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The bearded Manny

So when so-called Friends of Manny say he "might act irrationally if he is not traded," what do you suppose that means?


Well, given that Manny's default and/or normal behaviah is, er, screwy, for lack of a bettah word, how exactly are we supposed to know when he's "acting irrationally"?


Maybe he can give us a head's up by holding a sign or something? Instead of "Manny Being Manny" it'd read "Manny Being (More) Manny!"


Or what if the "irrational" Manny is a flip of the "normal" Manny such that the irrational becomes rational?


Ah, right! So all of a sudden the "irrational" version is, you know, running wicked hahd to first on pop flies, is begging to play every day and remembahs how many outs there are in an inning … shit like that.


You know regarding this latest trade me saga, I'm entirely sympathetic to Manny's or any celebrity's desiah for privacy etc, but, c'mon, living at the Ritz Cahlton smack dab in the center of the city of Boston isn't exactly working the privacy angle too hahd.


Geez, you think? But I can understand Manny's inability to grasp that, but you'd think his wife would have her wits about her. I mean she's from Brazil aftah all.


No kidding. In South America if you have any money or social standing at all you live behind razah wiah and a 10 foot wall of reinforced concrete to keep the riff raff at bay.


Regahding privacy, I think Manny should take a page from the Saddam Hussein playbook and get a dozen look alikes to use at decoys.


Hell yeah he should. And just to complete the Saddam motiff, every couple of weeks he should don a suit, tie, and a hat and step out onto his balcony and fire a couple rounds from a Kalashnikov into the air one handed.


Right on. Say what you will about Saddam, but as fah as dictahtahs go, the guy had an old school sense of style.


You know, they just don't make dictahtahs like they used too. It's all been downhill since Napoleon.


Fucking democracy.



You know Superman's "Bizzaro World"? Where everything is the opposite of what's happening here? In Bizzaro World, I think Manny would be an accountant specializing in tax audits. Wife, two kids, living in Belmont. The left fielder for the Red Sox would be Charles Schwab.

Hey, Aaron, you left one off of your bumper sticker; "Jesus saves, Moses invests".

Then there was the sign out front of a church that got a lot of publicity back in the early '70s, when the Bruins actually won the Cup:

"Jesus saves, Espo scores on the rebound".

I'm an accountant Bob. If the Sox trade Manny, can I play in left field?

Barbed Wire? More like shards of broken glass

nice to know that I am not the only one old enough to remember and appreciate the bearded Spock episode, hb.

Barbed Wire? More like shards of broken glass

You're absolutely right. Weird thing is I was definitely thinking/envisioning "shards of broken glass" but somehow managed to type "barbed wire." When I saw your comment, I was all, "Wait, did I actually write 'barbed wire' when that isn't what I was thinking?" Well, more or less, as I used "razor wire." Ah well.

As for the "Bearded Spock" episode, yes, one of the classics.

And that episode ("Mirror, Mirror") features what is arguably the hottest woman in all of STOS. For me it's a tossup between her, i.e., Marlena, (played by Barbara Luna) and the android "Andrea" in "What are little girls made of?" played by Sherry Jackson.

Then again, I also really liked Dr. Dehner played by Sally Kellerman in "Where No Man Has Gone Before."

But your own mileage may vary. (If you have your own fave from STOS, please do tell. This is what happens during the "hot stove" period.)

And, OK, that's enought of the Star Trek geekage from me for one day.

While the original Star Trek provide plenty of hotties for my adolescence, and while I know it is sacrilege in some circles to even mention the other frachises, I found Lt. Tasha Yar from ST:NG or Colonel Kira Nerys from ST:DS9 fairly hot...something about that ear jewelry and that ridged nose intrigued me. The mind wanders during the hot stove season...kind of feel like Manny in left.

With all due respeck to the old skool Stah Trek, the hottest of all Star Trek hotties is, and always shall be, the supremely boobalicious Seven of Nine. The Vulcan chick from "Enterprise" comes in second. Odd, since those were by far the two worst of the Stah Trek spinoff series. (Cap'n Scott Bakula? Who was responsible for green-lighting that train wreck?) There seems to be a direct correlation between the lameness of a Trek series and the hotness quotient of the female characters. Perhaps it's intentional?

Oh, the other renditions have their babaliscious factor. Jeri Ryan as 7 of 9. And the Vulcan "T'Pol" from Enterprise has been known to stir warp field fluctuations.

I just watched "What Are Little Girls Made Of" a few weeks ago and I've got to give the nod to Sherry.

Here are some other good shots from that episode.

Ah, Aaron beat me to the punch with his additions.

Now that I'm thinking of it, I think T'Pol might be in my top 2 all time. But I really liked Enterprise, though I only caught maybe a dozen episodes total. I need to catch more of those on DVD.

