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Larry, you're doing a heck of a job

I'm just not friggin believing this. One year aftah the most gratifying moment in my Red Sox fan life, yet here I am feeling so miserable?


I'm totally blind sided by this Theo vs Lucchino soap opera, palpitation exposed, thready and pushed …


All my life I've seen playahs come and go and while I may have had triste moments in their departure, I've nevah had thoughts of, you know, that's it, I'm done, piss on the Red Sox …


Well, as they say, "Anyone is replaceable."


Yeah, but who would you rathah replace the guy who came up with the craptastic idea to sell Red Sox Nation I.D. cahds and World Series sod or the guy who got Curt Schilling and went on to assemble the greatest Red Sox club of all time?


True, and last time I checked, guys like Rob Neyer weren't saying, "There's bright and then there's bright" about Larry-san.


No way, instead we've got Steinbrennah, of all friggin' people George Steinbrennah saying we'll rue the effin' day Lucchino was hired.


Some anniversary, eh?



Even as an addicted viewer of the long-running soap opera that is "As the Steinbrenner World Turns" -- I'm shocked, SHOCKED! by the juicy, sticky mega-melodrama taking place in Boston. Heh.

Will Larry dump Theo for a younger, brighter man?!

Will Theo be forced to establish a new Theo'cracy in another baseball town?!

Or will Larry and Theo rekindle their romance with an intimate face-to-face rendezvous in Tampa?! (Hey, it worked for Steinbastard and Torre -- who were more "off and on again"/US Weekly this season than Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.

Look, Red Sox fans are now enduring what Yankee fans have been suffering since the late 1990's: nothing breeds front-office inner-contempt and petty bickering quite like the petrie dish of championship success.

This time next year don't be surprised to see White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf and his genius GM Ken Williams featured in a Jerry Springer smackdown: "It's My Team, Bitch!"

At this moment, the opening line of the opening aria in the upcoming White Sox soap opera is writing itself: "Win the Series, betray and crucify the Architect!"

The last guy who was told that he's doing a heck of a job was fired and then kept around as a "consultant" (and he's *still* getting paid to 'help' FEMA!!).

I don't want Larry as a consultant.

Theo should remain a part of this organization for the sake of baseball. Theo should leave for the sake of Theo. Unfortunately, the guy making the decision is justifiably more interested in his own prosperity than baseball or the Red Sox.

Theo's being more than a bit of a twit in this himself. 1.2 mil is an extremely fair offer, IMHO. I don't have a problem with him asking for more (and more authority), but no one should have a problem with the Sox' so-called "smear" of releasing the 1.2 mil info. That's not a smear, it's a negotiating ploy, just like he's doing. Will it work? No idea. I know I'm in the vast minority here, but I have much less of a problem losing Theo than I do with losing Manny.
Of course, I'd rather have both.

In other show biz news, the budget for the "King Kong" re-make hit $207 million dollars - which is precisely how much my Yankees spent on their 2005 remake of Kevin Costner's tank-tastic box office bomb, "Waterworld."

For $207-million dollars we Yankee fans coulda had a 3-hour visit with a gigantic gorilla... but instead we got dry-humped by that fuckin' "rally monkey" -- again.

My regrets for the coarse language and suggestion of beastiality.

Theo's being more than a bit of a twit in this himself. 1.2 mil is an extremely fair offer, IMHO

From what I gather it really isn't about the money.

It's a pissing contest. And frankly, I'd prefer to drink Theo's piss than Lucchino's any day of the week.

If Theo goes ... well, let's just say there'll be some changes around here.

Well, looks like I'll get a closer look at the World Series trophy this year than I did last year. Congratulations to the White Sox - at least we lost to the best. And to what is the best pitching staff in baseball. Nine consecutive postseason games where the starter went at least 7 innings, winning the last 8. At least we got to their bullpen. That was more than the Angels managed (7 pitches total out of the White Sox bullpen in the ALCS), and the Astros didn't see their bullpen much either.

Too bad the Red Sox didn't pick up a closer with a 100 MPH fastball with a month and a half left in the season; this season might have ended differently.

