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Post Number 500 (for lack of a more imaginative title)

Finally, aftah a seemingly endless line of playahs bitching and moaning about how horrific it is to play in Boston, Bronson Arroyo steps up and shows a little love.


The kid's not only got nuts the size of Saturn, but the heart of Paul Revere. You go, Bronson.


Now this is the point in the strip where the savvy writer would smoothly transition the reader from a Red Sox discussion into our now regular Thursday "Lost" discussion, but I've got nil in the savvy department just now, thus, dear readers, you're S.O.L. today as far as transitions go, so in media res it is …

OK. Let me get this straight, guy formerly known as Groton's fishing man now known as Zeke. If someone comes over to your and house and takes off their shoes and puts their feet up on the table, it gives you the right to steal their children? Come again, dude?


Yeah, and if you want people to get off "your" island, maybe when they try to do just that you shouldn't, you know, blow up their raft?


Meanwhile, Zeke and the "light 'em up" gang inhabit the mountainous center of the island fahthest from the ocean, yet also have speedy access to the Gorton's fishing boat? How's that work?


Yeah, there's always a couple of head scratchers in any Lost episode, but last night was especially egregious. I mean they set up all this back story about Kate being tough as nails, killing her own dad, repeatedly kicking the crap out of a federal marshall, robbing banks, et cetera, yet Zeke puts a bag over her had and gun to her neck and she's all whimpering like a A-Rod after having a Varitek up in his face flashback?


No kidding. I might have bought that had aftahwahds she started talking about how she was tortured or something but, nope, instead Kate's all "howya doin' feelin' fine" like nothing happened.


Well, I'm just glad somebody, though I never expected it to be Jack, has finally decided to get their collective asses together and try something proactive for a change.


Yeah, I'm so looking for to this coming war between the Lostaways and "Them."


  I'm ready for the Lostaways to start kicking some barefoot, kid stealing bootay. Mr. Eko, Jin, Ana Lucia, Sayid … talk about a "murderer's row."



Thank God h.b.
You had the same reaction to "Lost" as I did.

Really? There's a shit-load of "Others" with torches led by Bad Santa Zeke?
No Way!!

And it took One Hour of my miserable life to watch those people walk up the NORTH side of the Island to be ambushed?

And Kate got them in trouble?

Well, No Shit.

I have to say that puerto rican daughter chick was a mild distraction, seeing old Jack get the blue balls and then get kicked in the package by Miracle Wife was a nice side bar, but one has to think that maybe, just maybe, last night we witnessed Lost inching into Twin Peaks territory.


Damn! Did I just figure it out?


//but one has to think that maybe, just maybe, last night we witnessed Lost inching into Twin Peaks territory.//

I hope you mean Twin Peaks, season 2, because the first season was amazing.

Congrats on #500 hb.

I will now sit and twiddle my thumbs in the corner the rest of the day, humming "Dirty Water"...

Oh, that's right; strip number 500. Is that the magic number to get into the Blog of Fame?

It is possible we'll look back on last night's episode as the show's (pardon the cliche) "jumping the shark" moment.

Unfortunately, not all 500 strips so far have fallen for hits. There are definitely some shallow infield pops, a handful of inning ending GIDPs, and, worst of all, many strike outs caught looking.

But the homers have been Mannyesque at times, if I do say so myself. (And like Manny, I kind of like to drop the bat and stare at them a bit longer than I should before beginning my slow homerun trot.)

exactly, h.b. I was thinking of how the shark jump could fit into my post, but couldn't think of anything.

Congratulations on #500. May you have many more.

In TV, 100 episodes is the benchmark for syndication (aka the Pile of Money Hall of Fame). I remember watching "St. Elsewhere"'s 100th show. You will recall, if you are old like me, that they would have cute inside jokes on the paging system in the hospital. On Show 100, they paged "Ms. Cashun, Ms. Cindy Cashun"

to the moon with soxaholix, hb

Since its inception, I had successfully managed to avoid watching so much as a single episode of Lost. However, inspired by the rapturous comments every Thursday in this blog, I decided to finally check out the show.

