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Better not pout?

Wait … Hold on I'm checking … OK. Yep, it's true. I just pissed myself.


Looks like the "GM by committee" is working out a helluva lot bettah than the "bullpen by committee," eh?


I dunno. A paht of me looks at this deal and cringes — I mean Lowell is dead weight, pure and simple, and Beckett is going to make Pedro seem durable by comparison …


Ah, quit your bitchin' … This is one of those deals you just have to do if the opportunity arises no mattah what. Beckett's only 25 years old fercrissakes and Schilling says he's "as electric as they come."


Maybe. But I don't think this deal happens if Theo is still the GM.


Earth to Mike: Theo ain't the GM anymoah. Get ovah it.


Oh, that's rich coming from the guy who walked around the office for 3 consecutive days pining and moping like a school girl and saying he was going to quit the Red Sox aftah Theogate went down. Jeez.


Christ, don't they teach you kids any Emahson in school anymoah? You know, consistency, hobgoblins and little minds and shit?


Yeah but transcendental homeboy was talking about foolish consistencies … What's so foolish about, you know, stocking the farm system and developing from within rather than trading it all away for a "win it now" crapshoot?


You know it's easy for you Gen X'ers to take that "we've got all the time in the world" approach, but for us baby boomahs now in middle age we need something to get us through the evah longah and coldah wintahs. Josh Beckett gives me something to look forward to this April. Anibal Sanchez? Ah, not so much.


Ah, great. Because of you old fahts I'm going to have neithah a fahm system nor social security.



Just a thought on the Beckett/HRamirez deal.


I've seen a lot of each in person during time with the CDogs. Beckett (when the CDogs were a Marlin affiliate) is lights out. cf. 2003 World Series

Hanley is a natural, but young. Could make amazing plays, but also kick the ball around. He didn't seem to have much in common with his teammates, often sitting alone on the bench. He has sweet sunglasses, though.

I prefer to think Luscious had nothing to do with this.

Like Mike said , Lowell is dead weight. Were'nt the Marlins shopping him around for the last six months with no takers or am I wrong here ? Maybe a straight up swap to Wonkaville for Deep Roy. He doesn't hit many out but he has good hands.Easily replacable if he ends up on the DL too. I'm just sayin'

Please please please roll Lowell into an even better followup deal.

I like Mueller. I even like Youkilis better than Lowell.

Mike Lowell is the Brady Anderson of today. Couple dozen home runs per year...then 8. Gee, didn't stop taking your andro did you?

Holy crap!

John W Henry took time yesterday night to answer questions posed to him in an open topic at Sons of Sam Horn! Wow! That's really, really cool!

JohnWHenry posts at Sons of Sam Horn

I'm really impressed. Let's see if we can get Tom Werner to answer our questions about Katie Couric here!

its not like the Sox are "trading away the farm" for an aging Randy Johnson... they're trading a potetnial star 21 year old for a fairly proven 25 year old....

I have to disagree with Mike's opinion that we're trading away our future here. Getting a solid #2 fireballer and a former gold-glove third baseman (with an albatross contract, granted) for a SS who has struggled above AA ball and a pitcher who, for as much potential he has, is the #4 pitching prospect in our system (at best) and has barely seen time above A ball. My parents went to quite a few SeaDogs games this summer and the player they were most impressed with was Pedroia (my mom insisted Hanley struck out almost as much as Bellhorn and fielded like and inexperienced Renteria- yikes).

Hopefuly they can find some sucker to flip Lowell to because if not, that means Mueller is gone for sure and Youk is looking at another year of splitting time, even though it will like ly be at first and third.

Re: Becketts injuries- he's got DLowe's blister syndrome it seems, and that strained oblique he had last year is just something that happens (crossing fingers). Obviously you have to wait to see 1. if the trade even goes through and 2. how the futures of Hanley and Anibal pan out, but I think we got the good end of the deal.

I agree that Mike is being too negative on the trade. But there's quite a bit of similar sentiment along those lines at SoSH and in other blogs, so I wanted to make sure I covered both angles. (This is something I feel I've been somewhat negligent of in the past. More often than not the characters in any given strip have the same outlook and they just "echo chamber" each other. Moving forward, I'd like to work in more realistic disagreements between the characters.)

