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Take a number

Jeez, I was just stahting to rally around the idea of giving Beckett numbah 21 to wear, when I saw the Curly Haired Butthole make an argument for it. Now I couldn't give a damn.


Well, you know what Shaunghnasty's thinking, right? If they give 21 to Beckett, then as soon as Beckett goes through some tough times, ol' Dan-O can roll out the "Beckett's a disgrace to the numbah, he's no Rojah!" column.


Yeah, eithah that or the Shank already has one of ominous numerology columns filed away, you know, things like Babe Ruth had 21 teeth. There were 21 Bostonians on Titanic. The A-Bomb exploded 21 seconds aftah being dropped. JFK was shot 21 minutes aftah the hour … that's the CHB's bread and buttah.


Meanwhile, this front office doesn't have the balls to make a break from the past like that. And, of course, I'm sure they like the idea of keeping alive the "Clemens may come back one day" pathos among the fan base.


If I'm a playah, I'm going with numbah 00 and saying it's an homage to one of the coolest dudes evah to represent Boston: The Chief, Robaht Parrish.


Ah, that's right the ol double nill. For some reason I thought Parrish wore numbah 420. Heh.


But what's with all this positive integah only crap anyway? Where's 5 and two-thirds? 7 and three-forths? How whole numbah biased is that?


It's the Man, dude, imperialist, hegemonist fraction hatahs.


Fercrissakes, some of my best friends are irrational numbahs.


Are you kidding me? If it wasn't for Pi, I'd be a total square.



>>If it wasn't for Pi, I'd be a total square.
That was really bad. Welcome back.

Double-Nil is MY number...give him McHale's 32.

I wear 00 on my street hockey goalie jersey.

It's more of an ambition than a truth.

And in a post-thanksgiving epiphany, I completely agree with Doug's last thought...If it weren't for pie, I wouldn't be this round either.

good one, Kaz.

the doublenaught can only truly be rocked by a singular individual, like the Chief himself. Not just a personality off the field of play but a signature style on it. Man do I miss those big hands and those big blocks at the rim. The NBA today is lame, what with its eighteen-step travel rule and no defense and lack of perimeter shooting. Seriously, AI pulling up for a jumper should NOT be a highlight reel.

Give him #5. Exorcise Ice's demons.

Nice strip today HB. And great setup for Kaz's pumpkin pi hilarity.

If I were a Boston athlete, I'd go with 00 over 21 also. To me, 00 epitomizes a guy who won championships in this town and let the spotlight shine on his teammates while he stepped up when the pressure was the highest, going at it with the biggest, meanest dudes in the game -- Jabaar, Malone, Olajowan. 21 brings to mind regular season brilliance and plenty of individual awards (CY Youngs) with 20-strikeout games before the All-Star break, but many post-season disappearances against the likes of Dave Stewart, screaming matches with umpires and bat-throwing embarrassments.

If I were going to choose the number of a Red Sox pitcher, I'd take No. 45 any day.

Actually, there has been a player to sport a fraction on his uniform: Eddie Gaedel. He wore 1/8 for the Browns during his one at bat in 1951.

Actually, there has been a player to sport a fraction on his uniform: Eddie Gaedel. He wore 1/8 for the Browns during his one at bat in 1951.

Yes, the midget!!

That's one of my favorite baseball stories of all time. I'd forgotten the 1/8th uni num. Thanks for the reminder.

This is what really annoys me:

Nine guys wore #27 after Pudge Fisk left, until they finally retired it for him in 2000.
Eleven guys have worn #26 since Boggs left.
Four guys have worn #24 since Dewey Evans, including Manny.
Fourteen guys have worn #23 since Luis Tiant.
As far as I can tell, the only unretired # that the Sox no longer issue, other than #21, is Jim Rice's #14.
Now, I realize that Roger Clemens is a first-ballot Hall of Famer, one of the greatest pitchers of all-time (if not the greatest), and probably the greatest Red Sox pitcher of all time. But over the past nine years, Roger Clemens has never given the slightest indication that his Red Sox career meant anything at all to him, or that he could care less about Sox fans or the city of Boston. So why are the Sox keeping his # out of circulation when he probably doesn't give a crap about it, while at the same time they keep recycling the #'s of guys who remain loved by the fans of Boston, and who truly considered it an honor to put on a Red Sox uniform?

Yes, I know, it's inevitable that these owners will ultimately retire his #. I just wish that part of the cirteria would be that the player actually cares about having been a member of this team.


No one has worn mine (6) since
The year 2000

Lou Clinton

To use another meaning, one could say that pie (and the woman to which it belongs) makes the world go 'round:

Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come:
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

-Sonnet 116

We (men) are fools.

Screw Rogah. He sucks evil goat dill. I hate him with a fiery passion. Give the new kid #21. (Unless Rog decides he wants to come back. Then I change my mind and love him like a lost brother).

Check out this link on Sox #'s thru the years.
Great story about Unlucky #6.

You should take a look at the other Sox board once in a while for comments.

SoSH is homogenous.


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