The White Sox will have their off-season drama. Ken Williams (their GM) has his own contract up, and then they've got to sign Konerko, he of 5 post-season HRs and 15 post-season RBIs for a light-hitting team.. The fans will not like it if Konerko isn't signed, and the starting negotiating position in the news is $12 million/year for 5 or 6 years. The White Sox don't have a contract like that on the team now now. Success has it's price - will they pay it? The White Sox drew about 20,000 or 23,000 a game this year, a year when they led their division wire to wire and had the best record in the American League. They may have a money problem. Meanwhile, the Cubs fill their park with a club that choked away a shot at the wild card and a front office that can't find it's dick with both hands.

Gee. I wonder how Konerko would look at first base at Fenway. With the home uniform on, that is.

With all due respect, Mr. Brachen, I think it is about the money.

When it comes to the dirty business of baseball (as in the "oldest profession") it's always about the money.

Who could blame Theo for suffering a little Cashman cash-envy at this juncture? Is Cash really worth a million-per-year more than Theo? Hell, no.

Would there even be the slightest possiblity of Theo bolting Beantown if Larry was holding a bigger, more expensive gun to his head? The kind of shiny gun Steinbrenner just put in Cashman's mouth. Hell, no.

If there was more money on the table for Theo, he and Larry would be on their 2nd honeymoon at this moment, tumbling in the surf, locked in a passionate "From Here To Eternity" embrace.

Happiness is a warm gun, yes it is.

It's refreshing to see the Soxaholix understand one thing: Steinbrenner is always correct. Just as he was correct about Lucchino, he was also correct:

-About his CREEP donations through Bebe Rebozo: Daniel Ellsberg deserved it, the disloyal Leninist pinko.
-About basically creating the free agent market: Brilliant.
-About Billy Martin: Right on. BM needed the motivation of constant termination, as well as constant Kentucky bourbon.
-About Dave Winfield: Deserved it.
-YES Network: Come on--You guys love Michael Kay.

When it comes to the dirty business of baseball (as in the "oldest profession") it's always about the money.

If that were the case, then Billy Beane would have taken the job with the Red Sox and Theo would be his assistant and we wouldn't be having this discussion.

"I have much less of a problem losing Theo than I do with losing Manny.
Of course, I'd rather have both."

I'm with you on that one Bob. This idiotic catfight between Theo and Larry reminds me of a rock band in which the members stick together for years of lousy gigs at smoky clubs and then finally gets a platinum album -- so they break up because they think they all think they'll be better solo. It hardly ever works, and then all the members are back to even lousier gigs in even smokier clubs, opening for some kid who bought all their records and copped all their licks.

Either that or it's like a Three Stooges episode. Now Henry or Warner has to become Moe and sit Larry and Curly (I mean Theo) down and poke them in the eyes and tell them to "straighten out." Nyuk nyuk.

In a choice between Larry's piss and Theo's, I would pass in favor of a good single malt. Theo has done some great work, but I don't think he's the key to success. After his offseason moves last year, I wonder if the Nomar-OC, et. all trade was really genius or just luck. I say resign him, but if there is no deal to be had, I can live with it.

At least they're not selling off players one-by-one in order to fund a piece of crap theatre company. Though the "1918-2005-2091" sign at Yankee Stadium a fan had on opening day is starting to give me the jibbilies.

Babe you stud--nice reference to Casablanca.

This idiotic catfight between Theo and
Larry ...

What exactly is idiotic about Theo not wanting to have to go through Lucchino for every friggin baseball related decision? Is that the way you like to be treated at your job? Have to check in with Big Daddy before you make a decision? Ask permission to go peepee?

Is Parcells and idiot for demanding total control wherever he coaches? What about Belichick, think he gets second guessed by someone higher up when he wants to make a trade or roster move?

Meanwhile, it's reported that Lucchino makes a mid seven figure salary annually.

Can anyone tell me he's worth that much more than Theo? Why? What exactly does he bring?

Why not cut LL and use that money save to sign FA's?