Agree, too, that John Henry's bit on SoSH was quite cool. I'd wanted to work a link to that SoSH into today's strip but couldn't make it flow.

One caveat: While it's great the JH is going directly to the fans via a message board, we should be mindful that his words don't carry any more veracity in that medium than they do at a press conference. For instance, he may very well be 100% honest when he says something like "LL is a great guy and had nothing to do with Theo's departure." But just because that's written by JH in a SoSH thread doesn't mean it's all of a sudden more true than when he said it at the press conference.

Wow, people at SoSH are focusing on the most negative aspect of the trade? What a shock!

Trading prospects for Beckett is an absolute no doubt lead-pipe cinch. He is better, younger, and cheaper than any pitcher they were likely to sign on the free agent market this winter. And I'm not convinced Lowell is done; while he did have a wretched year at the plate, he's the exact type of hitter who can prosper at Fenway. Either play him at 3rd and move Youk to 1st, or vice versa. After all, he can't possibly be any worse than Millah.

Half of this deal was done last winter when Rent was signed. Trading Ramirez is about not wasting good money after bad. If you have $30MM of SS on your books, moving even an A+ prospect like Ramirez for a young proven fireball of a pitcher is a great move. Nothing lost and a lot gained. Would like to see them get a hard hitting utility infielder signed though.

Massively overpaid for Mike Lowell. Beckett is a giant question mark. Just another example of the Red Sox emptying their farm system, using their payroll and big market advantage to buy another championship. Obviously the small market teams are suffering. For the good of the fan bases of all the small market teams and the good of baseball, we need a salary cap and we need it now!!

(hee, hee...how does that sportcoat fit, do you need it tailored??)

Jay- unless you are being sarcastic, you are a dipshit. You would be saying the exact things that are posted above if the MFY had pulled the trigger on the same deal. Beckett is far from a giant questionmark. Emptying the farm system? SEe my earlier post- AA SS,who Ks a lot, and a pitcher who hasn't seen time above A.

Nice try, though. I await the Skank's counter-move (AJ Burnett at 5/$50 mil anyone? we could only be so lucky)

I love this from Simmons:

Beckett's stats during the 2003 playoffs: Six games, five starts, 42.7 innings, 47 K's, 21 hits, 12 walks and just 10 earned runs allowed, capped off by a complete game, five-hit shutout on three days' rest at Yankee Stadium (earning him the World Series MVP award). And he was only 23 at the time. Considering that it's all about beating the Yankees these days, what's wrong with acquiring the most famous Yankee-killer of this century? How many guys have gone into the Stadium and brought the place to its knees?

(Granted, nobody really cared about the 2003 World Series -- in fact, I'm not even positive it happened -- but I still like the thought of Yankee fans muttering to themselves, "Crap, that Beckett guy killed us two years ago, this sucks.")

What he said. Heh.

I like the part where JAck McKeon refers to Beckett as having "burgular's guts" and Simmons takes it on as his new nickname.

Ladies and gentelmen, your opening day 2006 starter, #21, Josh Beckett!

That's right- you lost all claims Rogah...

Heh, my adoration of Beckett stems entirely from that last 2003 World Series game.

I'm reservedly excited about this deal; I'm happy for now, but if trading away prospects becomes a theme this winter I'm going to hide under my bed.

On the subject of Hanley Ramirez, all I can offer is the one thing I remember seeing him do this past summer - it had started to rain, and for reasons I cannot remember he started to run to first, tried to stop, and ended up falling into a head-first slide about ten feet from home. It was beautiful. (It is also something he'd probably prefer for people to forget they ever saw. Heh.) That, by the way, was also Jon Lester's first complete game. Now if we'd thrown in Lester instead of Sanchez, I *would* be upset.

Is there a doctah in the house?
The Red Sox may want to retain a team of specialists from Boston's celebrated medical community for the oft-injahed Beckett.

Perhaps the stitch-mastah who sutcha'ed Schilling's bloody hoof can mend Beckett's temperamental wing and blistery fingahs.

Don't panic about the Yankees pulling a last minute A-rod steal ("slap, slap, slap-slap-slap") and ruining your Beckett sweepstakes. The Mahlins would demand fah too much from the Yanks for a pitchah who has spent more time on the DL than in the AL.

