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Lisa the Temp:
I'm baaaack! Lisa the Temp in 2006 yet still stuck with the computer from 1986 … Anyone want to play Lemonade Stand in BASIC? But I digress … Your buddy Brachen left this note …


Written on a PostIt note (image):
Readers: Out sick. Be back when been better. -- H.B.

Lisa the Temp:
Poor little blogger doesn't feel so good. What a wussy. He'd never make it as a temp.


Lisa the Temp:
Speaking of sick, I hear your little mental friend says he's going to stick around. Isn't that sweet?


Lisa the Temp:
OK. Fun's over, back to the very important tasks in front of me



Feel better, h.b. and thanks for the reminder of Lemonade Stand. Between that, Micro League Baseball, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein and the Oregon Trail, you almost make me pine for the old Apple 2C.

HB, sorry you're under the weather. Here's the perfect cure for any illness - two dropped eggs on toast. You will be on your feet faster than Dave Roberts.

Just stay away from cat.

Get better HB. Megadoses of Vitamin C, chicken soup, and a contract extension for Papi ought to do the trick.

And let's all observe a moment of silence for the incomparable Lou Rawls.

Get well soon, h.b.

h.b., we all have those days. The day after I got home from Christmas break, I spent 12 hours in bed.

Ugh...good luck kicking what ails ya.



JT Snow agrees to 1 year, $2 million contract with Red Sox

Feel better H.B. Hope it's not the flu; that's going around like crazy in my office, and it seems particularly nasty this year. Fortunately, I got a flu shot in early November.

J.T. Snow, huh? Another great replacement defensive first baseman, along the lines of Minky and Olerud. Still, I pine for the days of a full-timer there. Miss ya Mo. You never should have left, you old car washer you.

Get well soon H.B. I can sympathize, I,m at the tail end of a bout with Strep. No freakin' fun I can tell ya.

O.K., does anyone else hear this line in their head when you read about J.T. Snow: "Wish we had him 5 years ago"

Couldn't resist a shameless "Major League" quote in these dark Winter days.

Here's another non-Manny question. Is Graffanino in arbitration? If we get him for a reasonable price, has he ever played SS or is his arm not made for that kind of throw? Sorry, been really busy at work and haven't been able to keep up.

Follower of Tito - you must have been really busy. We traded Manny, Graffinino, Papelbon, Lester and Big Papi to the Dodgers for D-Lowe and Tommy Lasorda (he's gonna be our GM). Gotta keep more on top of things, Tito. (Oh, BTW, he got fired last week. We brought back Butch to take over.)

Ah, Lisa, your ironclad facade hides a complex, sensitive woman that cries out for meaning, for love, for understanding...

We know your job is difficult, but:
Leve fit, quod bene fertur, onus
(The burden is made light which is borne well)

Butch?- I thought had Cronin resurrected.

Graff accepted arbitration FoT. From what I've read, it seems he'll be our utility guy or possibly be traded during Spring Training...

Spring Training. Ooh- I just got goosebumps. It is only six weeeks away after all.

Give Papi his extension!! Don't make me come find you Lucky.

JT Snow?
Why do the words "Jack Clark" come to mind?

Feeling better... thanks for the sentiments.

The talk on Snow seems to be that as long as he's used as 1) late inning defensive replacement off the bench 2) Cool veteran guy to have around as a presence in the clubhouse, then it's a pretty good pickup.

I really want to see Youkilis get a shot at starting 1B with 500 at bats.

I really want to see Youkilis get a shot at starting 1B with 500 at bats.

Absolutely. The guy deserves it, all that flip flopping between Pawtucket and Boston, he's put in his time. Let him at it, he's so ready...........

they proably got nsow so they could ease youk into the role, and if he doesn;t get off to a great strat they have snow thier to play a bakc up role.

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