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Put Eko in Center

Sure I do. The front office has finally gotten the memo about the importance of pitching and bullpen depth.


True. I mean the writing's on the wall. In 2003 and 2005 there were bullpen issues and it's two more "wait until next year" season. In 2004 the pitching and bullpen is lights out and it's "next year is this year, bitches."


Plus at trading deadline time, everyone wants to shore up their pens, so carrying a few extra arms opens up some nice dealing possibilities.


Of course, when the naysayahs rhetorically ask, "But can Tavárez play shortstop or centerfield?" it's worth noting.


True. It's not like the Red Sox are actually going to choose to literally leave those spots on the field empty.


And our 2005 shortstop, poor thing, wasn't what you'd call a Hoover at the position and Johnny Judas centerfield flaws were well known, so while there is reason for concern, it's not like having questions marks at those positions is a sign of the coming apocalypse.


I like to think of these unknowns about the Sox akin to the black smoke on Lost. You can choose to face it with brass balls like Mr. Eko or you can piss yourself. Choice is all yours.


Mr. Eko is the David Ortiz of the Lostaways, all clutch toughness wielding his Jesus stick.


Yeah, and Charlie is like the A-Rod of the island, lying and stockpiling his little MVP statues but when shit's on the line, he's found hanging half dead swinging from a tree.



I like to think of Manny as the Sawyer of the RS. All shit-crazy, but basically harmless.
Can't think of a Jack, but Wellsie is definitely our Hurley.

Tavarez is good. Every team needs a Skeletor.


Holy crap, *****. You totally nailed it; Papi is Mr. Eko. Jack is Varitek, no doubt, and I agree with lou that Wells = Hugo.

Last night's episode fecking ruled. Here's THE SMOKE~!:

So awesome. I'm seriously considering Rasterbating that pic.

Eko as Ortiz is pretty obvious, but Charlie as A-Rod? Bingo! Why did it take your brilliant mind to point this out to me?

I watched Lost for the first time last night after watching that recap show at supper.... it seemed pretty good. is it worth jumping in during the season or should i wait until for the DVD? thank god Jack Bauer is returning on Sunday.

and here's hoping that Schill, Foulke and Lowell all have Baueresque return-from-the-dead-to-kick-some-ass seasons, or the RS season may be over before Jack's is....

Okay, them Papi/Slappy lines are the greatest thing I've heard in ages. Hot damn.

And Ric -- DEFINITELY wait and watch Season 1 DVD's first. Then Season 2. You'll get SO much more out of it.

Now, bring on Bauer!

I don't know. Since with Lost even those of us who've watched right along are fairly clueless about what is going on overall, and since the show does lots of flashback and non-linear time sequences from week to week, I don't think it'd be bad at all to start watching Season 1 on DVD while concurrently picking up with Season 2 from this point on, especially if you zip through S1 pretty quickly.

Ah, Thursdays... when the Soxaholix become Lostaholix, if only for a few panels. I nominate Michael as Trot Nixon, 'cuz he's all about taking his kid to school. I guess Locke can be Schilling... at least they have the whole foot thing in common.

Gotta wonder what you have in store for us tomorrow, h.b., seeing as how the whole Graffanino thing just happened. Here's hoping we can at least use him as trade bait instead of letting him rot on the bench.

David Spade had a mock trailer for "this week's episode of Lost" on his show a week ago, and it was all "what's going to happen this week? Whatever does, you'll have NO F**KING CLUE, because you missed an episode last month", and it pretty much summed up my feelings on Lost. Great show, good suspense, if you have the wherewithal to religiously watch the show's episodes, in order. Miss one week because you got beers with an old school friend, or had to take your dog to the vet, and you're phukt. I starting watching it early last season but had too many of those real-life intercessions to keep up. I really want to watch but I think I'll just have to wait for the first two seasons to come out on DVD and hope I've finished them by the time the next season is on.

Nice to see Graffe back in the fold. And I'm liking the Tavares deal, if only because now I won't reflexively shudder when the gate opens and it's someone other than Timlin.

Eko is the man. I agree that watching Season 1 while watching Season 2 unfold, especially after having seen LOST: Revelation would work.

Jumped the shark.

... if you have the wherewithal to religiously watch the show's episodes, in order. Miss one week...

I'm going to disagree with that. The key to Lost IMO is to take a real zen approach and just take in what you can and not worry about every clue or sequence.

Some of the stuff is there just to purposely confuse or throw you off track anyway.

And I think that you could argue that you might see things (or pick up clues) coming into the show fresh that someone who's been watching all along might miss because we have already committed to certain preconceptions which may or may not be accurate (and most likely are not).

Know what I'm saying?

Also, if you do expect the show to follow a linear, "this happened, then this happened" then you'll really get frustrated when all of a sudden the "new" episode is actually from a time period some 20 days in the past (which could be like a year in our time as opposed to Lost time).

Last night's "recap" episode was a classic example of what I'm talking about. While the overall thematic progress was the same, the way they strung scenes together differently than they did originally had me seeing things that I'd missed earlier or had me revising most of my earlier thoughts about what is going on.

In many ways, watching Lost is like the 162 game baseball season. You can't learn much about how things are going to end up by drawing conclusions from the play/results any given game in isolation. Instead, enjoy the particular game as it's being played for its own sake, and let the season itself just unfold slowy and reveal itself to you.

Since this is Lost day, I really don't have anything constructive to add, but this I must say: I was just picking up my lunch in a Manhattan deli and Sweet Caroline came on the radio. If that's not an omen for a great season, I don't know what is.

Lost is a quality show...I've watched a few to get the show's overall touch and feel.

I'm fucking overjoyed to report that Rome has been renewed for a second season.

think Graff can start at short until Pedroia's ready?

think Graff can start at short until Pedroia's ready?

A pretty good description of why I don't watch Lost...

It's the television equivalent of "ooh, look at the pretty shiny thing...now look at this pretty shiny thing...now look at this..." Never once do you ever get the pretty shiny thing or examine what makes it pretty or shiny. There's no resolution. I think after watching Memento a few times, I'm tired of the whole..."how we got here...how we got there...how we got *there*....how we got **there**..." style of storytelling too.

It's the television equivalent of "ooh, look at the pretty shiny thing...now look at this pretty shiny thing...now look at this..."

Perhaps. Though I found myself saying out loud more than once last night, "Best show on network TV evah!"

There are also people who consider baseball to be the most boring sport imaginable.

One person's fancy is another's folly.

Me likes shiney things.

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