Last night.

I want that hour of my life back. Expect a bill in the mail come Monday.

Last night's episode was probably the worst one to get stuck with as your first episode.

Let's look at it this way: they're not going to reveal anything else major for a few weeks now, so at least we were able to see the others for a little bit. I'd rather they not humanize them, since they're supposed to be all super strong and magically altered, but I love that they're setting up a future war between the clans.

Honestly, as long as it doesn't devolve into BS like the sayid / shannon nauseafest prior to her getting shot, and backstories on AL or another boring character, I'm a'ight.

Yeah, I'm still fine with the show.

As I've already alluded to, as someone who tries to write something entertaining 5 days a week I know it isn't easy and that there are going to be some duds.

Also I think that whenever we get a Lostzilla/black smoke type show, we tend to get dissappointed when the next episode in the series moves on to something else.

How ironic that Zeke wants a truce of sorts (you stay on your side of the island, we'll stay on ours) on Lost and today Osama Bin Nutjob wants a truce as well.

The best part of last night's show was Sayiid walking into the hatch and declaring to Hurley and Charlie, "This music is quite depressing".

This stuff with the Others is kinda bugging me now with this you stay on your side of the island, we'll stay on our side thing. Why does'nt somebody ask how to get the hell OFF of the island?? The others have a boat, go find it!

The best part of last night's show was Sayiid walking into the hatch
and declaring to Hurley and Charlie, "This music is quite depressing".


Congrats on #500. Keep 'em coming.

And yeah, last night's ep. ANOTHER Jack the Doctor flashback episode? What's the count on those, now... five? Wake me up when they tell us how Locke ended up in a wheelchair.

Disappointing how they follow up what might be the best Lost ep ever with last night's snorefest. Here's hoping next week's is gold.

No comments about Arroyo? I hope they can find a reason to keep him. Sure, he digs himself into Lee-Smith-esque holes sometimes, but that kind of love for Boston has got to be good for the team. And why not hang on to a reasonably reliable starter?

Congrats on #500, achieved without the use of steroids (from what I hear)! I am a recent convert and dig most of your rants.

I didn't notice if the episode was boring or 'off' on account of the smoking hot daughter of the dying man, played by one Monica Dean nee Barladeanu. I was concentrating on ways to hit that without my wife getting mad at me, and the time passed too quickly.

Like that plot development wasn't telegraphed too. The minute I saw her on screen I knew there would be an incident with her and Jack.

True that. Hell, if it were Kate and that chick, there would be an 'incident'.

I hate Thursdays at Soxaholix. It makes me rue the Wednesday I managed to miss an episode and got forever 'lost' in episode backlog hell. You guys rubbing it in doesn't help.

On the other hand, glad to see my mom's stalking of Cornrowyo on the cruise last year and getting a picture with him in the casino isn't all for naught.




It stuns me that a Bostonian with a Ph.D. in literature gives a **** about any show on network tv in 2006. This is not your father's Boston.

I admit that I haven't watched it (we only turn on the cable during the end of the baseball season and the playoffs and then watch a month of HBO before turning it off again -- and in Manhattan no cable = no tv). But reading the recaps here does not make it sound like I'm missing anything. The last good network show was Seinfeld.

I love TV. Always have. Always will. And I'd argue we are in a true golden age of television right now.

There are two kinds of people in the world whom I immediately distrust:
1) A New England native who doesn't root for the Red Sox.
2) Anyone who claims to not watch any TV and/or spouts the "vast wasteland" cliche.

But that's just me.

I'd half agree with the idea that this is a golden age of TV. Dramas? Definitely. Sitcoms? Not as much. However, comedy in general isn't suffering, it's just not in the traditional sitcom format. Arrested Development and The Office are both hilarious non-sitcom comedies.

"The last good network show was Seinfeld."

If you don't watch TV, you aren't qualified to make such blanket statements.

I just love when people immediately dismiss something under the auspices of being too informed. I don't know about you folks, but my very expensive education taught me to try new things and then judge, but maybe that's just me.

Lost and 24 have nothing to do with the rest of the crap on tv.

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