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Idolators, watch your backs

So Mota was given a clean bill of health by the Red Sox docs, but failed his physical for Cleveland. How's that work?


I just hope that "dead" with respect to this deal doesn't translate as Marte and Delcarmen or any othah prospects for Crisp.


If that happens, dude, I'm am so donning my Judgement Day jacket. Gots to represent, yo.


Kanye H. West right you do.



Yeah how does a player pass one physical and not another? Do we have bad team doctors?

Kanye H. West, Brachen, quite the arcane strip today.
Did you miss the eagerly awaited encylical from the Red Sox Papal Triumverate (or however many there are), you know, "together we can change the world," or just chose to ignore it?
And where'd you get that shot of Schilling in his "Judgement Day" sportswear? Has he launched the full line yet?

Is it just chance that the words arcane idolatry are an anagram for "adore carnality".

This goes deeper than we know.....


or that Kanye H West is "He's wet Yank"

Yikes, I'm scaring myself!

One more:

CHB = "Brain fiery, cuddly hero"

Re: The Mota physical:

Aside from the city's infamous "River O'Flames," Cleveland is best-known for its vaunted medical community, no?
The smalltown Boston docs are clearly no match for their superiors on Lake Erie.
Like Spinal Tap's manager, Ian Faith observed, "Boston's not a college town."

Re: The Mota physical:

Aside from the city's "River O'Flames," Cleveland is best-known for its vaunted medical community, no?
The smalltown Boston docs are clearly no match for their superiors on Lake Erie.
Like Spinal Tap's manager, Ian Faith observed, "Boston's not a college town."

I like the Catholic League quote: "It's one thing to rip off Catholic iconography. It's quite another to exploit a poor soul like Kanye West. Anyone who is this morally and mentally challenged deserves our sympathy not our derision."


Re: the physical . . .

According to Will Carroll (regardless of whether you like his blog hb, his UTK column is pretty sick), pretty much every pitcher's MRI could be subject to 'termination' of any real deal - basically anyone who throws a baseball has structural shoulder or elbow damage.

There's a very real chance the Indians saw something the Sox didn't - however, Occam's Razor will also approve "Indians doctors freaked out over something moderately standard" as well as "Indians officials really wanted Delcarmen anyway, so the physical was booted"

Good info.

BTW I do like Will Carroll's work. I just enjoy busting on him and the blog when he gets into the holier than thou stuff.

But I do that to anyone who starts taking themselves, their blogs, or blogging in general too seriously.

Great line from yesterday:

"If Kanye West had balls, he would have posed as Mohammed."

Speaking of people who take themselves too seriously, have any of the faithful seen the GQ article on Saint Curt?

Some highlights:
-Fregosi: Red Light Curt?
-D'backs organization thinks he doctored the sock?

Thoughts? Anyone? Bueller?

I've long suspected Schilling's little ankle stain was not-so-much blood, but more pre-game chili dog. Whatevs. Why spoil the myth with DNA testing?

Nice to see the MFY are at their pre-pre season antagonistic best. Spring training started early for youse guyse this year, eh?

RE: physical- along the lines of what d56 said, there's eighteen year olds out there who wouldn't pass a major league physical. The thing that makes me have severe suspicion about the Tribe's dealings is the fact that one Dr. James Andrews signed off on Mota's shoulder and elbow. What- MLB's premiere orthopedic surgeon's diagnosis isn't good eough for Cleveland? Well- fuckin shit. I guess we screwed the pooch on that one...

Re: bloody sock- I completely ageree. I mean, people don't bleed from places they had sutured hours before performing physical activities. Fucking glory-hog. And the fact that the stain got bigger as the game went on? Yeah- I saw him applying that haloween blood in the dugout between innings. I'm actually surprised McCarver didn't say anything...

Keep scratchin, Jay. It's like the DaVinci Code- layers upon layers of secrecy to cover up the true foundation of the Red Sox 2004 World Series Championship.

They wanted Delcarmen. We've seen enough of Delcarmen to know that they're not getting Delcarmen. I hope Marte proves to be amazing and we can promote some AAA player to CF and he shines as well. Then we can play the Indians and he can hit the game winner...but not before a 30 minute delay as Crisp is carted off the field with a ripped tendon. I hate Cleveland.

NV: Don't shoot the messenger, baby...Clearly HB's neglect of the article is an example of blatant blogospheric bias....a doctored sock would dwarf even Welles's War of the Worlds hoax...

In all seriousness, if he did doctor the sock down 0-3 to fire the team up, it was brilliant, a truly inspired move. If so, he belongs in the motivation hall of fame with Julius Caesar, Bob Knight, George Patton and Nancy Baker, my 8th grade english teacher of whom I was deathly afraid.

That's not all folks. You ever wonder who killed Kennedy? Who really killed Kennedy? That's right: Curt Schilling.

I put the Curt/Red Sox faked the bloody sock stuff in the same category as the "US Govt actually was behind 9/11" or the "US Govt is using 'chemtrails' sprayed by unmarked white jets to keep us all docile" tinfoil hat conspiracy theories.

Though I'll grant that faking the bloody sock is the most plausible of all the conspiracy theories out there.

No comments on the other floated Crisp deal that came to light? Clement to the Reds, Austin Kearns to the Indians, and Crisp to the Sox? I'd give my left nut to get Crisp for one of our excess starting pitchers instead of for our premier position prospect. Dan O'Brien's been fired since turning down the deal, and there's a new owner and GM in Cincy, so who knows if this will be resurrected? Apparently, it was fine from the Indians' perspective, but the Reds turned it down, which makes no sense to me--they have excess outfielders, Kearns has the lowest trade value of any of them, and Clement's better than any starting pitcher on their roster (and they pursued him heavily a year ago in FA). If the Sox have to throw some money at Clement's contract, given the money they'd be saving on Crisp vs. Johnny, and the fact we get to keep Marte, I'm fine with throwing as many dollars at the Reds as it takes.

Forget conspiracy theories; I think this is a case of reincarnation.

Fact: Curt Schilling was born November 14, 1966.

Fact: Mississipi John Hurt, famous blues man, died just 12 days prior to Curt's arrival.

Fact: One of the lyrics of Hurt's "Stack Olee Blues" goes: "Blood now stains your soul, Judas."

Coincidence? No way. Curt Schilling IS Mississippi John Hurt.

Sorry Bob, but there's no way that the soul of a Southern African-American blues singer got reincarnated into a person with conservative beliefs who stumped for George W. Bush.

Bob, you're a smart guy so I'll assume you're just being Earl Weaver and "playing the probabilities," and not an identity politics canard.

"Southern African-American blues singer" How fucking antiseptic and vanilla does that sound? Blues singers can no longer be called "black" for fear of thought police recrimination?

I am depressed.

And not to stir the political pot, but one could argue that the old, black, southern bluesman is rooted in a culture that has more in common (e.g., church going, family oriented, close ties to the community, hard working) with so-called "conservative values" than with, say, the "BushIsHitlerChimpTheUSAisEVIL!" crowd.

Indeed, the GOP gains of traditionally Democratic voting blacks over the past few election cycles are considerable.

"If that happens, dude, I'm am so donning my Judgement Day jacket."

Heh. If only we had a Holocaust Cloak, THEN maybe we could do something.

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