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Stove's a cooking

Christ, my head is spinning. Renteria for Marte, the numbah 1 prospect in all of MLB from a team that wrote the friggin' book on developing talent from within? The mind boggles …


What a fantastic deal! I nevah wanted to pile it on Renteria for his incessant struggling in 05 ala Boston Dirt Dogs, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit to his being probably the biggest FA disappointment I can evah remembah.


Yeah, the Renteria signing last year was always a bit suspect, you know trying to covah up for the loss of Pedro with an A-list free agent, but I kept waiting and hoping he'd "break out" in the next game or the one aftah that until I finally realized Renteria was a goddamn Godot. He ain't evah going to arrive.


Well, at least not in Boston. I think he'll be fine in Atlanta and back in the NL … meanwhile, who's at short now?


Haven't you friggin' heard? It's Miggy time!


Dude, I will not bite on that Turkish Delight, it just ain't gonna happen.


OK, where do I begin? With the fact that Baltimore would nevah go for it or that Manny, with veto rights, would nevah go for it? Or that you're replacing one disgruntled playah with anothah, not to mention not helping the club fiscally or long term?


Ah, right, the cynical New Englandah angle … no joy, no dreams …


Hey, I'm just keeping it real.


Half the fun of the Hot Stove League is stoking the outlandish possibility … I mean, Christ, why don't we just stop calling it a Hot Stove altogether, since you know, real wood stoves just add to global warming and we're all gonna die!



I think swapping Manny for Miggy, would be no advantage, the next thing out of the front office would be how Larry has this great idea for a musical he wants to do.
btw, wood stoves don't contribute to global warming as they only re-release modern co2, unlike fossil fuels which release ancient co2 which was off the books you might say.
In any event a small car with 3 people in produces less co2 than if those people had walked, to their destination.

I'm afraid that all these moves by the Sox are going to make Steinbrenner sign Damon, and maybe Nomar, hastily. We'll see.

What's the deal with Myers? Why did the Sox let him go (and get snatched up by the Yanks)?

I burn coal, so I guess I am the Devil. It's toasty, though.

So Theo IS gonna walk through that door, after all? (see Papa Gammons remarks on 'EEI).

Loretta is a solid upgrade at 2d, but still I am wondering what was so horrendous about a 95 win team that had Wakefield anchoring the starting pitching.

The more it snows, the more I long for Truck Day.

The issue here is WHAT will be given up for Tejada? Clement and Youlk? fine... but a 1 to 1 Manny for Tejada switch won't happen. The Sox will get stuck eating some HUGE chunk of contract.. and who knows if Manny will even WANT to go to Baltimore.

"Biggest FA disappointment evah"? Bill should be old enough to remember Matt Young. Edgah was a very good player having a mediocre year. And, hey! It only cost us $23M to spend that mediocre year watching him.

As for Manny, I like the recommendation someone just posted elsewhere: tell him Baltimore is on the West Coast and see if he goes for it.

Billy: I'm not sure, but thanks a lot for a good situational lefty without having to surrender draft picks. Start watching video now, Ortiz.

MR for Tejada...please, do it....I welcome the prospect of seeing the Red Sox lineup weaken. (when '06 PECOTA and Bill James projections are accounted for)

Let me explain thusly...when Ramirez comes to the plate against NYY, I fucking hold my breath. Tejada only causes minor irritation.

After the solid Overbay deal, Toronto is becoming a serious threat.

"Biggest FA disappointment evah"? Bill should be old enough to remember Matt Young.

Bill replies,

To be "disappointed" one must have first had some sort of hope, desire, or expectation. I had no such feelings toward Matt Young. Did you? Really? Did you also have your hopes dashed by Dante Bichette? Heh. Renteria was an A-List signing, and along with that came the expectation that he was, you know, an A-List player. Matt Young, er, not so much.


That was the most succinct definition I've seen for why I adore Manny Ramirez and never want to see him go anywhere.

Thanks for the link!

I suppose this will come as absolutely no surprise, but reliable Yankee teabagger Buster Olney thinks the Renteria trade was great - for Atlanta.

Global warming? Christ, once the oil runs out, we'll be glad for a little free heat.

This whole Tejada thing is eerily similar to the Slappy McBluelips fiasco in the 03-04 offseason. We tried and tried but couldn't get it worked out , then the MFY swept in and picked up where we left off. This time around, there is one critical difference. Unless Miggy wants to pitch or play CF, there's no way the Skanks are getting in on this. That leaves us with only one possible solution: the FO pulls the trigger (pretty much whatever the O's want) and Miggy is manning the 6 hole. As I posted yesterday Icould see either Manny and $, or a combination of prospects, $ and Youk/Trot/Bronson.


Holy. Shit.

That is the wishfullest of wishful thinking BTW.

hb: And why would you?
Unless the swap was with one of four guys:

A. Jones
2005 AL MVP Alex Rodriguez (NV in SD loves the ring of that)

I'll take Bonds off the list because BB is the only person to require more than just Ramirez in the swap to create value for SF.

In a similar analogy, I hear NYY fans saying similar Mannyesque things re: Sheffield and that he should be traded for Vernon Wells, among others...to which I reply: Are you fucking kidding me?

I think that you have ruined your appetite

I hear NYY fans saying similar Mannyesque things re: Sheffield and that he should be traded for Vernon Wells, among others...to which I reply: Are you fucking kidding me?

Yeah, especially since Sheffield made himself untradeable by swearing not to play if he's traded. Douche.

I'd love to help out Miggy and have him come here, but not at the expense of Manny's bat. Frankly I don't see what on earth the Sox have to gain by working so hard to trade him. Personally, I'd go out and entertain a few ridiculous offers (2 starting pitchers with ERAs under 4.00 and 3 top prospects) and just tell him "hey, we did what we could."

TypePad Down -- Can't Post

Just letting you know I did write a strip today, albeit a very short one, but I can't yet publish it, as TypePad has suffered some sort of critical failure.

Luckily, I don't thing I lost any content, unlike some other blogs where several day's worth of recent content has vanished.

I'll publish today's whenever I'm able.

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