What exactly is idiotic about Theo not wanting to have to go through Lucchino for every friggin baseball related decision? Is that the way you like to be treated at your job? Have to check in with Big Daddy before you make a decision? Ask permission to go peepee?

I must admit I haven't had a gig where I had to ask permission to go peepee since I was in Sister Stephen's class in fourth grade, and I wouldn't go through that again even for Manny money. That said, in my working career I've put up with some pretty sadistic and crazy bosses in order to keep a job that I liked otherwise and a paycheck that I couldn't live without. And believe me, while some of those jobs were satisfying enough to justify putting up with a nutcase or tyrant at the top, none of them were anywhere near as cool as being GM of the Boston Red Sox. So yes, if I were Theo, I would probably sign on the dotted line for a million three, even if Larry was somewhat of a jerk. Of course, if he's really as bad as you're saying he is, and I didn't mind moving to San Diego or Philly, then I guess I'd say goodbye. But is Lucchino actually that much worse than any other owner/president/head honcho? I guess that's a decision Theo will have to make. If he decides to go I'll be bummed, and mad at Lucchino, et al, but, not as mad as I would have been if I had been around when they passed up on a chance to sign Jackie Robinson or Willie Mays. And not as mad as I was when they traded Sparky Lyle for Danny Cater. And I'll still be glad we have Manny instead of A-Rod.

And I do think that if Theo leaves he will probably regret it. And Lucchino will probably regret it too. Which is why I don't think it will happen anyway. So I'm not really that worried about it.

"It's refreshing to see the Soxaholix understand one thing: Steinbrenner is always correct"

Was he correct when-
-he spent nearly a quarter billion dollars on a 95 win team with an average age that would qualify them to join the AARP?
-he signed Sheffield over Guerrero?
-he fired and hired Billy Martin 40 trilion times?
-he was banned from baseball for life (twice)?

What's up Jay- are you some sort of Gerogie porgie sycophant? You're gonna have a tough time winning anyone here over with that argument.

Happy anniversary everyone. May the memory of the culmination of last year's epic postseason run warm your hearts and keep smiles on your faces throughtout the day.

Good points, pawsoxpop.

Two quickies:

1) Evidently, LL has quite a rep for being particularly tough to work for. (Anti LL rumors began to surface as soon as the Werner group took ownership. May be just that.)

2) Being GM of the Boston Red Sox is pretty friggin cool, but if you're not really making the decisions as GM, what's the point?

Of course, this is all conjecture. Maybe LL is the nicest guy in the world and Theo actually in a greedy dick. I don't know. But my gut says it's the other way around.

Maybe LL is the nicest guy in the world and Theo actually in a greedy dick. I don't know. But my gut says it's the other way around.

I think probably it's just that they're both Type-A businessmen who are playing hardball by getting "sources" to say stuff in the press to bolster their respective positions. In the end, I think they'll probably compromise. If they don't, then shame on John Henry and Tom Werner. Their job is to make all their employees work together for the good of the organization.

But if Theo walks, I think the Red Sox will still be able to attract a quality GM. And if they don't then Larry will be gone. And if they do, and the new guy doesn't like Larry's act, then Larry will also be gone. And I have to think Larry, whatever his faults, is smart enough to know this. Which is why I expect that in the end, after a lot of sturm and drang in the media, Theo will sign up and everyone will get along.

Of course I could be wrong.

//Maybe LL is the nicest guy in the world and Theo actually in a greedy dick. I don't know.//

That's the conundrum, isn't it? None of us knows anything about either of these guys. Publically, Theo is all apple pie and baseball. But in reality, he might be Eddie Haskell.

in reality, he might be Eddie Haskell.

That's a good one Bob.

"Hey Wally, tell the squirt to get lost and to take the little midget with him.... Oh hello, Mr. Cuza, we were just telling young Pedro here how much we would love him to stick around for three more years. ..."