Yeah, the scene after Kirk lays the viscious tongue kiss on Andrea/Sherry and her lips are noticeably puffy/swollen afterwards is one of the sexiest things ever on network TV IMO.

Man, that Dr. Korby made some fine androids.

I agree with all the futuristic babes mentioned, especially Tasha Yar- the thought of her armed with some 24th century handcuffs.....ahh, I digress. I will always have a soft spot for the blonde in "Blink of an Eye" from STOS. Sorry, can't think of her name

My "hot stove" is lit by none other than Angela Dorian aka Victoria Vetri from the Assignment: Earth episode where she played Isis (the human form).

1967 Playmate...1968 Playmate of the Year...

Also played a role as Florence of Arabia on the Batman TV show.

And can morph into a cat.

All I ask is that Manny morph into a man. I'm tired of stepping in the puddles of all his crybaby tears.

Hey, Manny, how about the other 95% of us who couldn't give a good goddamn where you're going when you step out of your condo, so long as you play baseball like only you do well?

Man up, Nancy.

ohmigod, yes, the cat woman who accompanied Gary Seven. Forgot about her.

The blond Buckner refers to is Deela/Kathie Brown in the episode "Wink of an Eye." I actually just watched that episode last night! Bzzzz Bzzzz...

I've got to give props too to Lt. Uhura. In the Mirror, Mirror/Bearded Spock episode when she's got that knife tucked into her waist and is coming on (or rather pretending to) the evil/licentious Sulu, is a smoking hot scene.

Good acting by Sulu, too, considering he just "came out" a couple weeks ago.

Ah, the hotties of Star Trek. When I was a kid, they beamed me up harder than any blue pill could. For what it's worth, by the way, I vote for ST:NG as the best of the franchise.

An actress named Chase Masterson played a supporting role on Deep Space Nine, and as Keith Jackson says, whoa nelly!

Good God. I go away for a long weekend, and when I return Soxaholix has been taken over by Star Trek geeks. Like Ogre said "NERDS!!"

Seems to me Manny's good as gone, which sucks, but hopefully we can at least get SOMETHING in return (a few hot prospects, Vlad, Johan Santana- something like that). From what I've read today it seems JD might be on his way out too. Wait- check that. Must. Not. Believe. Globe.

FYI- avoid driving from CO to SD in a blizzard at all costs. 14.5 hours to get theah from heah. 23.5 to get heah from theah.

Thanks for getting us back on track. I would not at all mind seeing Vlad replace Manny. After last season, I could also see him go for the 06 Cy Young, but anything else and we lose big time I think. I'm still banking on the Manny trade talk being Boston media BS, though I'm wrong about these things more than I'm right.

Are there a lot of blizzards in San Diego?

Thanks for getting us back on track.

Personally, I'm bored to death with the following topics:

+ Will Manny Stay? Will Manny go?
+ Who will be the next GM?
+ Scott Boras and Johnny Damon

Me? I'd rather talk about TV or this cool new band called Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

Seriously, I more and more often think I'm in the wrong business and SHOULD have a blog dedicated to pop culture with occassional Red Sox references rather than the other way around.

Speaking of ... Tonight is "Lost" so tomorrow it'll most likely be the "Lostaholix."

Baseball only purists, you have been warned. :)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! You're on it h.b. I like that album a lot.

Pond - I realized after NV's last post that he must be in South Dakota, not San Diego. I had a Cali-centric assumption about his moniker too.

I frappr'd NV just to make sure I wasn't making an ass out of myself -- guess how exciting my job is today. And h.b., I've seen what happens to the proud when they take on the throne. I'll abide by your rules, sir.

Want to find other bands that you may like based on the styles of the bands that you do?


Love it.

SD is San Diego, although I'm sure RSN stretches into the far reaches of Aberdeen and Sturgis. Blizzards happen on the I-70 between Golden and Eagle and again between Emery and Elsinore and NOT in SD (thankfully). They also turn what should be an easy drive through the mountain passes into a horiffic 5 mph crawl that stretches into infinity. I haven't driven in slop like that since I left CO and am thankful to not have to deal with it on a regular basis.

I fully understand your boredom with the topics of the month(s) h.b. Again with the girl comparison, but it's like that girl who lives in your town who you've gotten hot 'n heavy with for a stretch, then you dont see her for a few months, but you're always wondering what she's up to, who she's flirting with, etc. It passes the time, and I'm more apt to comment on such matters as I don't watch that much tv. I'll try to keep my non-hot topic comments to a minimum. Damn- if only I was the latin scholar that Jay is...

BTW- did you hear what Boras said today?!!


Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to piss on the baseball discussions amongst the rest of you. I only meant I'd stay out of it.

Honestly, it's not boredom so much as denial: I'm really having difficulty facing the music that it's more and more likely Manny will be traded and the Sox aren't going to get nearly his value in return.


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