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There's Lost and then there's lost

[Warning: First panel contains Lost TV Series 2-6 spoiler.]

Well, Lucchino can blather on about the "misleading and inaccurate" reports regarding his role in L'affaire Epstein, but I feel about as much sympathy for him as I did for the ho bitch Shannon when she got gunned down by Ana-Lucia on Lost last night.


Absolutelely. I still remember how disappointed I was when Shannon didn't die last season. Now if they'd only kill off heroin hobbit Charlie next, at least my fan of Lost life would be in order, unlike my Red Sox fan life.


Yeah, at least with the Lostaways we can expect some sort of tribal justice. I mean Sayid is so going to go all Uday and Qusay on Ana-Lucia now for offing his "I'll give it up cuz you built me a sorry ass tent" white hootchie mama.


And there will be much rejoicing. But, alas, we have no such recompense on Yawkey Way. Nope, it's all circle the wagons and hit the spin cycle.


Yeah, I expect Lucchino to start talking about his dog Checkers any moment now.


And meanwhile, Lucchino's trying to force the "we are going to surround ourselves with great talent" Kool-Aid down our throats when they're interviewing Jim Bowden and Jim Beattie for the now vacant GM position? Oh.My.God.


Yeah, and the people on Oceanic Flight 815 think they're lost? They've no idea …



Did you see him? I just saw Theo walking through that door!!!
I'm telling you I saw him!!!
Why don't you believe me?
Theo was standing right there in the bushes going "SSShhhh"
I goddamn saw him!
Why don't you believe me you Iraqi-palace-guard-lost your-girlfriend-in-prison-wants-to-nail-me-now bastard!

[Apologizies to Walt]

Nice "Checkers" reference, H.B. I have a feeling we're going to get a good Republican cloth coat of a GM soon.

I'm just now watching Lost Season One on DVD; hoping to finish it this weekend. I had already reconciled myself to the fact that I wouldn't be able to avoid spoilers about what happens in Season Two...and unfortunately I was right.

Didn't Lucky Lucchino start out as part of the legal team going after Nixon during Watergate?

Hey...at least Bowden traded Vinny Castilla for Brian Lawrence; the guy on the wrong side of that trade, Towers, is who some folks were first pining for. I, OTOH, hold out hope that they just give the job to Hoyer or Woodfork.

Where is the mob in all of this?

Why isn't Theo a made man?

The Family should have stepped in a long time ago and solved our Lucchino problem.

Yeah, I told a buddy that if Lucchino tries dining out in the North End, he might end up face down in a plate of linguini.

Leave the gun...take the cannolis.

Nice strip HB. Bob, you beat me to the "Republican cloth coat line." Nothing left to say today. Let's just hope they don't interview Rick Pitino ...

In the most recent Century of New York Yankees Dominance, the Great & Benevolent Bronx Bombers created a give-away trinket called the Most Valuable Player award, as less fortunate baseball clubs required incentive to continue playing against the Yankees (and losing). Heh.

In the continuing spirit of Yankee generosity, the team's public relations firm (known as "Major League Baseball") awards the American League MVP trophy to Boston's gloveless slugger, David Americo Ortiz Arias.

Fire up the presses! 'Papi Defeats Slappy' (remember 'Dewey Defeats Truman'?) - and the plagued "Red Sox Nation" devours a crumb of hope for next season. Lift up your heads, rejoice, and give thanks to the charitable Yanks! Heh.


D-. Go to the principal's office and don't come back til you learn how to tell a joke.

Forget the principal's office, just go away........

We're going to bring our gold, our jewel in there, which is A-Rod -- But everybody knows that I'M really the MVP.

Kevin Towers on the Jim Rome Show today said several times that he thinks Theo and Luscious should sit down and work things out, and that would be the best for all concerned. As you know, he is close to both, and said he had talked to Theo sevral times since That Fateful Day. He hasn't talked to Luscious. I was left with the conclusion he didn't pursue the RS job,n part, because he thinks "cooler heads will prevail".
I know, I know, I am whistling in the dark, but he mentioned his hope/expectation three times in a five minute interview.

ps go to http://www.frappr.com/thesoxaholix and sign up. There has to be more than 45 readers of Mr. B's quotidian cranial convulsions.

Holy shit Babe- you are fucking on fire today! I almost had a damn seizure when I read that hilarity. BTW-I just read your late post from yesterday. Penis NV. Good one. I've heard much worse from way better. Pardon me if assface and hairypalms arent up to your caliber- how about pole-smoking jackbag? Hmm- that's nice. I think from here on out you can be PSJ.

Why don't you do yourself and all of us a favor and navigate over to http://www.asmallvictory.net/darkside/ and lose the directions back here.

Sorry for the rant all. It's just that, well- I hate assholes.

Let me speak with a bit of unearned expertise about Jim Bowden: he makes stuff sound great, but it rarely pans out.

Cristian Guzman was an awful deal, Vinny Castilla not so much. He wasn't playing in Colorado anymore, after all.

As for Lost: Sayid is gonna declare a jihad on Ana Lucia, for killing his pet trim. If you don't like it, he'll declare a jihad on you. Durkha durkha.

I think it was Uday and Qusai, HB. Saddam's sons, I mean.

In other news, Sayid is going to morph from one of the coolest characters on the show into a vengeful, whiny emokid, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make if Shannon stays dead.

Lucchino is a bit like Nixon...holds a grudge for a long time and wants to destroy people. I would love to hear him say: "You won't have Lucchino to kick around anymore"

Re: Lost....Sing this Neapolitan favorite with me (with a minor lyric tweak) x2:

O dolce Napoli, o suol beato,
ove sorridere volle il creato!(repeat both)
Tu sei l'impero dell'armonia!
Ana Lucia, Ana Lucia!

San Clemente Calling....

OK, I ws going to let this go, but then I read the attached (excerpt from statement by Luscious on 11/10/05)

"[W]hy did I not attend Theo’s press conference last Wednesday? I was actually preparing to do so, as an observer, when my boss, John Henry, expressed the preference that I not do so. Therefore, I watched the proceedings on NESN. When I heard John’s very complimentary and very generous remarks about me, I understood why he felt it might have been awkward for me to be in the room"

wha?? huh???

Delusion, thy name is Lucchino

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