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A Real Yanqui Doodle Dandy

Ah, Christ, now I can die in patriotic bliss: A-Rod is going to represent the USA in the World Baseball Classic.


[sings] "O beautiful for bluey lips/ For ambah waves of grain …"


Just one thing, Alex, when you're representing Team USA could ya, you know, go easy with that pussy ball slap shit you're infamous for? I'm just sayin' …


Yeah, guys like Hugo Chavez and Castro give us enough crap already without any help from your "killa moves," dude.


You've got to figure, though, that a meaningless hype-fest like the WBC is just the kind of stage that will bring out A-Fraud's best game. I mean this "tournament" is the polah opposite of an ALCS in Octobah.


Absolutely. And remembah, Alex, our great nation turns it's lonely eyes to you, so don't be afraid to, you know, give it the ol' 110%, risk of injury be damned!


Alex, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.




Timlin's going, too. He better not get hurt either.

"Meaningliess Hype-Fest"
I totally agree h.b. I just can't get excited over the WBC, and only hope that Timlin and Tek don;t get hurt.

It would be nice to see Petey drill A-Fraud though, wouldn't it?

If Roger drills Papi, I hope he has good life insurance. Because if David doesn't beat the crap out of him, someone in the Nation will.

Actually, I'm anticipating more that he pops a hammy while rounding the bases after his 7th inning grand slam makes an 11-2 lead a 15-2 lead over Trinidad and Tobago. That just seems more in character for Slappy.

Either that, or he slips and breaks a leg after crapping himself in fear over matching up against that Dominican murderer's row in a title game. I remain convinced that that's the real reason for his hemming and hawing over which country to play for in the WBC: One ARod saw the stacked Dominican roster, he wanted no part of playing for a team that wasn't assured of victory, and tried to bitch out gracefully.

Guess who's the writer of this blog:


Clue: he's being posting since August 31, and has a grand total of 12 comments.

Well, I was extremely excited about the WBC until this morning. I was born and raised in the US, am of Irish descent, but I'll be cheering for Japan and the DR because of A-fraud's involvement. I can't explain why I hate him, but boy do I hate him, and I will never cheer for a team that he's on.

I'd much rather cheer Petey, Papi and Manny on the DR than that scumbag.

or mebbe he chose the US team 'cause if he had gone with the DR team as he'd been thinking, he'd be hitting 7th behind Manny, Papi, Miggy & the rest...oh, and playing 3rd base to boot!

Man oh man...I am here in Puerto Rico where there will be WBC action and I'm not the least interested in going to watch these meaningless games. But I want to see how AFraud will choke against the DR or even Cuba, if they play of course at the latter stages of the tournament.

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