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Bright Sides

Well, not a bad weekend at all considering it's Decembah …


Absolutely. While I nevah felt Nomah swinging on the first pitch and popping up to the shallow infield would have made the Yankees a bettah team, still it would have been a real gut check having to watch Nomah slapping Jetah's ass and shit.


Was it really just two years ago that Nomah turned his hooked nose up at the Red Sox 60 mil offah?


Unbelievable isn't it?  Guy goes from thinking he's God's gift to baseball to being shopped around like Aunt Millie's holiday fruit cake in the span of two seasons.


Yeah, and Mia Hamm still ain't preggahs. Whithah Nomah?


Could be worse, though, I mean there's Sidney Ponson aftah all. Talk about a fall from grace.



H. B. the 1st frame repeats, and the hyperlink for the 2nd frame is repeated in the 3rd frame, then after the 9th, there's a repeat of the 4th - 8th, at least for me anyway.

If Dodger Blue gets any more Red Sox, they're gonna have to call it Dodger Purple.

Kaz, I'm thinking about a road trip to Chavez Ravine the weekend of May 19 to see the Angels v. Dodgers. I'm thinking we'll see more of our heroes (and Grady) in that series than at any time in Boston in '06. Garciahamma will look great in Dodger Blue Speedos, sitting on the DL in Manhattan Beach.

Going out on a limb to predict Nomar wins NL Comeback of the Year in '06, then does a long-term deal to finish his career with the Dodgers, although for considerably less than he could have had. Lou, if he does spend the year soaking up the sun on the DL, I'll remember you told me so.

Happy holidays to all the Soxaholix.

About the Pats victory (which I got to see because it was a national telecast):

Chris Manning got spanked like a bitch who didn't bring the scrilla home to her pimp.

That boy got more manhandled than Tara Reid after a 2-hour open bar.

He got molested more than an entire youth choir at a Vatican choral concert.

He took more hits than a google search for Saugeen Stripper.

well,the fruitcake parts right

I thought I heard this morning he was willing to play OF. Thats got to be good for a bum hammy.

After all the trade-aways and non-signings this fall, the Sox management could have just thrown a few grenades onto the home field at the end of the last game of the season and been done with it earlier.

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