Let's face it, the Red Sozx org. eats its young, much like the Democrats. We finally Get a guinely competent prez so some right wing yahoos paqy to find out everything about him. At first, being republicans, they looked for a money scandal. When it proved ridiculous, they just could not stop; it finally occurred to them sex was where the skeletons would be found. So, spending MILLIONS to chase every damn skirt he ever spoke to, what violation of privacy was uncovered? Staarr (his OCVD with his trash cans never commented upon) revels with breathles hushed tones, after years and millions of dollars, Bill Clinton was sodomized with his consent by a young, zaftig woman (imagine if it were a man?!)right in the OVAL OFFICE (it was actually a pantry, but why bpther with petty stuf like accuracy when sodomy was going on (and it was successful, according to the talking dress).

Oh, the 1990's were so innocent. so pure and good; our VP was stiff but hardly Darth Vader, our president was smart and had chrisma, and all we had to argue about was meaningless sex scandals and a booming economy.

In fact, they were too good; much like the 2004 Red Sox; our nation panicked. We elected (sort of) a dimwit, let him lie about invading another country, saw as he liked being Mr. Clueless. Then we reelected him! Treason looms, and his work wife may be a nice person, but Supreme Court material she ain't. Bush can't even say environment without getting all confused.

Please Red Sox of 2006: don't let your 2004 team end up like some ersatz cowboys.

But if I have to side with one, I'll take the local boy, Red Sox fan all his life guy over the corporate "how can I squeeze every dime out of this 'passion' moneymaker that is Red Sox Nation" guy any day of the week.

But that's just me...

FWIW I think Theo is gone by day's end.

Caveat: I thought the Yankees would only win 88 games in '05.

Just guessing...

Let's skip the red herring political crap, OK?

My point ("it's always about the money"), Mr. Brachen, is that if Theo was presented a more attractive offer, a more Cashmanesque offer(translation: MO MONEY! MO MONEY!) we wouldn't be having this discussion -- and Theo would not be engaged in this unseemly "who has a bigger cock" contest with Lucchino.

Billy Beane? "Ovah-rated," as you Soxaholix say - and probably wouldn't survive one cold wintah of BoSox discontent before he was scrapped for kindling.

Show me the rings, Mr. Beane! Show me the rings!

Mr. Brachen, is that if Theo was presented a more attractive offer, a more Cashmanesque offer(translation: MO MONEY! MO MONEY!) we wouldn't be having this discussion

Sorry, don't agree.

While they are not cut from the same cloth (red sox -v- navy pinstripes) Cashman and Theo are very much alike. They both live and breathe for their organizations. They're both bright, ambitious, and competitive baseball minds. And while they both earn shockingly sick money at their respective dream jobs, neither enjoys the unencumbered autonomy they've earned.

I really believed Cashman would walk this winter. And as much as I despise "quitters" I would have respected his decision, sending a giganterrific f.u. to Steinbastard.

Cashman fooled me. He took the money and stayed. And I respect that, too.

I'd put money on Theo staying. I think he's going to end up with a sweeter deal than the one we're discussing, and he'll stay home in Boston where his baseball heart is.

Sign Theo to market value, because you never know who you'll get as his replacement. His moves may not work out every time but atleast he has a plan.

"While they are not cut from the same cloth (red sox -v- navy pinstripes) Cashman and Theo are very much alike."

...except that Cashman looks a helluva lot more like an extra from The Dawn of the Dead.

um....er....Happy Anniversary...sorry...will go back to being miserable now.

Fantastic post, Tess....Well said!


Manny over A-rod? Of course any red-blooded Red Sox fan would give that a big harrumph of approval, but this Yankee fan is not so sure about that call.

I've never been a big A-rod fan (of course I root for the guy to succeed now), nor am I a Manny hater. But let's just look at the numbers for a second:

In 2005 Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez outperfomed Manuel Aristides Ramirez Onelcida in the following categories:
batting average, on base percentage, slugging percentage, games, runs, hits, total bases, home runs, walks, runs created, extra base hits, times on base, power/speed number, OPS, adjusted OPS, and of course, stolen bases.

I believe the only hitting category Manny outperformed A-rod in is RBI (granted this is a HUGE category) - but it was pretty close: Manny tied for 2nd in RBI with 144 while A-Rod came in 4th with 130.

I don't think we have to discuss who's the better fielder or more of a threat on the base path (sissy slaps not included).

