trade even happens. Mrs. R has finally figured out that no matter what city you live in, a suite in a hotel is not a great place to live if you want to make it hard for your man to cheat. I mean, all he's got to do is go take an elevator to another floor.

But anybody who thinks moving to L.A. is the solution to her man's cheating heart has not seen the Beverly Hillbillies, or even heard the song: "swimming pools, movie stars..."

Also, I think we now have another explanation for the mini-vacation and "illness" during the Yankee series a couple of years ago. Dinner with Enrique Wilson? Right.

What we need to figure out is Manny's OPS when he is cheating vs when he is not. If he hits better when he getting the side action, then he should be traded if we assume he means to stay true to the Mrs. this year.

What would it be like to root for a "normal" baseball team? as opposed to rooting for one with chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

That's a good question for you to ponder as well, Babe. People in glass houses and all that.

Per pawsoxpop:

>But anybody who thinks moving to L.A. >is the solution to her man's cheating >heart has not seen the Beverly >Hillbillies, or even heard the >song: "swimming pools, movie stars..."

I suspect that DLowe has already given Manny the lowdown on L.A. - a land where the sportscasters are with you, rather then against you. (Actually, in DLowe's case, when they are with you, they are against you, ......)

That's fair, Illegit Son of Dwight. Indeed, there are irritable bowels aplenty in Yankeeland. Except when our turlits clog up (sheesh, they've been clogged this entire century), we don't go waving plungers at Red Sox Nation.
The "skeptic tank" is always smellier on the other side of the fence.

Hey Yazbread,
"I suspect that DLowe has already given Manny the lowdown on L.A." -- I'm with you there. The question is, has Trinka Lowe given Mrs. Manny the lowdown on L.A.?

Babe, I love this city just as much as you do (except when it comes to baseball of course) but lets be honest, there are some neighborhoods that just reek. If you want to compare Boston to New York, a smell metaphor is not the best literary weapon.

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