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The Others

It's another Thursday without much baseball news so, once again, The Soxaholix become the Lostaholix [caution: episode spoilers galore] …

Watching the small bright dot in the sky rapidly enlahge to reveal itself as the about to crash violently tail section of doomed Flight 815 was one of the best sequences I've evah seen on TV.


And the pacing was superb. 48 days in 70 minutes? Hell yeah! On the edge of my seat the whole time. And Mr. Eko? The most righteous and visually poetic kicker of ass on all of network television. And some seriously nipples to boot.


Yeah, and leathah vest clad Ana "I do take prisoners and torture the piss out of 'em" Lucia ain't no slouch eithah.


Man, that knife and apple scene with her and the infiltrator Other, Goodwin, was pure joy.


Are you kidding me, Larry Lucchino would give a gonad to be half as smooth as Ana Lucia.


I think Larry Lucchino is one of the Others. I mean what's the first thing they do? Dissapear the kids, right? Look what happened to Theo.


More likely is Lucchino as part of The Dharma Initiative. I mean what bettah way to study lahge scale communal behaviah than to give long suffahring Red Sox fans what they most wanted only to 12 months latah destroy it all for no apparent reason?


Yeah, 4 Yawkey Way is really Dharma Station 4 and there's a hatch underneath Fenway where Larry and the Dentist go to receive coded messages from Alvar Hanso to do nonsensical things like "sell sod" and "get rid of Theo" all for the sake of large scale behavorial research.


Makes as much sense as anything we've heard out of the front office in explaining the crapfest they've gotten us into.



If Lucchismo really is one of the Othas, how long before he's impaled by a crude spear on Yawkey Way?

And who knew the Others were so easy to kill?

I now believe Kevin Brown was also one of them.

All I know is it's Day 38 since my beloved Bronx Bombers "Lost" and this Ecko dude is suddenly the hottest centerfieldah on the free agent market. Is he with Tellem or Boras?

Kim Ng as Ana Lucia.....
Brilliant, Mr. B.

I actually thought it was a pomegranate. Can we resolve that? The whole story arc may turn on it.

Red Sox fans can also take solace in the Others' assurance that "lost" kid Theo is "better off now."

Does this makes Walt the young, capable replacement for Theo that we can't find? We sort of see him out there, but so far he has failed to materialize.

Lost is a quality show without doubt.

It is in a crucial period, however....the writers must learn from the mistakes of Twin Peaks and the X-files by rewarding the show's audience. At least 1/2 of the ongoing mysteries should be solved by the end of the season. If the show becomes an unending series of unresolved mysteries replaced by new puzzles, I will feel as if the writers are jerking me around.

If you get a chance, this Sunday's Rome will likely feature the assassination of the most famous man in history:

This was the most unkindest cut of all;
For when the noble Caesar saw him stab,
Ingratitude, more strong than traitors' arms,
Quite vanquished him: then burst his mighty heart;
And, in his mantle muffling up his face,
Even at the base of Pompey's statua,
Which all the while ran blood, great Caesar fell.
O! what a fall was there, my countrymen;
Then I, and you, and all of us fell down,
Whilst bloody treason flourished over us.
O! now you weep, and I perceive you feel
The dint of pity; these are gracious drops.


Et tu, Lucchino?

Everyone knows that CHB wrote to bury Lucchino, not praise him.

Lost rocked last night. If you're not addicted enough to the show, check out this konfabulator widget I found. Now you too can live the Project Dharma nightmare. (I was really hoping to see what happened if they did'nt hit that damn button a few episodes back.)


Jason O makes a good point. I've already commented to my wife that I need to see some closure on current mysteries.

Speaking of the button, who is minding it over the last few episodes?

Jason O makes a good point. I've already commented to my wife that I need to see some closure on current mysteries.

I think they're doing an excellent job answering questions so far. They're feeding me a good balance of answers leading to more questions.

But the point is well taken. They are walking a very fine line.

Speaking of the button, who is minding it over the last few episodes?

Remember very little time has actually transpired in the last few episodes. The blowing the hatch etc was occurring concurrently while the raftaways got blown up, washed ashore etc.

It was Jack and Locke on duty last I knew...

Hey lou -

that's a mango Goodwin & Ana are cutting up...pomegranates have little red balls kind of like the boys at 4 Yawkey.

I'm waiting for Said to go all Lucchino on everyone and destroy the unity of a good team.

If we plead w/ ABC maybe they'll run Lost all summer so we have something to look forward to

Not to sound weird or anything, but I have a hetero mancrush on Mr. Eko. When he was Adabisi on Oz, I'd've shivved him in a minute and taken his little gravity-defiant hat, but as the devout and 40-day silent mystery man, he's downright dreamy.

Tnx DoubleD. The story integrity is now intact (grin)

One other thing: lostaholix should check out


I think Mr.B has already been there, given his peculiar familiarity with The Dharma Initiative

Damn, you folks watch too much fuqqin TV. Haven't you ever heard of bars?!? Jayson Stark's column on Big Papi as the clutcher man totally nailed it on the head. While A-Fraud was padding his stats in blowout games, Ortiz was balling up in the games that mattered. You know it, I know it and the American peoples knows it. Man, I need a freakin beah...

Yeah, too much tube, dudes. Let's focus on our owner who is busy shorting amphetemine futures 'cause of the coming glut. Man, THAT guy is brilliant!

I think there would have been an easier way to ferret out An Other. They could have simply looked at the person's feet. Walking around in the jungle without shoes would quickly form many calluses.

It's not perfect, it could generate a rare false positive or The Others may be aware of the issue.

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