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Here today, gone tomorrow

A slow Red Sox news day combined with a perfect storm of work deadlines and …

Lisa the Temp:
Lisa the Temp here to tell you the Soxaholix are very "busy" …


Lisa the Temp:
Hah, just wait until the whole operation gets outsourced to India.


Lisa the Temp:
You think they take time on the clock to discuss Manny Ramirez in Bangalore?


Lisa the Temp:
Work harder, work faster, work cheaper … Welcome to the global economy, bitches … Ha haa haa Everybody's a temp now!



Please, h.b., outsourcing to India is so-o-o-oooo 2003. These days you save on labor and cut down on other logistics cost increases by outsourcing to Canada!

(Pseudo-misogyny/misogamy Alert)

Fire this temp-wench and bring on Elsa the Office Temptress.
I got your 'Bang Galore' right here, baby.

Keep an eye on Gautam Gambhir... could be a great prospect.

I have good news.

I just saved a ton of money by switching my car rental to Alamo.

In order to see the family for the upcoming Feast of the Turkey, I needed a better car (mine's good for commuting and the grocery store, but not an 8 hour drive). I went to Alamo.com and it turns out that their "last minute savings" includes rentals starting on the 22nd already. $125/week for a compact (Chevy Cobalt or similar)! That's down from $200/week at the regular price! Sweet.

I'll spread The Soxaholix fever all over my Orioles loving family while I'm away.

Lisa the temp appears to have larger artillery than the rest of the female soxaholix crew. Amen to that.

How about her keyboard? I know she's a temp, but that thing's only got approx. 4 total buttons?

She appears to be working that thing like a Ouija board....

How about her keyboard? I know she's a temp, but that thing's only got approx. 4 total buttons?

Been there. Done that. (You need to read the archives, dude.)

Lisa Comments on 4 Buttons

outsourcing to India is so-o-o-oooo 2003 ... Speak for yourself AJM. My company has added thousands of workers in Bangalore over the last couple of years, and our senior managers are oh so gleeful to tell us that they can hire six of them for what it costs to hire one of us. If that's the case, they could probably hire 50 senior managers in India for what it costs to hire one in New York. But they never do that of course. And I'm sure there are plenty of smart MBAs in India who could run a company into the ground just as fast as they can.

When the artists of the early renaissance rediscovered the sensibilities of Phidias and classical antiquity, did the Medicis say..."Been there done that??"

Great minds think alike.

Anyone know if there's any truth to the rumor that when you pull up to a fast-food drive through, you're really talking to someone in India? I had an experience like this recently where the hindu-sounding guy I was giving my order to was definitely not the blonde girl who I gave my money to. Madness.

In other news, it seems that, in comparison to the teams who are actively seeking the services of one Mr. Ramirez, there are now two teams (Phillies and ChiSox) who have said that under no circumstances whould they want to take him on. Two down, 27 to go...

Jay- what the hell are you talking about?

I was being somewhat tongue-in-cheek; I recognize that outsourcing to India will remain a very strong long-term trend, particularly for heavy manufacturing and highly-skilled engineering work. Heck, India's economy probably will have a higher annualized growth rate than China over the next twenty years. But it is true that companies are starting to recognize that some functions are optimized in terms of total costs and serving the customer by staying a little closer to home; my own company moved IT support back from India to Canada this year.

meanwhile, I'm wishing I had my very own Lisa the Temp, 4 buttons or not.... Anybody feel like playing with drugs so's I can take the rest of the day off?

Sorry AJM I was not angry with you, just venting at my company. I did mean what I said about senior executives though. I'm sure there are plenty of smart people with MBAs in India who could run our company better than the Bozos who are doing it now...That would save lots more money (from lower salaries and fewer stupid decisions) to hire more people here and there both.

NV: Don't ask...I need to cut back on the absinthe.

But do check out Phidias...because his greatest works were destroyed, his work may have surpassed what we now consider great sculpture, even Michelangelo's work.

NV - in a word, yes. I know I've read about fast food restaurants outsourcing the drive in to remote call centers. In the article I read, your order was going to Montana or one of the Dakotas I think, then being transmitted back the restaurant via the Internet. If it worked in Montana, outsourcing overseas would be the next thing they tried.

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