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Giving thanks

Hart Brachen:
Your humble host Hart here on the metaphorical trolley of life …


Hart Brachen:
I'm doing the "over the river and through the woods to an undisclosed location I go" show, so no strip for the next few days.


Hart Brachen:
Like you, I'll be spending a considerable portion of tryptophanic haze being thankful for the Josh Beckett trade and wondering, oh, so much wondering about these reports of Theo Epstein's ongoing visits to his former office.


Hart Brachen:
And a huge thanks, of course, to all of you for your readership, support, and pithy comments.


Hart Brachen:
Eat well and be well my fellow Soxaholix!



Our comments are pithy? Never knew you lisped, Hart.

Have a great Thanksgiving. It IS Boston's gift to the holiday cycle, right?

Wishing you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving from the Athens, GA division of Red Sox Nation. Heard it was snowing up in my old home state of Maine this morning. Cold as hell here (upper 30's?) but no snow in the forecast...

Oh, such joyous pilgrims here.

Think about this tomorrow, as you nervously gnaw at your Beckett wishbones, praying his cranky anti-Yankee wing won't turn out as crispy and lifeless as the cooked carcass on your table:

It's nevah a good idea to trade away a playah named Jesus, no mattah how he pronounces it.

Baseball-wise, I will give thanks for the Yanks we have not lost this winter, and await the "turkey surprise" centerfielder and microwaved left-over relief pitchers Steinbrenner will be serving up.


Poor guys! In beautiful northern Cali here we're suffering also... It's 76 & rising all holiday week :-)

Happy Turkey Day everyone!

I'll be taking a few days off, too. Blister on my middle typing finger....

Happy Thanksgiving, HB. My daily trek to The Soxaholic each day is yet another thing for which I will give thanks, both tomorrow and throughout the year.

Happy Turkey Day, everyone! Tryptophan... Mmmmmm!


my parents' cable/internet is out and i'm going thru withdrawl. i'm reduced to using my treo to read the site (the equivalent of giving methadone to a heroin addict who doesn't want to quit!).

many thanks hb for all you do as alpha male soxaholix!

Happy Tnxgiving to all.

Scoot12xu---I can confirm that it is, in fact, snowing like the proverbial bahstid in Maine today

Like, Mr. B I cannot let the Theo thing go, if only because it speeds the time between now and Truck Day (which I calculate to be roughly 73 days away)

all the breast (turkey, that is),
yur pal,


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