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Ah, the Wrath, of course

Is it me or is this the dullest offseason evah?


I dunno. Maybe we just got spoiled last yeah when there was always some post World Series going on and forgot what a typical January is like?


But eithah way, there's so little to talk about right now, that SoSH'ers are reduced to arguing about propah pronoun use.


True, but I've gotta confess that whenevah I see the word "quartile" my brain aborts all interest and the next thing you know I'm lost in a Scarlett Johansson fantasy.


I guess Mayah Nagin doesn't buy into the Yakuza thing?


Nah, the Japanese Mafia in control of a weathah machine to avenge Hiroshima is total nonsense. But believing in a wrathful supreme deity who singles out particular areas for a well deserved smiting, now that shit is for reals.



Ennui? Ya.
I enjoyed the Golden Globes over the weekend, Anne Hathaway's were good in the GCM.
The award show was ok, too.
Mr. Eko cleans up nice.

The worst thing about the off season (other than the Pats not taking us to the three week Dead Zone before spring training starts) is that the World Baseball Cup or whatever it is called will allow a lot of the best players to skip Spring Training until 3/24. Ooof.

Scarlett Johansson is a huge Yankee fan.


she is dead to me now

Both hb and Red are panting about same thing? Man off-season really is slow.

Both hb and Red are panting about same thing? Man off-season really is slow.

Actually, this is one of those occasions where "Bill" is speaking for himself and I'm out of the equation.

I'm not saying I don't think Scarlett J is a really attractive young lady, just that my own personal tastes skew a bit differently.

But your point holds: the offseason really is slow.

I think Scarlett Johansson dated Jeter for a while. She is overrated. There, I said it...call me a contrarian.

Do any of you recognize the name Natasha Henstridge? Though a b-lister, she's about 2.84 times better looking than any woman in Hollywood right now.

But believing in a wrathful supreme deity who singles out particular areas for a well deserved smiting, now that shit is for reals.

You'd better hope Pat Robertson doesn't read Soxaholix. He's already called down the smiting on New Orleans, Hugo Chavez, Ariel Sharon, and that town in Pennsylvania that decided they should teach actual science in science classes. You think he won't call one down on your ass?

Old Testament, bitches!

Jeez, seems like every A-list starlett has dated Jeter along the way.

In the strip, Bill tends toward the fair-skinned types, hence SJ.

Doug on the other hand, really digs Sophie Marceau.

Ms. Johansson's not where my tastes run either on the whole (except for, ya know, the rack...breasts have this terrible tendency to make my mind stop functioning), but you know, I wouldn't say no to a night or two of her company...Yankee fan or no. Isn't she kind of an idiot as well, though? I mean, have the traits "Yankee fan" and "idiot" ever coincided?...nah!

Something I haven't mentioned here is that my girlfriend claims to be a Yankee fan. Ha! Her devotion is not exactly diehard (her last memories of them seem to be centered around the World Series games at Yankee Stadium in 2001...which were admittedly pretty miraculous), so we'll just see if she can watch parts of dozens of Red Sox games (MLB.TV internet broadcast routed to TV) and not grow to like them (we met in July and she has just moved in about a week ago). Alternately, she'll loathe my obsession with them and hate them like a good Yankee fan should. Either way, I'll push her to her true baseball tastes.

h.b., shout out to the man who put the accent/tilde in Ta-VA-rez the other day.

MFY fan or no, Miss Scarlett it the bees knees. That opening scene in "Lost in Translation"? Good God... want to touch the heine- arooooooo!

Sorry, but if you hadn't brought her up, I wouldn't have done that.

I'm not sure I can hold out another month for P&C....

Scarlett is the shizzit. Old girl is straight out of a '40s flick, but with a nicer set o' cans. My favorite starlet, though? Any female cast member of Firefly/Serenity. And Nathan Fillion. I have a mad hetero-mancrush on him.

da kine is on the mark. Scarlett shoulda been Rosie the Riveter in "Winning The War At Home", along with Thersa Wright.
We all know DJ climbs Brokeback Mountain, so so what if she's his beard?

Wait, I made a BB reference this morning and nobody apparently got it (or it wasn't funny). That means I've seen it. Does that render me gay?

At this point in time, you almost have to feel sorry for every woman in Hollywood not named Scarlett Johansson or Jessica Alba (who has also boosted Jeter's career stats).
I mean, these particular chicks look like it takes them all of 5 minutes to get red carpet ready. Skin-tight dress? Check. No underwear? Check-eroo. Any visible flaws? Heh. You're fuckin' kidding me, right?
Then, they shine in, knowing they own the friggin' place, making every beautiful "older" woman in the house look like some shriveled up hag who's trying way too hard.
Invariably, the vaporous TV hosts beg these hot little numbers to impart their "beauty secrets." The succulent ones, sleepily basking under the heat-lamp of attention, insouciantly roll their eyes, "Like, fuckin' duh, I'm, like, 19 or whatever." It's impossible not to succumb to their effortless superiority.

I'm not sure I can hold out another month for P&C....

Oh, man, tell me about it. I'm down to the last few drops of water left in the creative well.


Based on your recomendation, the weekend before last I sat down and put Disc 1 of the Firefly series into the DVD player... WOW! I loved it. Instantly hooked.

And, yes, the female cast is top notch.

I made a remark awhile ago about Jeter and his sexuality, I think it was if Jeter is straight then I don't want to be, and my sister told me she bartended at a place he went to in the late 90s. Apparently he left the joint with a very fine young lady every time, a different young lady. Wonder if he's just faking?

Way to go Devine. Don't worry about the Yankee fan part. Remember that guy who looked like our former center fielder who dined with tax collectors and prostitutes (that's a VERY loose metaphor). I'm sure your passion for the game will let her see the error of her ways and you two will walk forever together in the Kingdom of Red Sox Nation. Amen.

Scarlett has her plusses but right now I'm in the mood for something more...spicy. Like Indian (Parminder Nagra)...Mmmm.

Or maybe it's not the spice...maybe I just have a thing for hot female doctors on TV (Jennifer Morrison). The episode where Cameron gets high and screws Chase was just...really...hot.

hear hear, da kine, hear hear. best damn show that shoulda never been cancelled. that, and arrested development.

well, scarlett johanson don't do nothin for me personally. not jessica anybody neither. or angelina.

now derek - NOW you talkin smmmokin hot, even if he IS a yankee. but i nevah picture him in ANY uni, anyhow.


but you right about this being the dullest offseason evah. got spoilt 2 years ago when andy pettitte signed, then all rogah every day until he finally signed - first time evah that baseball was front page news in the offseason in houston

More Firefly devotees is always a good thing. And after you watch the series, you can see Serenity! (Personally, I thought it didn't quite live up to the potential the series had...but they did have to combine what was supposed to be seasons' worth of plot into a couple hours and it WAS a good movie.)

Give me Laura Prepon any day.

What has this world come to when Red Sox fans mantra flips on its head: Remember Last Year!

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