I mean, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't David Ortiz the only reason Manny is not a DH already?

Their career numbers are comparable:
Manny's a lifetime .314 hitter, A-rod's .307, Manny has 435 home runs, A-rod 429, Manny has 1414 RBI, A-rod 1226. Manny is three years older than Rodriguez and has played one more season than him.

Over the past 3 seasons, Manny's batting average and on-base percentage have steadily declined.
Rodriguez had an off year in 2004 but his batting average and on-base percentages were both higher in 2005 than 2003.

For around the same money, I prefer Rodriguez.

He's a younger, faster, more complete player.

You can dislike A-rod for dissing the Red Sox, the slap play, whatever reason. but you can also disapprove of Manny for his flakiness, his obnoxious flipping of the bat etc.

I respect Manny as much as any hitter in baseball, and as I've said here before "a fool and his Manny are soon parted." But the fact that the Sox put him up for grabs last year (and that there were no takers) confirms my suspicion that Manny's from a planet that has room for precisely one citizen.

But holy shit, the guy can hit.

Still, if I have to choose between these two outstanding ballplayers I have to go with Rodriguez.

Let the angry avalanche of Soxaholix retorts begin...

My sister's birthday is on October 27th. Alas, she is not a baseball fan, so when I asked her how it felt to be born on The Greatest Day In The History Of The World, her response was "huh?" My offer to trade birthdays with her, so that the hallowed day might be observed by someone who knows why it's sacred, was similarly rejected.

Some people just don't know how good they've got it.

End of the day: Epstein stays.

First up: BOS v. NYY for B.J. Ryan's services.
Also: BOS v. NYY for Daisuke Matsuzaka's services. This will make the Contreras thing look tame.

An excellent offseason is on the way.

Hey Babe, you're welcome to A-Rod, who I will admit is an amazing player -- probably better than Manny from April through September. But as a Yankee fan you know that plenty of players had better numbers than Reggie Jackson in April through September too. To me, A-Rod is the Roger Clemens of position players. Absolutely amazing until the post-season pressure is on, and then average to disappointing.

Pawsoxpop is essentially correct, and AR's detractors will always have this to hang on him until he breaks out in the postseason.

More on Matsuzaka for those interested:


October 27, 2005
Sox GM update
By Steve Silva, Boston.com Staff
Red Sox GM Theo Epstein and president Larry Lucchino made the following joint statement today regarding the ongoing negotiation to re-sign Epstein.

“We had a meeting over lunch today to continue our discussions and to conduct other business as well. We made progress, but we anticipate no further statement until there is something to announce. We are hopeful that these discussions will work out for the best. In the meantime, we continue 'business as usual.'"

But how many rings does Slappy have? He might be the king of individual statistics, but throughout his career they appear to accumulate at the expense of the team.

They don't call him "The Cooler" for nothing.

I think that's a fair assessment, Pops however, A-rod is actually a .330 hitter in the postseason. And he's driven in 16 October RBI. That's better than "average to disappointing." But he does seem to disappoint in the big situations.

Manny's only a .256 hitter facing October pitching but he has managed to rack up 44 postseason RBI and 18 HR (nowhere near Bernie Williams postseason production - but quite impressive).

I know the stats are mostly on A-Rod's side, but I do not think the Sox would be celebrating the one-year anniversary of a World Series win if they had A-Rod instead of Manny. And I do not think they should trade Manny either, unless they can get a major slugger and a front-line starting pitcher. Because when all is said and done, I agree with Captain Carl Yastrzemski who told the Globe's Stan Grossfield that Manny is perfect for Boston because the pressure does not affect his on-field performance at all because he's "in his own world." Reggie Jackson and Curt Schilling are the type of players who thrive in the pressure cooker, Manny is largely oblivious to it, at least when he's in the batter's box. And that might just be the best way to handle it. That is the type of player the Sox need more of, not less of. Clemens was never able to do it, great as he is in a normal game. Until A-Rod learns to ignore the media and the boobirds etc. I think he will continue to struggle in October on the big stage in the Bronx pressure cooker.

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