Ahh, I'm just Joshin'. It sounds like a good deal for your damn Sox -- and on the subject of Beckett, watching the frigid Yankees "hot stove" is like "Waiting for Godot", the famous play in which "nothing happens, twice."

"I repeat myself when I'm distressed, I repeat myself when I'm distressed, I repeat..." (King Crimson)

The metaphoric sportcoat regards the Red Sox behaving in ways that draw criticism to the Yankees from high-minded, blathering bullshitters from all corners of the baseball media and fandom. {But never from this website...(wink)}

I've thought for some while that there has been an inverse proportion between the decreasing quality of Simmons's writing (once he was a scream) and his increasing exposure.

The Simmons downhill slide is really picking up if that's really what he thinks this Yankee fan thinks about Beckett. Your man Ramirez, while smoking crack, wouldn't even think about calling the official scorer to argue a call.

He's on the decline, but Mike Lowell still rakes LHP. Good move for 100 games or so.

The AP quotes Papi as saying that Manny is definitely going. It isn't too specific, but if my man Ortizzle is saying it, it has to be true.

Aaron Boone's game 7 crusher apparently sent Mr. Simmons muttering into hibernation that winter.

For those of you who, like Simmons, only read about the 2003 World Series: nothing against Beckett's performance, (I recall it was fantastic) but what I remember most is how exhausted the Yanks looked following that epic ALCS with Boston (not to mention Boomer coming up lame in WS Game 5). The Yanks made every Marlins pitcher look like a Cy Young Yankee killer that Series.

I look forward to Jeter lighting up Beckett like he did in that silly commercial (also starring A-rod) where they're playing wiffle ball together. It ends with Jeter crushing a Beckett pitch and saying "I live for this!"

Great news about Beckett. I hear he's already started writing "Waiting for McBlueLips," a play in which two teams keep waiting and waiting for Slappy to show up in a big game, but he never does.

That AP story where Papi says Manny is definitely gone puts a damper on everything though. David always delivers, at the plate and with the news.

Beckett puts a smile on my face this week. Although Hanley will be missed at McCoy Stadium this summer, he probably wouldn't have been ready to play at Fenway for a couple more years. By which time (hopefully) Beckett will have another World Series ring.

I wouldn't worry too much about what Papi says about Manny. I remember last year Papi said "Pedro's not going to no Mets." The guy's a great clutch hitter but he does not have a crystal ball.

Papi's comments seem to ahve been picked up by almost every major media outlet. No good sports news? pick up some random sound byte from a team member and see if you can stir RSN into a frenzy! Like pawsoxpop said, Papi's been wromg before.

Babe (PSJ)- when people who are fans of the Sox/ from the region type using the regional dialect, it's fitting. When outsiders do it, it makes them sound like (even more of) a douchebag. Last person that did that here- BigBitch. Are you working on stepping in where he stepped off, because you're doing a pretty good job of it.

Babe: Seriously? You're pulling the "We got tired" excuse on the 2004 champs? Do you remember 2004? That crap might work at bluejayholix.com but it doesn't fly here. We all know the Yankees are just a bunch of overpaid juiced up bozos who can't hack it in the clutch.

Hey, but the last thing I want to do is provoke a reasonably cool Yankee fan while living in New York. I always enjoy your posts, everyone has an off day. Don't sweat it.

Nice beeyatch slap, Pond. Now I just wish the damn owners would close this deal already. If it don't happen tomorrow, might not be closed till next week. Meanwhile, I gotta ask what is Manny thinking?!? I blame the wife.

Are the Sox getting 'spoused?

Bluejayholix: funny

Re: today's BDD front page: Come on Schill. Your wife looks great, and you look like you're heading to The Sevens for "A" league dahts.

uhmm... is there a rule in the CBA that
states all ballplayers wives "must be be disproportionately better looking than
their spouses"??

Manny's wife is from Brazil, which has a climate much more similar to Southern Kalifornia than Beantown. And of course, she's gorgeous. I sat in the same row of seats as she & Mrs. Damon at a game vs Anaheim this season. Arroyo got rocked, Sox lost like 14-6 and these lecherous dudes in front of my buddy and I were turned around 180 degrees to stare at the Sox wives for what seemed like the entire game. That behavior surely gets old but is by no means limited to Boston...

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